Sentencing Delayed For Cop In Deadly Hit-And-Run

UPDATED: 2/22/2012 – 5:25 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Sentencing for a Chicago police officer convicted in a deadly hit-and-run crash in 2009 has been pushed back two weeks after a judge heard emotional testimony from the victim’s family who are seeking a stiff sentence, as well as from friends of the officer who urged lenience.

Richard Bolling has been in protective police custody since his aggravated driving under the influence and reckless homicide convictions last month.

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Bolling, 42, faces up to 15 years in prison for the hit-and-run death of Trenton Booker, 13, who was riding his bicycle near 81st Street and Ashland Avenue on May 22, 2009, when he was fatally struck by the off-duty officer.

On Wednesday, Bolling sat in his orange prison jumpsuit during a sentencing hearing in which Booker’s family members read victim impact statements. After a long day of testimony, the sentencing hearing was continued until March 6.

Trenton’s father, Terrence Booker, testified Wednesday that so much was lost because of Bolling’s selfish acts.

“Trenton was one in a million,” he said, struggling to speak. Trenton’s mother, Barbara Norman, added that there would be a lifetime of milestones missed, including Trenton’s high school graduation next year.

Bolling’s defense called a long list of witnesses on Bolling’s behalf to testify about his character and urge the judge to show mercy. Among those testifying for Bolling were a pastor, two retired judges and several current and former police officers.

Authorities said Bolling struck Booker with so much force, his bike was knocked underneath a parked SUV. Booker’s family said every bone in his body was broken by the impact.

Bolling had an open beer in the car, and the 17-year Chicago Police veteran never took any sobriety tests until at least two hours after his arrest.

Bolling had admitted to drinking alcohol before driving his Dodge Charger on the night he ran over Booker, but denied he was drunk or that he knew right away he had hit the boy.

But last month, a jury rejected that claim, convicting Bolling after deliberating about nine hours over two days.

His attorney is arguing for probation for Bolling, the son of a police commander and the father of two.

  • Me

    That Officer should be glad there isn’t a Death Penalty in Illinois anymore. An Officer who had an open beer can, admitting to drinking before driving, and not getting a breathilizer test???

  • tony

    Its sad that we have two families that lost everything.The kids family lost a son,a life that was just starting out.Then we have a police officer that lost everything due to his moment of weakness that not only affected him .his family.the dead childs family.his career.but it happens alot not just the police but to every walks of life

  • Don Green

    Too bad that 13 year old boy was riding around with his bike after midnight hours. I just wonder where was the family then to care or stop the 13 year old from riding around well after midnight. When I was that age, my family always told me, “nothing good ever happens on the streets after midnight”.

    • Monopoly is dead

      It’s pathetic that this is what you took away from the article.

      • Don Green

        I think what is pathetic is you and your closed minded thinking to truth. I am not justifying Bolling in any way. He really made a bad choice and now must deal with it. What also is pathetic is that people like you refuse to admit it is partly the blame of his family to allow their child to ride his bike well after midnight in a neighborhood known for all types of crimes. Even the safest neighborhood wouldn’t be a good idea for a 13 year old to be outside at 2:00am. Negligent driving as well as negligent parenting was displayed here.

      • saywhat3

        Same thing I took away from the article. A 13 year old riding his bike on some of the meanest streets in America at 2 in the morning? Maybe if his parents cared about him as much before his death as they do now, he’d still be here.All they see now is $$$$$$

      • Me

        Where in this article does it say ANYTHING about the time of day that this travesty happened? Even when I first heard this story, I don’t recall anything about it being past Chicago curfew.

      • L Greco

        Ever disobey your parents? Ever do something really stupid as a young teenager? I know I did….more than once. Don’t blame the kid or his family. The cop knew way better than to drink then drive, especially with an open beer in the car. I hope the family gets compenstated with all that they are seeking

  • Jay

    This officer is being scr8wed, big time. The kid rode his bike after midnight, the wrong way on a busy street and rode in front of the officer. The breathalizer evidence showed he wasn’t over the limit. Probation and a fine would be sufficient for this guy. Only police haters would disagree!!!

    • The Truth

      You are an apologist for a criminal and his cohorts.

      Here are the facts: The officer wasn’t given a field sobriety test for Two Hours after the crash and wasn’t given a breathalyzer test for more than Four Hours after the crash.

      That test showed him just below the legal limit at that time, but a state expert testified if he’d been tested at the time of the crash – it could have shown him at as much as twice the legal limit.

    • Monopoly is dead

      Jay – It’s a good thing Chicago is sick of people like you.

    • al

      time to send a message to the police that EVERYONE will be treated the same in court. The jury began with the example. why the delay on the breath test? Well that tactic didnt help. H!/

    • al

      yeah but the breath test was hours later. alcohol level goes down by then

  • gracesmith

    First let me say this officer should had pull over and assited the 13 yr old kid he didn’t get a chance to get out 8th grade go too high school kiss his first girl give me a break officers think the are above the law , first drinking is against law so they say then why didn;t he take breath test cops, officers what every then he kept going he new he hit something, so damn what the kid you claim was out late riding bike right is right give hiom and all the rest of crooked cops, policemens same rights as people if you do crime then do time he got 2 kids right office of the law well the kid didn;t get ac hance to do that father is commander of police dept he help cover it to this is the CODE of SILENCER WITH THE POLICE DEPT ALSO not just gangs. Who lost in the end the vicitim, 13th yr old boy.

    • SteveK

      I think I just lost about 30 points from my IQ by attempting to read this gibberish…

  • Clifton Smith

    Lives have been forever changed and shattered as were the bones and life of a potential doctor, lawyer, teacher,athlete, scholar and youth. I don’t know what’s worse, the death of this child or the fact that people who are suppose to serve and protect are able to break the law and get away with things. Breathalizers are often given to those pulled over or in accidents, but I question was it becasue this person was an officer or the fact that he has children, not the fact that he took someones else’s hild but is expected to cotninue to take his children to school, outings and enjoy their life. But what about this 13 year old boy???????????? Where is his justice, where is his peace.

    • saywhat3

      I may be wrong, but looking at and listening to his parents. Med school was probably not in that kid’s future.

  • Spookiest spook

    Kid got hit with a double whammy. A black cop.

  • Monopoly is dead

    Interesting. I thought all Chicago area cops were issued a get out of jail free card. Glad to see the family gets some type of closure.

  • Gary

    Why, when, and where Trenton Booker is irrelevant.
    FACTS: Mr.Bolling chose to drive drunk. The fact that he was a police officer at that time is even more heinous. Mr. Bolling is guilty as charged. As a police officer, he is held to a higher standard, e.g., serving the public good, and serving the trust of the public. Mr. Bolling betrayed our trust as citizens of Chicago. If we were in backward countries in the east, Mr. Bolling would have been killed a long time ago.

  • observer

    If the family cared so much about the young man why did they allow him to be out so late riding his bike,alot of this case rest`s with the parents aswell as the

  • get back

    This police officer is a complete idiot for a number of reasons. First of all, his willing ness to throw away a career as a CPO with its salary and associated perks in these desperate times of unemployment . He had it all and could’nt care less.. Perhaps he forgot the fact that if you are entrusted to enforce the law , you must be first and foremost in upholding it. Life must have been grand making all that money and not having to worry about your next meal and how a bill will be paid. Some of us even more deserving have never been given the opportunity to become police officers. For every one that would make a great officer and does not get hired, there will will be someone like you who will get that break and completely blow it. You deserve all you’ve got coming.

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