Suit: Orland Park Teen Was Bullied At School

ORLAND PARK, Ill. (CBS) — The family of a former girls’ basketball player at a southwest suburban high school claims their daughter was physically and psychologically injured by her teammates in an alleged case of bullying.

They’ve filed a half million dollar lawsuit, CBS2’S Mike Parker reports.

During her time at Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park, Kathleen Mulvey was a star guard on the girls’ basketball team.  But her smile in photos from that period may be deceiving. Her family says she was constantly being bullied by a few of her teammates.

She was upset enough to transfer to an East Coast school at the end of last year. She also was diagnosed by a counselor as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Her mother, Ellen Mulvey, says the girl had “all the symptoms.”

“She couldn’t sleep at night. Kathleen would lay awake, sit up in our living room all night long. She had a lot of sadness,” Mulvey says.

kathleen Suit: Orland Park Teen Was Bullied At School

A college recruiting video shows that Kathleen Mulvey was a gifted, energetic player. In 2009, her family says, one of the team bullies pushed her as she was in the air for a layup. She came crashing down and tore a tendon in her foot.

“The girl never offered her assistance,” says Kathleen’s mother. “The coach knew it was going on.  He saw it on a daily basis, he heard it.”

Then came surgery, Kathleen’s deep depression and her transfer to an East Coast high school.

Now the family’s filed a $500,000 lawsuit against the coach, Chris Hellrung, and the school district.

“The bottom line is the evil of inaction.  The adults knew about it and they just wouldn’t step in and stop it,” the student’s uncle, Kevin Hogan, says.

“We have to pursue it so it doesn’t happen to anybody else again,” Ellen Mulvey says.

A spokeswoman for School District 230 said she could not comment on the suit because they haven’t seen it yet.  And there was no comment from the coach.

The Mulvey family says Kathleen’s older sister, Megan, who is now in college, was bullied at Sandburg, too. After graduating, she lost interest in basketball, and hasn’t played since.

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  • Mike

    Good for them! About time somebody does something. This school has been infested with corruption and bullying. Good to see somebody standing up to them.

    • Get2thebottom32

      I do not condone bullying of any sort. However, this is all alleged. Where are the witnesses? What about more information? Is it true that the girls changed schools three times in under three years? Why did this happen? Was the injury on purpose or an accident? Was the surgery successful? Did the girl play basketball ever again? Did this end her career? Why transfer to a $50,000 academy/prep school on the east coast? (Aren’t there are any other schools in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana?) If the child was bullied, and adults witnessed it, someone needs to be responsible. How did the mother arrive at $500,000 dollars?

      • Mike

        If you read the article from the Southtown, it says that was the only school they could find that would accept a senior transfer. Im sure they did try other schools.I can assure you that the mother didn’t arrive at the figure, it was the attorneys involved. Im surprised it is only at half a million all things considered. Here is the link to the Southtown. But I agree with Roberta, volunteer to be on the jury (assuming the school district doesn’t try to settle) and all of your questions will be answered. The problem here is district 230 and Sandburg failed to comment on the story after several calls from the news which tells you that there is a lot of validity to this story. I hope they don’t all of these evil people that corrupt the education we, as tax payers, pay for!

      • Mike

        If you read the article from the Southtown, it says that was the only school they could find that would accept a senior transfer. Im sure they did try other schools.I can assure you that the mother didn’t arrive at the figure, it was the attorneys involved. Im surprised it is only at half a million all things considered. Here is the link to the Southtown. But I agree with Roberta, volunteer to be on the jury (assuming the school district doesn’t try to settle) and all of your questions will be answered. The problem here is district 230 and Sandburg failed to comment on the story after several calls from the news which tells you that there is a lot of validity to this story. I hope they get all of these evil people that corrupt the education we, as tax payers, pay for!*

      • Roberta Waker

        Volunteer to be on the jury and all your questions will be answered.

