Source: Toews Has A Concussion

(CBS) Jonathan Toews’ “upper body injury” is a concussion, a source told 670 The Score’s Blackhawks expert Jay Zawaski.

The severity of the concussion is not known, but it is believed Toews suffered the injury early in the Blackhawks’ recent road trip. A second source said it happened Feb. 10 at San Jose. The source also said that Toews may have hidden his symptoms from the team to remain on the ice.

Toews missed Tuesday night’s 2-1 win over the Red Wings and did not practice Wednesday. He will not play when the Blackhawks host the Dallas Stars Thursday, but he is listed as day-to-day.

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  • Alzheimers

    Oh My God. Not another concussion for Johnny. Keeping it hidden and taking one for the team, it ain’t worth it.

  • HockeyCoach12

    You guys never even bother to talk about hockey except when you think you know something no one else does. Here’s a clue…learn about the game before you open your mouth or uh…keyboard!!
    JT would never have “hidden” his symptoms from his team and coaching staff, he is much too smart for that! There was a flu bug going around the room around this same time, perhaps he felt he had a touch of that, but began to realize that he wasn’t getting better so talked to the coaching staff and team doc.
    Seeing that he was able to play 5 games after the supposed “concussion” shows that it probably isn’t a major problem (like Crosby) and he just needs a few games off to work through and allow his body to heal.

    Please stick with yapping on and on about baseball and football and leave hockey to those of us who know the game!
    You guys obviously DON’T!!!

  • Larry Horse's Arse Horse's Arse

    Hockey coach doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Toews took a beat down in San Jose, Phoenix and Nashville on the trip, especially in San Jose, where the Sharks obviously were targeting him.

    Toews exhibited no discernible clear cut injuries otherwise and continued to play, although he seemed injured.

    All of the above told me when he sat yesterday that it was a concussion.

    That’s unless hockey coach can give us evidence to the contrary that it’s not a concussion.

    Oh, and last time I got the flu, man, I thought I was actually concussed for a few days. Who knew?

    • HockeyCoach12

      Agreed that Toews took a beating in SJ, I’m not saying that he didn’t. I also didn’t say that he doesn’t have a concussion. I did say that I highly doubt that JT would hide concussion symptoms intentionally and that it is possible that he didn’t realize that he was concussed.
      I guess I should have stated my position a bit clearer here. My problem isn’t with the fact that the Score is reporting that Toews has a concussion (even though the Score spends all of about 4 minutes a few times a week talking about hockey), my problem is with them saying that Toews intentionally hid his symptoms.
      Anyone who actively follows the NHL knows that head shots and concussions are a hot button topic, especially since Crosby’s concussion that has left him out of commission for well over a year other than 8 games. I just can’t see Toews intentionally hiding these symptoms from the staff of the Hawks. It is just a huge risk to his own health if that were the case, and I don’t think he would play through a known concussion.
      Oh and FYI, I have been involved in the hockey world and the Blackhawks (STH for 35 years) for most of my life. We have met with the players on several occasions, convention, November in Vegas ect, and have a general feel for what these guys are all about. I don’t know them personally really, although they know who we are and that we are there every home game and several road games during the year.
      I hope I have made my point a bit better this time around.
      I just hate when people that know little about hockey (meaning the guys at the Score) start reporting things that aren’t confirmed, just for the sake of getting the “scoop”.

  • Kristina

    Does Hockey Coach know for a fact that Toews would never have hidden his concussion from his coaches? I highly doubt that. It really bothers me when people talk like they know the players. Which, again, Hockey Coach, by all means, if you know him personally and he has told you that he wouldn’t have hidden the symptoms, then I retract my comment.

  • Rocky

    I just hope he’s ok!! Can’t afford to lose JT. I’m still upset at the lack of immediate support when Thornton pounced on him!! I lost tons of respect for Hossa after watching him stand there and do nothing!!!! For God sakes, that’s your CAPTAIN!!
    And yes, I don’t Johnny would “hide” his least I don’t think so


    His play got better, and, then, he sat out.
    Let’s hope he’s alright IS the right attitude.

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