Report: Woman Was Let Go In Bridgeview With 0.295 Blood Alcohol

BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. (CBS) — Do you think police would let you off the hook if you had a blood-alcohol level that was more than three times the legal limit for drunkenness?

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports, an internal investigation is underway in southwest suburban Bridgeview, after a 36-year-old Chicago woman was released from custody with a blood alcohol level of 0.295, according to a published report.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports

The SouthtownStar reported the woman was involved in a minor accident at 79th Street and Harlem Avenue on Dec. 10. The first police officer who responded to the scene smelled alcohol on her breath, and she failed several field sobriety tests, the newspaper reported.

The SouthtownStar reported the alcohol in the car was a bottle of Patrón tequila that was nearly empty.

The woman was originally arrested for suspected DUI and declined to take a breathalyzer, but the SouthtownStar reports one of the responding Bridgeview police officers and a sergeant apparently got into an argument as they were working on reports.

In a police report obtained by the SouthtownStar, an officer said the sergeant wanted him to handle the DUI report so two officers who responded earlier would not be on overtime, and also sign his name to the first officers’ report about the crash even though he wasn’t there. The officer who came to handle the DUI was not comfortable signing the crash report, the newspaper reported.

The sergeant then ordered the officer to uncuff the woman and let her go, the newspaper reported. But police reports say the sergeant was apparently curious about how drunk the woman was and asked her to take a blood alcohol test, promising that she would face no criminal consequences regardless of the result, the SouthtownStar reported.

The sergeant ordered the woman released only with tickets for having an open container alcohol tequila in her sport-utility vehicle, driving without proof of insurance, and not slowing down to avoid an accident, the newspaper reported.

  • Jim

    This woman should consider this a gift from God. Good for her.

    • Hoth Industries

      Good for her? Yeah, she was sent on her merry way after these ‘cops’ knew full well she was well beyond the LEGAL BAC!! The only thing ‘good for her’ was not causing ANOTHER accident.

      DUI is blown way out of proportion? Really? This probably coming from a person who probably had a run-in with police after being stopped driving and charged with DUI and thinking nothing wrong with driving around drunk. Once a death occurs in your family due to a reckless drunk driver only then will you change your way of thinking. Until then, remain blissfully ignorant.

    • Roberta Waker

      Good for her? What if she left the scene and killed a member of your family? What a dumb comment. She needs to be locked up and, unfortunately, because of the police officers’ actions she is still on the road and probably still driving drunk. God had nothing to do with it.

      • Jim

        The point is, she didn’t. If you look at the number of people who drive after having a few drinks, compared to the number of those same people who cause an accident, you will find that most had no problem driving at all. DUI is blown way out of proportion!

  • Army Vet,VN

    Must be one of THEM that have been driving the wrong way and they are talking about putting BI-Lingual signs on the on and off ramps,what good is that if their traveling with a bar in their car,more to this one.

    • Roberta Waker

      If you can’t understand ENGLISH and pass the Illinois Driver’s License Exam in ENGLISH you should NOT get a license. When will our representatives get the message that ENGLISH is the language of the United States and if you aren’t willing to learn it – GO HOME. If they put bilingual (hispanic) signs on ANY expressway I will file a lawsuit for discrimination against the Polish, Italian, Russian, French, Chinese, etc., etc. I am tired of pressing one for English.

      • Dan Fontana

        Roberta– I agree with you 100% They should of locked the women up, Stupid ass police…

  • Just Axin

    Good job, cops. We’ll see if he is disciplined. So many cases thrown out because of sloppy work yet no repercussions.

  • Spookiest spook

    Shocked this happened in Bridgeview. Lovely area.

  • BS work cops!!!

    She must have been a school teacher!! I’ve many stories!! Come on!! What’s her name???

  • Jack

    she still should have been arrested. Did she get special treatment because she’s brown?

  • Erniedog

    She had to be Red Hot and the Sgt. was Super Ugly! He probably thought he’d up his chances if he let her go.
    Thinking with the wrong head again Barney Fife!

  • Defender of Our Constitution

    “Do you think police would let you off the hook if you had a blood-alcohol level that was more than three times the minimum for drunkenness?

    Her BAC was more than three times the MAXIMUM.

  • joedlake

    Sen. Steve Landek is the Mayor of Bridgeville. Sen. Steve Landek is running for reelection in the Senate 12th District primary election on March 20, 2012. Joe Lake, Chicago

  • Al Sharpton jr

    A open container of alcohol/ tequila and no insurance equals ILLEGAL immigrants and MADD does nothing against them.

  • Bob

    Look Jim, She did have an accident. She ran into the back of a car that was stopped at a traffic light at 1:40 in the afternoon? Fortunatley the other driver was not injured. Only part of the story is in this report.

  • Zatso



  • juju

    On a side note, 2 hours later, police raided a porno film called Bukkake Drunk Driver. No one seemed to be hurt.

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