    • bounce

      As a teacher and coach I will simply say that when parents don’t get they’re way anything can and will be done to destroy the teacher and coach. This looks and smells like what we teachers know it is, a parent and a lawyer looking for a payday at the expense of a teacher/coach who I’m sure is nothing but what district 230 has a lot of……..quality teachers and coaches. these parents are whiners and thats why they can’t keep the kids they have in the same school long, they can’t get there way so they resort to trashing everybody in the hopes somebody will believe them. OOPS lets not forget the sleazy lawyer who I’m sure threw the suit right at the press about 2sec after he filed it. These parents SUCK and the lawyer knew he was a sleaze before so it won’t bother him at all

      • Katrena

        You aren’t a Teacher if you were you would know it is THEIR not They’re(they are) and my kids have been through bullying and they Teachers, Student, and Principal are lucky I didn’t reach out and beat the snot out of them for allowing these kids to bully my children. I hope they lose their position and or their job PERMANENTLY!!!! I am tired of people like you thinking it is ok for anyone to bully or be bullied you have no right to be in the job you are and if I knew your area I would have you brought up for making this comment you are a jerk and have no right to be around adults let alone kids stop sucking up my air you leech

      • katie

        Katrena… beat the snot out of them. You are a contradicting dumb broad.

      • Katrena

        @ Katie you think I am a dumb broad because I said they are lucky I didn’t beat the snot out of those that chose to make my kids lives miserabl????. Remind me to shake hands with the ones that come into your childs school to do harm because people like you think it is ok to push kids around. You are RIDICULOUS!!!! I will protect my kids because it is my job as a parent!!! These Teachers and Admin at these School are supposed to have a ZERO Tolerance for Bullying instead of turning a blind eye as though nothing is going on. This isn’t about she took my ball or she won’t play with me this girl was purposely hurt by these kids and something has to be done to stop it!!!!

      • Rick

        those who can’t do, teach.

      • Kathy

        I hope you never ever teach my children.They could teach you a lesson on there vs. their. You clearly suck at everything you have tried to pursue which is why you’re in this school district. How’s that pathetic Eastern Illinois degree treating you?

      • Patricia

        First of all, bounce I am sorry you’ve had to deal with people who only want to destroy the teacher and coach, but how do you know that this is true in this case? Do you personally know the family of the girl who was allegedly victimized? The teachers and coaches in this case? If not, I dont’ think you should be so quick to judge them.

  • Joey

    I’ve been in education for the past 32 years. The adults in Orland Park are bullies. It doesn’t surprise me that their children are also. I didn’t have one good experience in Orland Park. I never met so many people who demanded their right to get what they want at the expense of just about everyone else as the parents in Orland Park. The superintendent couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to work there. There is no sense of treating people with any sort of dignity there, in my experience.

    • John

      I lived here my entire life, I have great parents and they raised me well. People complain about our parents all the time, and the people who do that are absolutely pathetic, just like you.

      • Ann E.

        Wow. That kinda sounds insulting and maybe a little bit like bullying? Huh, crazy.

      • John

        If defending my parents, and my friends parents is considered bullying, then yes, yes I am a proud bully.

    • Money Talks, Laws Walk

      I certainly would agree with you Joey. The parents are always demanding the best for their precious ones, even if it means if someone/everyone has to suffer or pay. The longer the demands are discussed the louder mommy and daddy get. Not to forget that their precious lspecial little ones would sit there and put on the performance of a lifetime looking sad. None of them understand the word “NO!”.
      The new “special people”, those that refuse to speak English or cover their heads in babushkas, turbins or rags are the worst.

      • Joey

        To John: I’m sure that there are good people in Orland Park. Your parents are probably two of them. I stand by my comments. I’ve worked all over the metropolis of Chicago. I was appalled at the self-aggrandizement of the parents in Orland Park. It is quite obvious. I’m not the only professional who notices it.

        But, please don’t take it personally. There must be good people in Orland Park who simply don’t participate. And, I agree with Money Talks that these people do not recognize that compromise is what honest people do. I don’t know if I can trust the village at all. I certainly don’t plan on working there. I always felt like I was dealing with middle school bullies on the playground when I worked with the parents of Orland Park. I’m happy that chapter of my life is long in the past.

      • tiger paw

        Amen to all of this! What a bunch of richeous snobs. I have never met a bigger bunch of complainers and helicopter parents.

    • sally

      Joey..Kathleen Mulvey’s paents live in Orland Park too…hummm who is bullying who? They are certainly bullying D230 and the coach right now. I hope this case does go to court, if every parent sued because their child was not popular this would be a very sad world!

