(WSCR) After receiving criticism for reporting that Derrick Rose was campaigning for the Bulls to trade for Pau Gasol, Chris Sheridan of SheridanHoops.com stood by his report.

The report alleges Rose wanted the Bulls to work out a trade that would send Carlos Boozer to Los Angeles for Gasol.

“(Derrick’s) not going to undercut Carlos Boozer or any of his other teammates by saying anything publicly that’s going to undermine them and make it seem like he doesn’t ant them around,” Sheridan told The Mully and Hanley Show. “But, let’s face it, Pau Gasol would be an uprgrade over Carlos Boozer. If he can be had at the right price, certainly the Bulls would have to put something on the back end of that trade to even it out for the Lakers. If you can get Pau Gasol in there instead of Carlos Boozer, you’ve upgraded your team and given yourself a better chance to get past the Miami Heat. That’s what Derrick is all about – getting past the Miami Heat and getting to the NBA Finals.”

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Sheridan said the trade would make sense for the aging Lakers if the Bulls would throwing in a point guard like C.J. Watson.

“They’re not an elite team anymore,” he said. “They need to do something to get a little bit younger and a little bit better. Right now, the best trade asset they have is Pau Gasol. You start looking around the league if you’re the Lakers, especially toward the Eastern Conference because you’re going to want to trade the guy out of the conference, and you say, ‘Well, who has got the goods to give us exactly what we’re looking for?’ They’d have to replace a guy on the low block and the Bulls can do that with Boozer. The Lakers also need a point guard. … Look, the Bulls have C.J. Watson who has filled in pretty admirably in the games Derrick Rose has missed.”

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