Report: White Sox Ranked Last By Fans In TV Broadcast Popularity

(WSCR) According to a study run by Fan Graphs, the Chicago White Sox broadcast team of Ken Harrelson and Steve Stone ranked dead last of all 30 Major League Baseball teams.

The study indicates Fan Graphs asked readers to rate the television broadcast teams (on a scale of 1-5 for charisma, analysis, and then overall) for all 30 major-league clubs — with the intention, ultimately, of determining which broadcasts might best reflect the sorts of inquiry and analysis performed here at the site.

The rankings are out of 31 broadcast teams, due to the two teams employed by the Dodgers.

31. Chicago White Sox
Broadcasters: Hawk Harrelson and Steve Stone
Ratings (Charisma/Analysis/Overall): 2.1, 2.2, 2.0

“The broadcast questions are a bit misleading because Steve Stone is excellent and Hawk Harrelson is not,” one reader suggested. “I am not quite as bothered by Hawk’s problems as others but he can be unbearable to listen to.”

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  • Lil' Bycracke

    That is BS!

    -Hawk Harrelson

  • Andrew

    Yea I completely disagree. I love how passionate Hawk is. Even when the Sox are stinking, I still love to watch the games because of Hawk. He is the best.

  • mrjava

    The hawkisms are getting very tiring~

  • juju

    Yeah, that Cub tandem of Huey and Lewey are soooo much better.

    • BingoBrown

      Who said they were “soooo much better”? They’re just not as bad.

  • zatso

    Time to bring Bob Elson and the ticker-tape back.


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  • Timothy James Ryan

    It’s really a shame Stone is stuck working with Hawk. How good is Stoney with someone that knows what they’re doing? It’s been like that most of his career, starting with Harry on his back 9, and now Hawk. He spends more time decoding the moronic thoughts of has-beens than actually calling the game.

  • tom sharp

    “Wrong size, right shape”!!!

  • bigjohn

    stone is one of the best color men going. not to many know the game like him. he can break down any play and explain the reason it failed or not. hawk is just a glorified cheerleader who lacks knowlege of the game. steve needs a bonified partner.

  • Joe

    They’d be at or near the top if arrogance was one of the qualities looked for. Never did quite understand the Stone love in this town. The guy is a master of the obvious that hasn’t had an original thought since Reagan was in office. And Hawk? well he’s just a clown. Remember when he claimed Beckham was “our Jeter” or that Josh Fields reminded him of Harmon Killebrew? Yes, Josh Fields
    Remember how Stonepony called him out on it? Of course you don’t, because he it never happened due to the fact that he is just as big a shill as Harrelson.

    30 teams, #31 seem just about right. For you youngsters out there, if you want to learn anything about the game, don’t listen to these guys!

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