      • madashell

        Popularity is way different than bullying. So a person is not popular leave them be, DONT go out of your way to demean or harass them. A coach should be fair and respect the individual student as should any teacher. If this is not what is taking place shame on the principal, school board and those who elect them -OOOOHHH I FORGOT ELECTIONS ARE A POPULARITY CONTEST.

    • Former Eagle

      Joey, I attended Sandburg. At a school with 4,000 kids, just how many parents did you see behaving as you described? Even if it was 50 or 100, that’s a rather small percentage when you put it into perspective. Add in the two other large schools in the district (Andrew and Stagg), and you have a great deal of parents and accompanying personalities. I know you said you’ve worked in other districts, but were they as large?

      That being said, bullying absolutely occurs at Sandburg. I can’t comment on how it compares to other high schools as I only attended Sandburg, but the amount doesn’t really matter. I hope Kathleen is able to move passed her negative experiences and enjoy her college experience.

    • Sonia S.


      I am sure that Joey was just giving his opinion based on his personal experience. His comment was not directed at you in particular or your parents. Your being so defensive makes me wonder why you felt the need to attack him and call him pathetic. I think that calling him pathetic makes you either quite young or incredibly immature.

  • Roberta Waker

    Good for them. It seems the only way to stop bullying is to sue everyone involved. I know many schools where teachers look the other way and even when complaints are filed by parents of the victims nothing is done. This is a serious problem, folks, and SOMETHING needs to be done to stop it BEFORE we read about more shootings at YOUR child’s school.

  • Mike

    The only way to make people listen is by hitting them where it hurts- the pocket book.

  • sally

    This is pathetic. Hopefuly D230 won’t waste our tax dollars and pay this family undeserved money. Why so many schools for all you kids. There is a pattern…and it sounds like this is a case of parents thinking that their kids are better than others and deserve more. Maybe the parents shouldn’t get so involved with their kids lives, and they just might be okay. This suit is exactly what is wrong with our society…if you want to get rich quick work for it!

    • Karen

      sally, you sound like a bully yourself. As a parent, i can only pray our children never end up in the same high school. Bullies raise bullies.

      • lisa

        grow up^ i agree with you sally

      • sally

        No Karen, not at all, I have an opinion. We will see what happens in the end of this.

    • Michelle

      sally, I agree with Karen, you do sound like a bullie yourself. Good for this family to stand up to do something. Otherwise, the situation at this school only get worse. And the bullies won’t even realize what they have done is wrong.

      • Sandburg Grad

        The school has a bully prevention system in place. They are already doing their part in this. To file a lawsuit against the District and the Coach is absolutely ridiculous. If there is actually a problem here, it should be filed on an individual case basis, like… I dunno, the people who ACTUALLY bullied her??

    • Tony

      I have a couple questions. My first question woudl be this, when the parents went to talk to the coach what did he say? My second question is this, when they spoke with administration what did they say? Why must it be a lawsuit? Why couldnt’ this have been resolved before any of this? If the superintendent didn’t step in and mediate this situation then I would understand a lawsuit or a request of interdistrict transfer…see, the reality is when you are at a high school there are about a dozen interventions that could happen. I’m not condoning a coach’s blantent disregard for harrassment, but at times it’s hard to identify kids having fun and sometimes bullying I know that sounds crazy, but when you step in and make them stop…well, then the district is doing too much. There is a fine line, and the only person who can identify that is the student and her parents. If they went through all the channels to rectify this situation I would justify the lawsuit…if not, well they’re just looking for money. That’s my concern.

      • Tim

        Tony, I know the family. They talked to everyone (dean, principal, superintendent), they have hardcore evidence of neglect in the situation on the count of District 230. Any of you who think you know the situation and are judging this girl and her family for what they are doing, should shut up.

  • madashell

    Witnesses? those are called snitches and death with. Teachers are like politicians they feed off the public trough. The feel entitled. They cry they have a difficult job, All holidays off, summers off. Had career counselors told me I would have a pension for life when I was in college I would have would have worked doubly hard to put my self through school with a double major in teaching for that life time pension. Most teachers become teachers because they thrive in that environment. They become an extension of the hierarchal system – popularity group and exclude people they don’t like. @ sally I have heard teachers and those alike when volunteering in the schools for field trips telling chaperones to let “them” (children) work it out themselves. So even the teachers won’t intervene and tell others to do so. Despite the fact property damage took place. ALL CHILDREN DESERVE MORE!!!!!!!!

