Ill. House Committee Approves Bill Requiring Ultrasounds Before Abortion

CHICAGO (CBS) — Illinois state lawmakers who oppose abortion are trying to make it harder for women to make the decision to abort.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Keith Johnson reports, the House Agriculture Committee has approved legislation that would force a woman to view an ultrasound image before getting an abortion, or decline to do so in writing.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Keith Johnson reports

That legislation, HB 4085, passed by out of committee by a vote of 11-2, the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette reported.

The only lawmakers on the committee voted against the bill were Reps. Deborah Mell (D-Chicago) and Naomi Jakobsson (D-Champaign).

The News-Gazette reports Jakobsson asked the bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Joseph Lyons (D-Chicago), if the goal of the bill was to discourage a woman from having an abortion by making her view an ultrasound.

Lyons, who is against abortion, replied that the goal is to give “a human face to the procedure,” where the women see a heartbeat and realize that it’s not “just a procedure like getting your tonsils out,” the News-Gazette reported. The newspaper reports Lyons went on to say, “If it saves one life, Naomi, is that a bad thing?”

Mell criticized the assignment of the bill to a committee that is supposed to handle farming issues,.

“We’re not talking about abortions for cows and pigs, right? We’re talking about women?” she said.

A controversial bill now up for a vote in Virginia would require women to view an ultrasound before getting an abortion. That bill is drawing particular criticism for its requirement that some women undergo an invasive transvaginal ultrasound probe.

A similar law is already on the books in Texas, where a woman must undergo a sonogram and hear a doctor’s verbal description of what she is seeing – and even ask the patient if she wants to hear the fetal heartbeat – before an abortion can be performed.

The Illinois House Agriculture committee also approved a companion bill, HB 4117, which would require any clinic that provides 50 or more abortions a year to stricter health standards than currently required, the News-Gazette reported.

The American Civil Liberties Union tells the newspaper the legislation could mean many women’s health clinics could end up closing.

The Agriculture Committee is dominated by downstate conservatives. Last year, the same committee approved a bill that would have permitted Illinois residents to carry concealed weapons, but the bill ended up failing when it came up for a full state House vote.

  • Me

    An ultrasound of a bean? I didn’t think Illinoise allowed abortions late enough where a face is visible thru standard ultrasound. Five years ago my 20 week-old fetus looked like a cross between Skelator and a Sycorax (Doctor Who villian) on the standard ultrasound.

  • MareCad TITANIC

    You know gang, I’ve NEVER been invited to a “Fetus Shower.”

  • Afro

    I think everyone should be fully educated on any procedure they are about to have done, but about HB 148 it did not die in the House Quinn threatened to Vito it if it came to his desk. It did pass the House it needed 6 more votes to over ride the Communist Governor we have.

    • Wiseguy

      I surely don`t see anything wrong with it. TYhe ones who hate this new bill are the ones that lay all the time with their legs open in bed and just have a baby so they can have Obama support them with my tax dollars….

  • Toonces

    Women should know what they are about to do and be fully educated about other options before making a major decision.

  • MominIL

    First of all I would like to know why the Agriculture dept is discussing women’s bodies that should not even be in their scope. Second, I think it is sad that people are trying to turn back the clock to the 50s and control what women do with their bodies. It is a hard enough decision to have an abortion let alone having someone shove information at you. I do not want people telling ME what I can and cannot do with my body. Why don’t these people focus on more important issues and leave women to make their own choices.

    • montclareresident

      If abortions on demand is progress, then clearly something is seriously wrong with our society.

  • BrandieRenae

    Men can help create a child … but WOMEN are the only ones with the decision. this is a full on assault on women’s reproductive rights. we’re going backward 100 years!

    if you plan on stopping access to reproductive care — then open up your own homes to raise the children YOU “saved” and educate the men who will be handed their recreationally created progeny.

    this is ridiculous. we have REAL problems in this country and you’re focusing on women to take the focus off what is really going wrong with our country!

