West Suburban Police: Gangs Are Being Pushed Into Our Towns

CHICAGO (CBS) — West suburban police are complaining about what they call the toothpaste effect – gang members being squeezed out of Chicago and into their communities.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports, it was last year when police Supt. Garry McCarthy declared war on two Chicago gangs.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports

The Maniac Latin Disciples were targeted in June of last year, when a member of the gang opened fire in Avondale Park, in the 3500 block of West School Street, and wounded two young girls – Jocelyn Rodriguez, 7, and a 2-year-old girl.

The Spanish Cobras found themselves in the crosshairs after Chicago Police Officer Clifton Lewis was shot and killed in late December, during a robbery at a convenience store at Austin Boulevard and Division Street.

But now, the head of the West Suburban Directed Gang Enforcement task force in the western suburbs tells the Chicago Sun-Times that the communities in his area are now seeing more gang activity, because gangs are having so much difficulty operating in the city and don’t want to operate in rival gang territory in Chicago.

Riverside police Chief Tom Weitzel, head of the 10-suburb task force, tells the Sun-Times’ Frank Main that Chicago Police are “doing a really good job of pushing the crime west.”

Riverside has been grappling with juvenile gang members burglarizing homes, and there has been a spike in gang graffiti in Oak Park, River Forest and Forest Park, the Sun-Times reported.

Last year, the task force logged 105 felony arrests – more than double the number two years earlier – in the communities of Berwyn, Brookfield, Cicero, Elmwood Park, Forest Park, North Riverside, Oak Park, River Forrest, Riverside and Stickney, the Sun-Times reported.

  • don't want them either

    Round them all up and send them to Siberia..

  • montclareresident

    All for the yuppies. Push the trash further west to make room for the yuppies east. The result of this policy is to ruin middle-class inner-ring suburbs and nice communities on the city’s far northwest side. I wonder who is really a better value for the city- middle-class families on the far northwest side or transient young people? Which of the two stayed with the city when things were bad in the 1970’s and 1980’s?

    • Jose

      That’s nothing new. This has been going on for years. It’s sad but I blame the parents because they want to keep allowing these non-contributing diseases of society to dwell in the basements of whatever houses or buildings they own in Cicero and Berwyn instead of enlisting them to the military to go grow a pair and come back as men.

      • Lyndia

        Jose? Isn’t that a Mexican name? We all know that they have taken over all of Cicero and a good portion of Berwyn. Are you talking about your own people? Do you hate yourself that bad? Or are you a red neck honkey using a Mexican name?

  • g-man

    It is just terrible to hear about all these white people being forced out of the city by the police and committing all those crimes in the burbs !!!!!

    • No where to Hide

      Yeah,and where are they going run to next?

  • Where have you been???

    Gangs have been recruiting in the suburbs for some time. You have a whole lot of gang banger wannabes. There have always been a stream of kids from the burbs coming into the City to buy drugs or hang out. Parents, open your eyes wide!! Don’t look the other way or make excuses for what you see in your children. Do something about it!! If they think that they can do what they want by the age of 18, kick them out before they kick you out!!

    • Lyndia

      Where have you been?? You are telling them right but they won’t listen or see what is going on in their homes, right up under their very nose!!! You are right about another thing. By the age of 18, they are GROWN. If they are not in school or working, and they want to tell YOU what to do IN YOUR HOUSE, KICK THEIR AZZ OUT.

  • Jim

    Just sue Chicago…it’s what they would do if this were vice versa.

  • juju

    Maybe these people can move to Iowa. I hear the population is only 3% non-white. Woo hoo!! Wagon train anyone?

  • Republican

    Come to Du page County I’m waiting for you

    • Lyndia

      My sister lives in Wheaton. Isn’t that Du Page County? However, she has a PH.D so I do not think she would be associating with you.

  • Money Talks, Laws Walk

    Know your neighbors! In the old days, the 60’s, 70’s 80’s, when we say a Canadian walking the streets or alleys, loitering or driving around and around we could call the police and the Canadian would be sent back to their hood or locked up. Now that we are stuck with these lowlifes in apartments and Section8 housing and free to wander where ever they please, it’s a little harder to define the bad from the worst. I see them, I watch them, then time and photo them, then call the police. 6 out of 10 times the nig-nog scoots out of the area quickly.
    I have noticed that the police in my neighborhood don’t sit much, they are always moving. This is good.

  • shannon

    FINALLY….NOW THESE cops have something to do other then GIVE BLKS SPEEDING TICKETS, AND sit in those cars eating dunkin donuts

  • Mr. Justice

    Its simple, put a bounty on every gang banger.
    That will work.

    • juju

      I’m sure your Justice League azz when collect on every bounty you can. You know you are too lazy, so please shut up. Thanks.

  • rez

    Typical Chicago style! Make a mess, then push it over to other people to make room for making more messes. No wonder America is quickly becoming a dump, while other countries are growing leaps and bounds above… Seems like the only things Americans are good at are making messes (at home and abroad), being less hard working, lazy, and self congratulatory. America is the toilet of the 1st world, if you can even consider it first world… and this article is just one of the countless examples. There’s nowhere for America to go but down now, the only question is how fast.

  • rez

    While American kids are busy competing over getting the new Nike shoes, Jeans, fake nails… Kids in other countries are competing over who gets their Masters degree, MD, MBA, CFA first… I’m sure in years to come, the word “American” will just be some diagnostic term for some mental illness…

  • Roberta Waker

    Once these gangs leave Chicago, they will encounter armed citizens who will be more than happy to send them to hell. We cannot allow them to take over our neighborhoods. The time to do something is NOW; not when they get control.

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