Coach Quits Baseball League Board In Wake Of N-Word Controversy

OAK LAWN, Ill. (CBS) — More backlash is heating up following the story about the former head of a youth baseball league in Oak Lawn who used a racial slur online recently.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports, John Kelly had first stepped down as president of the Westside Baseball League of Oak Lawn when it was made public that he used the N-word in a Facebook posting about Whitney Houston.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports

The SouthtownStar reported Kelly wrote, “I’m so sick of this dumb, stupid n****r Whitney Houston.”

Kelly never denied writing the post, but said he didn’t realize he had put it online. He posted the comment to his personal Facebook page, saying he was tired of hearing media coverage of Houston’s death, and resented the fact that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ordered flags flown at half-staff for her, the newspaper reported.

Kelly was initially just suspended by the baseball league and was banned from coaching for a year, but now, he has resigned from the league’s board.

He had stepped down as president of the board on Feb. 20, but planned to continue as a member, the SouthtownStar reported.

“Kelly tells the SouthtownStar he has been receiving death threats, and he doesn’t want to have to deal with that anymore. He told the newspaper that he was trying to volunteer to help kids at the baseball league, and “this is the (expletive) I have to go through.”

Kelly continues to insist he is not racist.

  • Gary Gnu

    This is a damn shame! I can’t believe people are going to hold something so petty over this guy’s head. This is as stupid as a bunch of whack jobs in Afghanistan making something out of nothing. I have absolutely no problem with the Nig word, personally. Some low life sent this guy death threats over this? Pathetic!!!

    • Jeremiah Wrong

      They call each other it, maybe he assumed it was a term of endearment.

      Oh wait free speech is only allowed for ignorant minorities by elitist liberal whites. This country is going down faster than Kim Kardashian on a basketball team.

      The coffers are being depleted by incompetent idiots. It ain’t gonna last much longer folks… just my $0.02

      • THEE Yard Ape

        @Jeremiah – BRAVO !!!!!



  • Spookiest spook

    it’s just a word. get over it.

  • Just Axin

    GG- It is a double standard. Blacks say it all the time and they just get a high five, not a death threat. Such is life in the world of PC and the constant need for blacks to surround themselves in chaos and drama.

  • Jose

    Still, he was a coach for a youth league and on Facebook. How did this guy not realize that someone could see what he was posting? Gary, you might not have a problem with that word but it’s still not acceptable to use it to refer to someone–especially when they are deceased. Death threats are a big stretch but I would force him to coach a league full of inner city kids from the westside to redeem himself, Mr. I’m not a racist.

  • c

    Freedom of speech is free, but sometimes it comes with consequences and repercussions. Go to the theater and yell fire or go on a plane and yell bomb and you’ll find out for yourself. Don’t make excuses for being a racist, just do you!

    • Alfred J. Deacons

      I would hardly consider yelling fire in a crouded theater similar to yelling NI&&ER! People need to get over it. You can call me a pastey white cracker all day and I will just laugh at you. It’s only words. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, well………

  • Jesse Sharpton

    So much for free speech. Negros call each other it all the time I heard when my son played high school ball and now in college ball.Then can call each other the N WORD all they want and not be offend but if there is a lawsuit involved or getting somebody fired or arrested then it offensive.

  • Al Jackson

    Whitney was no role model she’s was a dope addicted no reason to fly a flag at half staff for a crack head.

    • Pamala E.

      I don’t recall Whitney ever claiming role model status. However, this guy was working and coaching in a youth league so he was a huge influence in the lives of the children he had contact with. And he was just an idiot for posting something like that on Facebook and then trying to pretend he didn’t realize his fingers even typed the word. Ridiculous. What happened to him is exactly what should have happened.

  • N Dan

    It’s unacceptable! Plain and simple!!! Why is that so hard for you idiots to understand?? No one should say the word! By saying blacks say it all the time does not justify its use! He said it to demean and disrespect her! Have some compassion for her family that is left behind. How would you feel if someone said something so derogatory about a loved one that has passed on!! He is supposed to be an example for the youth. He should KNOW BETTER, even if he felt that way, to NOT post something on FACEBOOK!! He’s the dumb, stupid one!! And they should have fired him for his poor judgment!!



