Toddler Hurt By Falling TV In Aurora

AURORA, Ill. (CBS) — In a headline that has become all too common lately, a 2-year-old girl was hurt when a TV fell on her in her home in Aurora over the weekend.

Aurora police said a boxlike TV fell from a bookshelf onto the girl in the 100 block of South Union Street.

The girl’s 18-year-old uncle was babysitting the girl and three other children: an 18-month-old boy, a 17-month-old girl and a 6-year-old boy, according to Aurora police spokesman Dan Ferrelli.

The uncle was watching the 17-month-old girl in the living room while the other children were in another room. He heard a loud thump and when he went to check it out, found a 20-inch TV set had fallen on the 2-year-old girl.

The TV had been on top of a cabinet, but was not bolted to the wall.

Emergency responders were called to the scene around 2:50 p.m. Paramedics took the girl to Provena Mercy Medical Center in Aurora and later airlifted to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge. Tests determined she had not suffered any fractures and her injuries were not life-threatening.

Police said no foul play is suspected and the uncle will not be charged.

In the past six months, accidents involving TVs have left at least four small children dead, and one more injured, in the Chicago area.

On Feb. 8, a 2-year-old girl was rushed to Comer Children’s Hospital after a 29-inch TV and a dresser fell on her as she tried to climb the dresser at her home in the 1300 block of West 76th Street. The girl has survived her injuries.

Just the day before, a 1-year-old boy was killed by falling TV at his home in the Roseland neighborhood. Around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, an older box-type TV fell on little Sean Brown at his home in the 11300 block of South Edbrooke Avenue.

Sean was later pronounced dead.

In January, Gianna Hadjis, 4, was killed when a television fell on her head her home in University Park.

In October and November, respectively, similar accidents killed Shaniya Singleton, 3, of the Englewood neighborhood, and Karl Clermont, 6, of Arlington Heights.

On the CBS 2 Morning News earlier this month, Arvey Levinsohn of A&H Childproofers said TVs and dressers can be dangerous, no matter how sturdy they may seem.

“Even the heaviest of dressers that I’ve seen my clients say, ‘Oh, that’s too heavy to move,’ you open the drawers and they almost tip over by themselves without the child,” Levinsohn said.

Levinsohn says there are ways to anchor old, front-heavy monitors and furniture with snaps and studs.

“The center of gravity has changed on a dresser when a child pulls drawers out, and they try to pull the drawers out so they can get an item that mom and dad took and put up so the child doesn’t play with it, and then they leave the child alone for 5 seconds, and he opens the drawers and the center of gravity is changed,” he said.

  • BrandieRenae

    anchor? how about NOT PUTTING THEM ON TOP OF THINGS THAT AREN’T MEANT TO HOLD A HEAVY TUBE TV?!??! It’s BASIC physics. if it’s big and heavy … put it on something wide enough and heavy enough to support it. ESPECIALLY if there are small children around – or could visit your home.

    all the anchoring in the world WILL NOT HELP if the item is on top of something it should never have been put on top of to begin with!!

    In at least two of the pictures of where the tube tv was placed — it is OBVIOUS it should never have been used as a base for an item so heavy!!!

    Yes …it is the FAULT OF THE ADULTS in that household. no, it wasn’t intentional – but by the same token, responsibility must be taken.

    • Always Thinking

      Maybe we should provide new flat screen TV’s to the folks that can not afford them. They are a lot lighter and won’t hurt as much when they fall on someone.

      • phil

        LOLOLOLOL OK seriously everybody should go read this stop the lies blog this guy posted. It is freaking hillarious, and not because he wanted it to be. This guy has to be the biggest nutjob moron i have ever seen. Seriously i got kinda bored a ways in but basically he makes these crazy connections between people that lead nowhere. LOL it’s like you take an already severely stupid person and lock him in a room with a bunch of conspiracy magazines for ten years and this guy is how you would act. LOL thanks for the laugh buddy.

      • HTuttle

        The flat screens are causing the problem. They replace the heavy tube set with a flatscreen on the sturdy livingroom stand and move the old tube set into the bedrooms or dens where there is no suitable stand so they just stick on whatever.

    • David Kramer

      The same thing happened with kitchen stoves. A heavy person was attempting to get up from the oven and pulled on the oven tipping it over. NOW, all new construction requires an anti tip device to be installed.

      Watch for further anti darwinian laws to be implemented due to this.

      • StopTheLies

        As tragic as this story is it’s hard to believe anything in the news since unelected officials took over Washington and the media.

        Osama Obama Biden (Bi)n La(den)
        One coincidence? Two coincidences?
        The odds of the president’s and vice president’s last names combined having the same 9 consecutive letters as the name of the most wanted terrorist is over 5 trillion to 1.

        The next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        The biggest cover up in history starts here

      • voice of reason

        Is this what they mean by “satellite TV” ?

    • Concerned_Dad

      “physics” — what’s that? Some people are too dumb to be parents, but they are — and this is the consequence (dumb people: consequence = “what happens after”). Very sad. Parents: (1) Watch your kids, (2) teach your kids not to climb on furniture, (3) If you can’t watch them, get a responsible blood-family member (husband, older sibling?) to watch them and (4) think ahead a bit: If I put my TV” up here”, could it fall “down there” and kill a tiny person who has no idea???

  • Moon

    What we need i a new Goverment Agency to inspet everyone’s house or Apt every 60 days or so. Think what this will do to lower unemployment.

    • jazz williams

      I don’t not understand the person before you’s comment

  • Pomona Pete

    Ain gwine distubify mys seff by doon no thankin…Ise too bizzy laffin aw day.

