Photo: Rose Displeased With James’ Antics

(WSCR) Derrick Rose can do a lot of things.

Dancing is, in fact, one of the things the MVP of the league can do.

Still, Rose didn’t feel it was necessary to dance during his pregame introduction at Sunday’s All Star game, unlike the antics displayed by LeBron James.

“I can dance,” Rose said after the game. “But there’s a time and place for that. And I don’t think that it was then and there.”

Check out the look on Rose’s face during James’ introduction.

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Derrick Rose looks on as LeBron James dances during his pregame introduction. (Credit: Screen shot from TNT broadcast.)

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  • White Boy of Ancient Vintage

    Sometimes I agree with Derrick’s Clenched-Teeth Penitentiary-Face Approach. This is one of those times.

  • SAM

    You honestly cannot be serious! D-Rose is just a baby it seems. Its the All-Star game. Its about having fun. Has he never watched an All-Star game? Did anyone see his performance in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th quarter? He was pathetic. Maybe he should’ve tried to have some fun.
    My Point –

    • WhatAJoke

      6-8 from the field…14 points… 3 assists in 18 minutes…. Yeah he stunk up the joint. Rose is a pro…. James is an idiot. Rose concerns himself more with winning a championship and the work to get there. James can act like a moron in every aspect of his career. I can’t blame Rose for sticking to his guns.

      The Bird, Johnson, Jordan days where guys had light hearted fun but still acted like pro’s are sadly gone…. now we got the idiocy that is the nba all-star game. Did anyone watch the dunk contest? What a joke that was.

      • JIM

        tell rose to stop crying and acting like an idiot after beating the bucks

    • jim

      rose barely played in the 2nd or 4th quarters so what are you talking about…yes the all star game is about having fun…but its not about dancing around acting like a moron…derrick rose is a professional….lebron always does stuff like that…all star game or not hes always having too much fun over not winning a ring

      • jim

        not to mention rose was 6 of 8 shooting

      • JIM

        rose has too much fun choking before the finals and tonight. 0 pts in the 4th of an all star game. Rose just don’t have what it takes.

        derrick rose is not professional. He acts like he won a championship after beating the bucks than chokes against the magic. is afraid of the moment and will never even make the finals . The reason why he scored 0 pts in the 4th is cuz he is afraid of the moment. DId you see how scared he was in the ecf against james and again scared in the all star game

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      And for LeBron, it was about choking in the closing seconds of the game, again.

    • Michael

      Your link proves exactly the opposite of your point. That’s an All-Star event, not the actual game. You don’t even mention LeBron’s antics at the end of the game. He ran to the bench and pouted after the loss, while all the other players shook hands.

      • JIM

        but it’s ok for rose to jump around like a idiot during a bucks game. throw up gang sings when he doesn’t play, and cheat on sats. MUch better

    • Wow

      DRose does have fun , he’s just not that type of dude, i cant belive LeBron still gets hyped for all star games and starts dancing. MJ never did it, Kobe didnt either those 2 are the most fierce competetors ive seen, Rose is right behind em. James just wants to act like a little kid and thats fine he’s never going to win a ring like that.

    • anonymous

      He probably didnt do it because he knows bigots will look down on players for dancing and attribute it to race. He’s probably tired of all the stereotyping thats so prevalent on line, though concealed in person. Probably the same reason they decided to have pitbull and a bunch of latin ladies dancing as opposed to Jay-Z and a bunch of black women at the half time show. With the former it will be described as classy salsa etc. and the later will be often characterized as women shaking their @ss. And before you say Nicki Minaj, she was wearing a dress designed to cover her’s as she mainly had male dancers around. Despite cultural differences theirs factors that separate us as a people much more than race. Hes a serious guy but as a public figure Im sure its not for no reason. Lebron’s gotten a lot of anger for good reason but much was racially based, his reaction is very different as you can see, and it appears he organized theirs.

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  • JDiggy

    its better when you watch it happen….if you watch close you can see him mouth; oh my god

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  • Jose From Deerfield

    There’s a reason why Kendrick Perkins earlier in the season on Twitter fired shots at the Self Proclaimed “King” when he ref about MJ & Kobe putting their attn to Team Oriented Goals and Winning 1st which LBJ has Not Done. 8 Seasons as a Pro, 2 Finals Apperances and he still Not won a Ring.

    I really hope Rose and Co can Knock Off LBJ, Wade, Bosh and the rest of those S. Beach Panzy A**es to earn a Trip to the Finals.

  • similak child

    Maybe Rose can put together an Isiah Thomas-like boycott on James for the next all-star game.

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  • LBJ

    ROSE is the only decent player Chicago has and LBJ shut him DOWN!!!! Shaq have dance before, Pierce and Kobe has smiled so ROSE IS WRONG!!!!

    • Joe

      Good point man. Your comments (using the name ‘LBJ’), don’t make you look stupid at all. Not in the least bit. You clearly know exactly what you’re talking about, without a shadow of doubt. Anyone who disagrees is clearly not on your level of basketball knowledge.

      “Shaq have dance before.”

      Priceless. Real NBA fans know that championships don’t mean anything. It’s all about dancing and looking like a moron, and doing annoying powder rituals even when you’re playing in someone else’s house. Jordan and Kobe are terrible, LeBron is #1. Right?

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