  • Fed up

    I know this is a huge issue but really what gives anyone including the government the right to decide what we can do to our bodies. Where in the constitution does it state that the government dictates that personal of an issue. Everyone should be allowed to decide what to do to oneself and everyone else should mind their own damn business worry about yourself. What everyone should be worried about is the economy which does affect EVERYONE and that is something the government should be taking more seriously.

  • I Hate Anti-Abortion Nuts !

    I really hate these anti-abortion freaks. People with nothing better to do should find something productive to do with their time. Don’t worry what others do with their bodies, worry about yourself only! Besides, many of us believe that life begins when the first breath of air is drawn into the lungs!!!

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  • Afro

    First of all no one is preventing the women from making a choice, they are insuring that women are making an informed choice, I see nothing wrong with that. My girlfriend (wife) conceived 4 times and we have raised 4 wonderful kids in this world. Step up and be parents or don’t risk getting pregnant.

    • MominIL

      The problem is these people ARE trying to prevent women from making a choice that is what this is all about slowly taking away women’s rights what’s next they will not let us vote. If a woman choices to have an aboration I’m sure she just didn’t wake up and say I think I will have an aboration. This is not a decision women take lightly. They should just back off on trying to take away a women’s right to choose and focus on stuff that really matters.

      • Afro

        I still don’t see any harm in educating. 11-2 vote.

      • Ken

        Neither men nor woman have the right to commit murder.

    • Adrienne

      Do men need the state to step in and “help” them make informed choices on medical issues? No, they do not. So either you, and the state, are proclaiming that women are mentally inferior to men, or you are using this stance as a red herring to take women’s rights away. I say it’s the latter.

      Also, women in early stages of pregnancy (when abortions are usually performed) have to have transvaginal ultrasounds. This means a woman must be vaginally penetrated without her consent to obtain access to a legal medical procedure. This is also the legal definition of rape. Tell me, how many medical procedures can men not access without being raped first?

      I admire Ken’s candidness; however, I have to wonder what “murder” has to do with the removal of a pre-human lump of cells from a fully human woman’s body.

      • Me

        Are you talking about the propoesed legilation or current law that requires a vaginal ultrasound before an abortion? My wife and mother of 4 lovely children (2-15) never was vaginally scoped until near delivery.

        The problem this this topic is two-fold…when does life start and what control does a person have over their body.
        Life – Various religions state life stars at concenption, others think at implantiation, others when the fetus has a heartbeat and looks human, others when the fetus breaths on its own it is ‘alive’. One of the problems I see with the ‘beathing’ definition is that people on preathing machines could technically have their ‘human’ status removed then.
        Body – I agree completely that a woman should have control over their bodies. Just as I think all people should, if I want to eat 6 BigMacs a day and keel over from a heart-attack at 23 while weighing 800lbs, let me. Where I have a problem with the the abortion is woman that the male did help start the ‘problem’. Under current law, a woman can abort the fetus without informing the ‘dad’. That I think is wrong.

  • NWA

    Woman should get together and create their own political party, elect woman officials then enact a law where men would have to tighten five red rubber bands around their scrotums in the morning if they wanted to have sex with anyone that evening.


    • Average Guy


  • Ms Kevin L Kalmes

    Rep Deborah Mell it is absolutely imperative that good ol’ Illinois farm-boys don’t push women back into the dark ages of Women’s Health Care.. we are not pigs or cows finding our health care in barns with veterinarians.

    Women stand up for your health care rights.. don’t wait for the Knight in Shining Armor for protection from the theocratic mysogynists.. Vote Women 2012 2014 2016 2018 2020!

  • Just Axin

    These religious nuts are like the anti-gun idiots. They try all these goffy roundabout ways to push their agendas on us.