  • Oceana

    Hot televisions tend to not be installed properly. That’s why this is a Chicagoland phenomenon.



  • Fredw

    But Moon, it will be for the safety of the children, the second best reason for gov’t intrusion, right after Terrorism/National security.

  • Lazybum

    Please Obama…come and SAVE us! Can’t we have a 14 day waiting period for putting TVs in stupid places? Or a 14 day waiting period for stupid people….

    while you can’t fix stupid, you can certainly get it’s attention with a 2×4!

    • Blissful 1960s w/no gangstas

      When i was a kid, we would put a nail in a light socket and get scarred on our hands. If an adult almost hit us or did hit us with a car while on our bikes, they would say” get the hell out of the way you stupid kid”. I played with razor blades and cut my hands to pieces at age 5. We were different then, we took it as our lot, and moved on. Had the feds investigated the injuries, we would have punctured their car tires.

  • Pounce Kitty

    Another problem to be solved by Obama’s big gubment. Let’s have a new agency to monitor people’s TV sets, make sure they are compliant with weight, height, mass. Send Michelle Obama out to EVERY apartment in Chicago to make sure the kids are eating “right” and the TV is anchored. Give her something to do!

    • Robin

      Yes, and ban the big tube TVs – and replace them with the new TVs that have big brother capabilities… it’s for the children, you know!

  • JustAGuy

    Just watch, it’s election season. Barack Obama will promise free LCD TV’s to protect children from falling TV’s that have picture tubes..

    • David Kramer

      Paid through fees on cable or television purchases.
      Just like they do now for cell phones. The last I heard, it is costing us over $1.2 billion on the cell phone giveaway program.

      • KIDDOPUP

        that would be 1.6 BILLIon

  • swissik

    Quickly, prohibit Televisions, the sheople are clearly too dumb to manage them. Then create a government agency to control homes and hotels to make sure the TVs are all gone.

  • Garr Obo

    Yeah, right. The TV fell on my sister’s baby because it was crying and wouldn’t shut the f*** up.

  • Zorki

    When TVs are registered only criminals will have TVs

  • BOBO

    squish…one less mouth to feed…yes!

  • Dusty

    It is Illinois you know…the same stupid people who hoisted obambi on the rest of us.

    • HPS

      hey I object to that remark.. MANY of us didn’t support Obama .. however.. I must say that the rest of country is finding out how the state of IL runs.. we can’t VOTE these progressives out.. they OWN Chicago and if they come up short on votes they pull out dead people votes.. we have been trying for YEARS to get rid of the MADAGAN tag team.. Daley only left cause OBAMA asked him to so RAHM could fulfill his wish.. I am still looking for ANYONE who will admit to voting for him..and Quinn won when they held votes in one neighborhood until they found out how many votes they were short.. came up with just enough to win.. THAT’S how IL rolls.. would leave but can’t sell my house thinking of renting it out..

  • Ebonic Sharpton

    Darwin in action. Natural selection. Beautiful Chicongo.

  • New York Nick

    All minorities, it’s that simple.

    • Blissful 1960s w/no gangstas


  • Cableguy

    I used to be a cable man.
    These particular people are idiots.
    They will put a Tv on top of anything and I mean anything. You have no idea until you see it for yourselves. I used to think they were doing it hoping I would knock the Tv over but after seeing it time and time again throughout public housing tenements, I soon come to realize that they are just basically idiots.

    • BrandieRenae

      I doubt that *all* of these cases of injured / killed children are in “public housing tenements”

      there seems to be a rash of people not being smart about where they’re putting these large HEAVY televisions.

      Back in the day, NO ONE I knew (including the poor folk) would have ever conceived putting a television up high unless what they were putting it on top of – was sturdy enough to hold it – especially in case it was bumped.

      • Cableguy

        Like I said,
        You have no idea until you see it for yourselves.

  • BOB

    All those TV’s were RACIST !

  • Turn it Off

    If you didn’t own a stupid, mind control device, a.k.a. a TV, your children would still be alive and not brainwashed. Turn of your TV and kick it to the curb. Letting your children watch TV is degenerate.


  • BrandieRenae

    i am astounded at the flippant, coarse comments most people are making.

    • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta


      Try this one –

      Go squat on a long green vegetable.

    • David Kramer

      Why? Because you are ignorant?

      • BrandieRenae

        no, because the coarse, flippant comments are unnecessary. how am *I* ignorant because the lack of concern of other people bothers me?

        the children paid because the parents couldn’t be bothered to follow BASIC PHYSICS. (COMMON SENSE) clearly – common sense is not so common … but these poor children have to pay for it.

    • Cableguy

      Well I declare!

  • Julie

    One less TV showing a Obama 2008/2012 Campaign Speech !

  • dooky

    I swear people with small children are F’ing STUPID anymore!


    These half-breed Neanderthals have ZERO concept of cause and effect, action/reaction, and HEAVY TVs UP HIGH ON PLATFORMS UNSUITABLE FOR HEAVY TVs!!!???!!!

    No brains!

  • Paolo

    My guess is, most if not all of these incidents took place in homes of those who vote DemocRAT, if at all. It’s kind of a shallow end of the gene pool story so expect TV control next because stupidity doesn’t kill people, TVs kill people.

  • Kile

    TVs are killing our children! When will the madness end?

  • sallyhen

    Hmm, I wonder if the TV’s that killed these children are flesh and blood……that’s just too many TVs. Young men babysitting their girlfriend’s children is a recipe for disaster for the children.

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