    • katie

      NEGLECT MY ASS she was on a varsity sport was a whiner welcome to the WORLD not everyone is nice and is going to wipe your ass with flower petals. It is called building a stamina and becoming an adult. You will always encounter bullies in the workplace and in future endeavors in life. This is so ridiculous what an outrage.

  • Martin Van Nostrand

    Wait a minute, wait a minute. There’s way more to this story than what’s written here. There are two red flags here: one, the fact that this involves a “star” on a basketball team. It’s not easy to earn a spot on a HS varsity basketball team (rosters are small) and it’s even tougher at a competitive school like Sandburg. This girl obviously had something positive going for her and to be “bullied” as a member of a varsity athletic team is somewhat far-fetched. Two, the fact that it happened to her sister, too, is cause for pause. For the same thing to have allegedly happend to sisters is pretty hard to fathom. I’m not suggesting they were at fault, but I have a feeling there’s more here than simply two girls being “bullied”. Probably a shade irresponsible to publish this story with so many unanswered questions.

    • Liza

      And why the lawsuit now?

    • sally

      Exactly…and it is also reported that her sister is on her second high school too?

      • Katrena

        Try reading Her Sister is IN COLLEGE the Girl that was being bullied is on her second High School. Some kids are mean and thrive on making some people miserable. What kills me is when people like you excuse bullying but are the first to cry foul if your child or someone you know is in a school where a child that was bullied shows up with a gun and you say WHYYYY OOOHHH WHY DIDN’T THE SCHOOL DO SOMETHING TO PREVENT THIS???? Get a Clue!!!

  • Rrrrandy

    Woah…she was pushed while playing a sport?!
    This sounds super serious and sincere!

    • Liza

      So this “star” becomes injured and needs surgery…Hmmmm, a teenager not being able to play a sport she enjoys and becomes depressed? How about that spin on it?

      Also, “she was diagnosed by a counselor”? Did the parents seek any diagnosis from a professional who diagnoses full time?

  • Sandburg Grad

    Are you kidding me? A $500,000 bullying lawsuit? Against a coach? Does anyone else think this is a little ridiculous? I had Coach Hellrung as a teacher for several years at Sandburg and he is not the kind to allow bullying in his classroom let alone on his sports team- in fact I’ve seen him stop it from happening.

    I went to Sandburg for 4 years and to me, this sounds exactly like parents trying to make a buck or two off of absolutely nonsensical notions. Oh your daughter got bullied in high school? Join the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of other children throughout the United States.

    Oh, you have the money to move your daughter in the middle of the school year halfway across the country instead of halfway across the state? These parents obviously want the best for their “little girl”. God strike down the person that ever says anything that hurts her feelings!

    • ..

      They didnt move her in the middle of the school year she transferred at the beginning of this school year.

      • Sandburg Grad

        I think you missed the entire point of my comment.

  • really

    honestly i doubt any of you attended carl sandburg high school and i doubt any of you knew this girl personally. I knew both of these girls personally and I even graduated with one. These two girls always had a smile on their faces and you would never guess anything was wrong with them. When I found out that kathleen was transferring i was shocked but now to find out why i completely understand. The girls especially on the basketball team at sandburg were vicious. Both of these girls had plenty of friends especially kathleen and both were strong willed girls that would speak their minds. For someone to have been able to have done that much damage to those girls it had to have been serious. Im glad there doing what they are doing. That school teaches about bullies all the time and yet I saw it every single day when I attended that school.
    There was probably many witnesses and ive seen how cruel those girls can be first hand. So all of you who think you know what your talking about honestly wait till you get those UNANSWERED QUESTIONS answered before you talk because you are honestly belittling and being bullies yourself talking about this family like you know them.

    • katie

      UMMMM who are you to say you “doubt” none of these people went to sandburg?? Who are you? I DID GO TO SANDBURG and the only reason i feel bad for this girl is because her psychotic mother got her to believe this and put her on meds for PTS over nothing. She just wants money and attention. This is honestly the biggest joke i have heard in a long while.

