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COUNTRYSIDE, Ill. (CBS) — He’s only nine years old, but Scott von Drasek has already learned the value of being kind to others.

When Scott gets off his school bus, he heads over to visit his friend and next door neighbor, Peter Yovanof.

Last March, the 83-year-old suffered a crippling stroke, and the youngster made it his mission to help out.

“I play ball with him, and if he doesn’t take his medicine, I try helping out with that,” Scott says.

The Yovanofs are grateful for the time the young man spends with their disabled family member. Peter’s son, Lee Yovanof, lives out of town.

“My dad will be tired and does not want to do anything. Scotty will come by and he’ll garb the ball and play catch with him,” Lee says. “He’s able to do things with him that we aren’t.”

Scott is the youngest of six children in his family. His father, John von Drasek, is proud of his son for wanting to help their neighbor in his recovery.

“When you do good for someone else, the selfish part is that it makes you feel good about yourself and he’s learning that, and I am proud at his young age that he’s learning it,” the father says.

Seeing the two of them together you get the unmistakable feeling young Scott is making a positive difference in his friend’s desire to get better.

“Scotty spends time with him, he’s patient with him and he makes my dad kind of more alive having him around,” Lee Yovanof says.

Scott von Drasek is someone you should know.

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