Jackson Jr. Wins Backing Of Dozens Of Ministers In Re-Election Fight

CHICAGO (CBS) — Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. was out doing something Monday morning that he hasn’t had to do in eight years – campaigning against a Democratic opponent in his bid for re-election.

Jackson picked up the endorsements of more than 60 religious leaders from the 2nd Congressional District, during an appearance at a Hyde Park restaurant. The congressman said many of the pastors there have known him his entire life, and have seen him through good times and bad.

One of those ministers said Jackson is “battling political demonic forces.”

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Jackson is facing a congressional ethics investigation stemming from claims that one of his fundraisers offered former Gov. Rod Blagojevich millions to appoint Jackson to the U.S. Senate after President Barack Obama was elected and also paid to fly his mistress to and from Chicago.

Ald. Sandi Jackson (7th) stood at her husband’s side as he credited her for the idea to first run for congress 17 years ago.

Jackson said he’s committed to create more jobs in the district, through the Peotone airport project he’s backing.

“This campaign is about jobs. This campaign is about the renewal and the revival of our spirits. It’s about making the South Side of Chicago and the south suburbs look like the North Side of Chicago and the northwest suburbs,” Jackson said.

He also said he has supported President Barack Obama more than his challenger, former Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson. Jackson said Halvorson voted against the president 88 times while in Congress.

Halvorson quotes Congressional Quarterly in saying she voted with the president’s agenda 90 percent of the time in 2010, compared to Jackson’s 79 percent. She said that ranks him lower than any other Democrat in the Illinois delegation.

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  • Anglo-Saxon

    Unbelievable! 60 religious leaders? Undoubtedly the likes of his racist daddy. “Battling political demonic forces”? Is that what he and his cronies are calling justice now? Just how much money does this pathetic fool stand to gain from this airport that isn’t needed. The O Hare expansion isn’t even finished yet. He wants to make the southside look like the northside? Is he crazy? Doesn’t this idiot read the daily news? As long as the southside is predominently black, that is impossible. The southside will never improve as long as the gangster mentallity rules. This guy is the biggest joke in politics!!!!

    • Army Vet,VN

      Wasn’t he the guy poking a White blonde????

      • Just the Average Joe

        He likes white girls. He might even have his own love child.

  • Midwest Vet

    Don’t vote Neither of these piece of sh!t democrats. Anyone know whatever happened to these 2 Republicans for that district, •James Henry Taylor (R)
    •Brian Woodworth (R)?

    • Roberta Waker

      Actually Debbie is very good at representing the people in her district. She’s one of the few you can get in touch with anytime and she actually gets back to you, which is more than we can say for our current “representative”. Hope the people are smart enough to elect her or they will continue to live with business as usual. If the Peotone Airport gets built, it should belong to the people in WILL County, NOT Chicago.

      • Midwest Vet

        Well Roberta I differ with you as she has a 90% voting record that goes with Obama, she is against the 2nd amendment. So before you jump on something you should know all of the facts at least her voting record.

    • James Taylor St.

      I am James Taylor, one of the Republicans seeking the nomination in the March primary. I think the people of the district have to be fed up with Jesse Jackson Jr. and the other poverty pimps and their playing the race card. Guess the devil they are talking about is Debbie Halvorson. Debbie is a good person, I disagree with her on a number of points but she is certainly a Great Lady and worthy of great respect.
      How dare these ministers to suggest otherwise but then that is their game. To raise the race issue whenever they can. But if one looks at where each of these fine ministers live, most won’t live within ten miles of their congregations in the inner city. Shame on them, and shame of Jackson for getting or remaining in the gutter.

  • Big Biggie

    The biggest racists on the south side of CHICAGO IS THE BLACK MINISTERS CAUCUS THE being they get government money for programs they operate for all the singles mothers raising fatherless children If whitey tried this it would be separation of church and state

    • Army Vet,VN

      @Big Biggie,these so-call GODS people are the ones that deal with the crooked WHITE Democratic politicians that give them and the blackpeople all the freebees out of the White taxpayers pocket for their vote,not only that they are part of the gang problem in the black communuties,tell me why the slimebag media doesn’t go after the criminal jesse jackson sr.but they can say nasty stuff about someone like Sarah Palin.

  • Big Biggie

    Think these men of God would loose the fattened calf ?

  • tom sharp

    Their support alone justifies voting against the crook!

    • michelle

      I totally agree!!!!

  • One ticked of voter

    How can people of any race continue to listen to these race baiting hypocrites? If a white person said Jackson was posessed by demons his daddy, Obama, Sharpton and Faracon would be screaming racism to the hilt. Add to that Obama now has an “African Americans 4 Obama campaign committee. Could there be a whites for Gingrich? How about a Mormons for Romney? You bet your behind there could not be. Why is there a black caucus in the city council and in congress? Why a Miss black America?

  • smooth

    To these ministers: You should be focusing your attention in preaching the Gospel instead of endorsing a candidate whom is a confirmed ADULTERER & under investigation for paying to be state senator. SHAME ON YOU for allowing the approval of man be ahead of the approval of God. Get out of politics and back into the pulpit helping the poor, opressed, widows, orphans etc. The Jackson track record is a disgrace to the Christian community

  • disgust voter

    something wrong!what some ministers endorses jesse jr.guess all the ministers that are preaching against extra-maritals or adultery are hypocrites.good bless all you ministers that are supporting jesse jr.

  • http://www.cdobs.com/archive/chicago/rep-jackson-supporter-says-foe-driven-by-political-demonic-forces/ Chicago Daily Observer » Blog Archive » Rep. Jackson supporter says foe driven by ‘political demonic forces’

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