      • really

        i was saying the people above who were saying thing probably didnt witness what was going on first hand and probably didnt attend sandburg wasnt saying that no one went there because like i just said I DID GO TO SANDBURG as well. And you know she wants money and attention because youve talked to her and were friends with her right? Many people handle things in different ways if she went to see someone and thats what they decided to do then good for them. People are bullied every day there and nothing was ever done about it im glad someone finally is doing something about it

      • katie

        matt this is not about grammar i am not interested in spell checking and editing a reply to a post so get over yourself. Just another loser who can’t think of anything else to say so resorts tothe bad grammar dig as a comeback. also, did i ever once glorify sandburg??? Or say anything about the type of school it is?? You can’t get sued for writing a blog you uneducated moron. It is called freedom of speech. I am not writing anything to ruin her character. I am a lawyer so case and point you have no clue what you are talking about. Kind of hard to be involved in a case when i have been graduated for almost 8 years. If i could speak with that girl and her mother i would let them know it is people like them that cripple our justice system. Also, a sibling of mine was friends with this girl…seems to me she had a number of friends. PTS is not a diagnosis to toss around. It occurs after extreme amounts of trauma. Using adjectives such as “saddened” are not even nearly depression related. This Dr. is a quack and should have his license revoked.

      • Matt

        Congratulations Katie, we are all now aware that you went to the mediocre at best school that was modeled after the joliet state penetentary (fitting, right?). It is good to know that you are a sympathetic person because it’s about time you start feeling bad for yourself over the lack of grammar that your magnificent high school should have taught you. In the real world, Katie, nobody will ever feel sorry for pathetic life and education. Your hypothetical theories, (The Magnificent High School taught you what this means, right?) like yourself, clearly lack any substance whatsoever. Your ignorance is pathetic yet amusing. Perhaps it was you involved in this case Katie….. Maybe when the letter comes from their attorneys and you are subpoenaed to court or you too are sued for your participation you won’t find as funny as you do right now. The family of this girl will have the last laugh.

      • Kathy

        I love how Katie says “I’m a lawyer”- so you graduated in the class of 04 or 05. Assuming you went on the traditional path of education, this means this is your first year as at attorney (assuming that you actually are on but to Matt’s point- your grammar does not resemble that of an attorney). People who practice law by the way do not refer to themselves as lawyers but rather attorneys, I would know because I am one. As the attorney you claim to be, you should know that the plaintiff in a matter such as this would never show the defendant all of their cards until it gets to court where the defendant is legally entitled to such information. I believe Matt’s point was to say that you were so emotional with your first comment on the mother and the girl involved that it sounded like you know them. I believe Matt was implying that you were one of the bullies at this high school and frankly, it seems like you are. Everything about your grammar and language speaks high school girl, not a college and law school educated professional. Please do not waste our time on this site with lies. Your existence really is pathetic.

    • katie

      KATHY your a moron. that is all. no capital letters for you. you don’t practice law you practice ignorance and stupidity.

      • Kathy

        Katie, you’re 17 years old. You have no foundation to argue with anyone.

  • anon

    I’m not surprised this happened at Sandburg. I went there and I’m sure this went on. I had a similar experience at one of them jr highs in Orland Park where I was bullied in front of teachers and they did nothing to stop it. Only one teacher actually did something about it and thats only when the bullying got physical. Obviously this coach cared more about his stupid basketball team instead of a student. I hated Sandburg and it sucks. Figures just because when they did the reconstruction lots of money was wasted too. more tax payer money going down the drain because of the school not working efficiently.

    • John

      Just because you had a bad time at the school, doesn’t mean everyone else did. School is what YOU make it. I played sports at the school, and yes there was teasing, towards everyone, its part of sports. I was teased, but I didn’t care, so I had a great time, and loved the school and all who went there.



    • Sandburg Grad

      What a constructive comment! You have enlightened the entire community with your “wisdom”

  • Sandburg Alumn

    Sally you are an ignorant human being. The only thing that is pathetic in this situation is you. It sounds like you are the type of parent that either was a bully or raised bullies. You do not know what this poor went through and it from the sound of it they have pretty good evidence against the school and the parties involved. Sandburg and District 230 has failed to respond to this situation- if it were as pathetic as you say, wouldn’t the school speak out to defend itself? You are a sick person to advocate bullying in school. Look at the news from yesterday, bullying goes on in every school and in different fashions. This poor girl had to go through countless days of persecution by other girls and on top of that was injured just days after the parents notified the coach about the possibility of the girl injuring her or her sister. Shame on you and the school. YOU are what is wrong with society.

