Halvorson Calls For Probe Of Peotone Airport Contractor

CHICAGO (CBS) — The democrat running against Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. wants an investigation of one of the financial supporters of the Peotone Airport.

Former Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson says there should be a review of SNC Lavalin, a Canadian company that has a contract to build and develop the airport.

The company is facing scrutiny about its business ties to Libya after one of its consultants was accused of trying to smuggle Muammar Gaddafi’s son into Mexico.

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Jackson says he has full faith in SNC Lavalin.

Halvorson says this is not the kind of company that Illinois should do business with.

The company says it is not under any investigation and follows a strict code of conduct.

In a statement, a SNC Lavalin spokeswoman says “we remain committed to the development of the South Suburban Airport as we stated in our last meeting with Governor (Pat) Quinn and his staff. These accusations reported by the media have in no way affected our ability to invest and develop the airport.”

  • Tommy

    Allegedly, the Jackson family contacts to Muammar Gaddafi go way way way back to when Jesse Jackson use to hang out with Jeff Fort. It makes perfetly good sense that Jesse Jackson Jr. would have ties to Muammar Gaddafi’s family. Jesse Jackson was hanging out with Jeff Fort when Fort accepted millions from the Democratic Party who at the time controlled Congresses purse strings for programs to help Africans develop reading and writing skills…a program that turned out to be a slush fund for the Black P Stone mafia / gang. Jesse Jackson was in on all of that and skated on the investigation but Jeff Fort went to prison. Fort needed people that were involved in politics, preferably with the Democratic Party, to pull purse strings to get City, State and Federal monies for programs that would allow the Black P Stones to move in to politics. At the time, that was Jackson. After Fort came out of prison he decided to reform the Black P Stones in to the El Rukins a very violent mafia, the biggest in Chicago’s history. Somehow, Jeff Fort ended up doing time (and is still in prison) for attempting to conduct terrorism for Muammar Gaddafi for several million dollars against the City of Chicago. Jesse Jackson skated on that too. No investigation on him…too many ties to the Democratic Party I suppose, and nobody wanted to rock the boat on anyone that close to Martin Luther King. Muammar Gaddafi wanted Fort to take a tanker full of gasoline and fill the sewer system and light it on fire. All of this information is in a video series on gangs in America on Comcast that anyone can see at this time.

  • Centurion

    There isn’ enough business to support O’Hare and Midway..yet these idiots want to build another airport.

  • Roberta Waker

    If the Peotone Airport becomes a reality, the contracts should go to AMERICAN companies employing AMERICANS. We need to stop selling out our country and our jobs. Way to go, Debbie.

  • Afro

    Democrats cheat their ass off with the new map, it removes one district as we all know, it protects the Democrat districts, creates new democrat districts and forces Republican incu mbents to have to run against each other. I can’t stand Illinois and its corrupt ways. I can’t believe the Feds upheld that this was fair.

  • righttrack

    I agree with Roberta – American contract work should go to American workers, not foreign companies.

  • John H

    I grow healthy organic food near the proposed Peotone airport. My neighbors are families that have farmed these properties for generations. These farms contain extremely productive soils. With pressure on the American farmer to increase or at least maintain its ability to feed the worlds ever increasing numbers of hungry people, these farms will only become more valuable, especially with the severe drought in much of the country. Once these farms are covered by millions of tons of asphalt, concrete and toxic polution, they will be destroyed forever. We don’t need another boondoggle in the south suburbs. Look at the numerous, highly touted town center commercial and residential developments in these communities (Lemont, Willow Springs, Oak Lawn and Oak Forest to name a few).They are either vacant or minimally occupied. They were proposed with great fanfare but fell incredibly short of the benefits promised by developers and politicians. Property taxpayers are now stuck for decades paying off the bonds floated to build these white elephants. It would be much more productive to improve existing airports in Gary and Kankakee or to invest in high speed rail, which is a significantly greener and more economical form of transport. Illinois is so broke it can’t pay the 10’s of thousands of pensions it owes it’s employees and can’t properly fund our schools. In the latest “The Times Weekly”, Robert Leach reported that “According to reports, the state is in the hole to the tune of $9.2 billion by the end of this fiscal year with a backlog of unpaid bills that can go back as far as last summer. Some of those bills include payments to local municipalities and school districts who are struggling to keep their collective heads above water as a result. The Civic Federation’s Illinois Research Institute warns that Illinois could face an unprecedented $34.8 billion backlog of unpaid bills if action is not taken immediately by the Governor and General Assembly to stabilize the State’s finances in FY 2013 and beyond.” I don’t think they ment this stabilization should include wasting hundreds of millions of scarce taxpayer dollars on an unnecessary airport. Illinois, please pay your bills before you put more bling on the credit card. Please support STAND and your local property taxpayers. And please vote against anyone who supports this nightmare of a boondoggle.

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