  • Jim Edgren

    All men should be required to watch a video about sexually transmitted diseases, and a two hour video about child birth and child care. Then, men should hve to undergo a test for any sexually tranmitted disease. The above provisions would have to be done EVERY TIME a man wanted to have sex with a woman. This law would hold men responsible for thier actions

  • Bob Haaga

    And they wonder why everyone HATES politicians they are SOOOO stupid. what do they think is going to happen they. This is to all the anti-abortion supporters put up or shut up how many unwanted kids have you adopted.

    • Afro

      If you don’t want kids there are lots of options out there, abortion as a form of birth control isn’t right.

      • Me

        @Afro…you are so right. I knew a couple of ladies that didn’t think anything of using aborition as BC, one I went to college with and the other I worked with, never dated or ‘dated’. They didn’t want kids, but didn’t want to take a pill or require the guys to wear condoms. Very stupid of them, but their choice. I know the co-worker had already had 3 abortions in her 32 years of life at that point.

        And before y’all start yelling at me about my comment…I personally oppose abortion except, incest, rape, and a health danger to the mother.

      • Toonces

        Those are the same stoopid broads that act like they’re ‘virgins’ when they settle for Mr. Right at 45 and wonder why they can’t have a baby! DUH! What do they teach in college nowadays, anyway?

      • Adrienne

        This is another red herring. Very few women “use abortion as birth control,” for goodness’ sake. Contraception is not 100%. Things go wrong. That does not give the state the right to take women’s bodily autonomy away from them.

        Just because you can come up with anecdotal evidence of women who supposedly do this it doesn’t negate women’s rights over their own bodies.

  • MominIL

    I really don’t think women think of an abortion as a form of birth control. I love how these politicans think women need to be “educated” before having one. They must think women are stupid. I have a really hard believing that a woman does not educate herself before having one. This is not an easy decision for any women and I’m sick and tired of all these polticans thinking that this is what should be the focus. Come on Illinois is one of the most corrupt states and somehow they are trying to “educate” women what about educating the people in Springfield about fixing the state not women.

  • joanie

    I’m sorry that I ever supported you Joe Lyons. Thanks for trying to set women back 50 years on your way out the door.

    Good riddance.

  • marc

    Actually I too know of women that are too careless for their own good.3 abortions in their teenage years..Sorry, but abortion is murder!!!!!!!!!! If a women can abort a baby then no reason why a person shouldn’t be allowed to shhot another person in the head just because!!!

    • bianca

      A fetus is not a human being, for goodness’ sake. You can’t “murder” something that isn’t human. Haven’t you taken a biology class?

      It’s this sort of ignorance that makes me want to shoot MYSELF in the head…

      • Afro

        @bia go on shoot your self, but don’t do it while you are pregnant please it will kiII the baby.

  • Toonces

    The indiscriminate ‘sleep with anything that has a pulse’ birth control pill and abortion crowd are keeping the fertility clinics in business; good thing you got that college education and are making all of that $$$ you morons.

  • Normagene

    So the State of Illinois considers women farm animals? Could it get any more disgusting than this, sending it through the Agricultural Committee?

  • Dave

    This is like making deer hunters watch Bambi before getting a deer hunting license. Can’t think of any more innocent beings. After all it isn’t anyone else’s business.

  • Cheryl

    Fack check the CDC’s demographics of abortion. Given that 80% of all abortions are performed BEFORE the fifth week of gestation, on zygotes, there is absolutely no way an ultra sound could detect anything…none at all. The only possible reason for a mandatory ultra sound is to terrorize a woman’s decision to control her bodily functions; and since the majority of those procedures are performed on empoverished women who are the sole support of living children, it’s also about unbridled cruelty.. Democrats who join the ongoing repugnant war on women deserve to be voted out of office and shunned for the rest of their lives.. This is not about religion. This is about torturing women and their living children. It’s also about ownership. It’s time to awaken, ladies, Your constitutional right to privacy means nothing; you have no brains or will power…you are little more than a brainless vagina to be owned and operated by the nearest man cuz da buybull tells him so. . . . .

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