    • sally

      Whatever, you don’t know anything about me. I’m sure all the people who are saying comments like yours are fake names coming from the same person. We will see what happens. And if there is proof than so be it. But like Tony said, if there was enough proof and it was brought to the district than she could have transfered to another school in D230. Than she wouldn’t be half way accross the country. You should take a good long look in the mirror at who is the bully here.

      • Tim

        Yeah because transferring schools in the same district will mean she won’t get bullied at the new place? You really are ignorant Sally, Everyone in tinley, orland and oak forest along with the entire south side are so interconnected that no matter where she moved, those same girls would have still made this poor girls’ life miserable. As mentioned before, that was the only school that accepted a senior transfer. Im sure the girl at that age didn’t want to move to connecticut to go to high school nor did the parents want to ship their daughter away at that age. Clearly District 230 was not compliant in this issue so that choice probably didn’t seem too appetizing. The parents did what was best for their daughter, they sent her to a great school and away from these awful people. You wouldn’t do the same for your daughter if she was in this situation? I question your parenting skills then SALLY.

      • kasey

        Sally, the fact that you keep refreshing this page to reply to every post says a lot….. would’t be surprised if you’re one of the bulliers or one of their parents who taught their children their ways.

  • Nan

    To the Mulvey, my sincerest prayers go out to you. As a parent of an assault victim at another school, I know that reading all of these statements are hard, but you know the facts and I pray that your beautiful daughter finds the justice that she deserves. We have been on your end for the past 2 years and we still have no justice. Our daughter’s report was also posted and we received similar “not so nice” posts from people also, until we released the video to CBS and they aired it, it was only then that we read how terrible people felt. What people fail to realize is, we come forward because this happens more often than people know and if JUST ONE student would stand up for the victim and say ENOUGH, then maybe we will start hearing more about those stories than these stories.

    God speed to the Mulvey family.

    • katie

      just like us you came up on some money because your just as pathetic

  • Karen

    Matt, i could not have said it better myself.

  • Tutu

    Money money money will make all the Bo oops go away

  • Tutu

    Money money money will makes all the boboos go away

  • cb

    I am sure that these concerned parents will donate the money received from this bold defense of their daughter to bring an anti-bullying program to the school.

  • Curious

    “We have to pursue it, so it doesn’t happen to anyone else again” ~ Why not start an awareness club? Is the family going to donate all the money they are taking from the tax payers back into the community in turn to help the situation? They talked to every person at the school and this has happened to them before??? hmmm… I completely sympathize with the situation HOWEVER suing the school is not the answer. People who decide to put a MONETARY value on their children, their future, or their injuries seem desperate to me.

    • SandburgRocks

      Agreed! Curious, you hit the nail right on the head

    • Tony

      I love the idea of starting a club or an awareness group that travels to schools educating students on bullying issues. Great point Curious. Bullying is such a catchphrase these days that many people need education on it. For example, like this alleged situation. It must be over a period of time. I often hear, “my kid is being bullied” when it sounds more like they got into a fight with another kid. But the problem is much more deep rooted, and for me I can’t help but wonder if we’re not doing enough to empower our kids at a young age to deal with things. I once read this article, and I don’t know if it necessarily fits here…but it’s one that raised a lot of eyebrows. It’s old (2004) but a good read if anyone is interested.

      I hope the family and the girl are doing well. The news of all this is probably adding to the young girl’s stress.

  • Organizer

    Good, sue the coaches and the school. Stupid bullying and mean girls should get a message to STOP. Bullies have no self esteem and the school needs to step it up to protect good kids and weed out the morons.

  • james christy

    If you or someone you know is dealing with Bullying, Self Injury or Thoughts of Suicide, There is HOPE. Take a few minutes and check out My Broken Palace . com . It’s an online community of others who’ve struggled with these same issues and are finding Hope & Strength Together. The Website offers Live Chat and Toll Free #’s that’ll connect you with real people that care and that’ll listen.
    MyBrokenPalace . com “No One Lonely Alone”

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  • SandburgRocks

    Lawsuits are destroying this country. If your unhappy, then sue. If you didn’t get your way, then sue. Woe is me, I’ll just sue. I am quite frankly disgusted by this lawsuit! Who do you think actually ends up paying for damages awarded in a lawsuit such as this? The citizens who had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the so-called bullying! Ridiculous.

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