    • Harifaque Morgan

      This has nothing to do with Houston. It’s all about the word itself. The woman who started all of this should feel ashamed for trashing this poor guy!

    • Pamala E.


  • Jermain Williams

    Watch the movie,’Menace to Society’ (A very good depiction of the young black man in the city at the time) and see if you can count the amount of times NI&&ER is used! You will be amazed!

  • Percy

    Here is the question. Would you parents who are defending this coach want a Black coach heading up with your kids baseball team after he posted on facebook, Im sick of hearing about the return of this dumb stupid white trash H@nky Adele? I don’t think you would. Bottom line is no one should be using the word black or white, and you would expect a coach of a youth program to express that. Yall keep saying get over it!! but look at the statements above, You used terms like Nergos? “I would hardly consider yelling fire in a crowded theater similar to yelling NI&&ER!” you are right yell the N word is worst. If it walks like a racist and quacks like a racist, wel…We should be ashamed for trashing this poor man?..Jermain should I name every white ganster or cowboy movie that portrays violence? what would that depict? Everytime we try to get over it, you all painfully remind us how far we have to go by you dumb and ignorant commits. This is not white and black, this is poor judgement coaching our kids. Thanks but no thanks. Good luck in your future endeavours coach.

    • Torrence Robinson

      Stupid NI&&ER!!!

  • Army Vet,VN

    Houston was a junkie and loser,she was portrayed and glorified as winner,but thats how the left thinks.HYPOCRITS

    • Pamala E.

      No, we realize that its ok to praise her for her incredible voice and talent despite her addictions.

  • Mother of five

    Percy is correct. The glaring problem here is that this man is coaching your children. The fact that he uses this most offensive of racial slurs on his facebook page is a good indicator of the way he acts in both his public and private life. This of course will be conveyed to the young people he coaches and interacts with. If someone on his team misbehaves, does he refer to these 10 year old hispanic kids or african american kids or polish kids or asian kids by deragatory slurs ? If we truly desire a just and equal society, then adults must stop excusing and accepting this kind of behavior. We all have certain prejudices, the challenge for every human being is to fight these prejudices in our daily life by learning about those that we may fear or despise without basis. Call Whitney Huston’s behavior as you may see it, but don’t in any way attribute her behavior to her race…..because make no mistake, the use of that word certainly does show that you consider her behavior to be rooted in the fact that she was a dumb, stupid BLACK person…not just a dumb stupid PERSON. Why else would you even use the word in that sentence? Please, use this incident as a jumping off point to show your children the subtle discrimination that goes on all around them, and strive for good judgement and tolerance so that we do not perpetuate disdain for those who may not look the same as we do, although they live the same lives and have the same dreams as we do.

    • Dr. Dre

      Mother of Five I believe you nailed it! Well said! The biggest problem is his “wording” and the fact that he is in a position to be an example to young children! This is not behavior to show young child…period.
      This isn’t about being PC, this is called respect for others……DUH! Or maybe some of the morons who posted comments earlier need to be reacquainted with respect probably. One poster commented earlier, “It’s just a word, get over it”! That is exactly the problem. Also, the fact that African-Americans use the word with each other and someone thinks they can’t needs to understand a few things about respect for other’s cultures and races.
      This is the struggle that many African-Americans have dealt with for decades. Without giving a history lesson, the n-word speaks to the attitude of almost an entire country at one time in American history. The word for many of us conjures thoughts of Jim Crow, lynchings, and separate but not equal treatment.
      You may not like what I’m saying now, and you don’t have to like it, but just RESPECT it! When people don’t show others respect is when usually a h*ll breaks lose. If I was to walk up to an Italian-American and greet him as How is it going you freakin’ d*go!” , that would be totally disrespectful. I don’t care if all his Italian-Americans use it amoungst themselves, that is their right and priviledge that I would not infringe upon.
      And lastly, I thing sometimes as African-Americans we give that one single word way too much power. I think that word when uttered in a group of people of many races sundenly can make a room deathly silent. It’s a shame that in 2012 we still struggle with the topic of race and culture in what is the best country in the world.

  • Spookiest spook

    Well maybe if the father’s of today’s youth would,…..oops didn’t mean to use the F word. My bad.

  • c

    Sorry Alfred, I’d rather not call you anything but Alfred. “Pasty white cracker”, does not have the same historical oppression associated with it. Don’t make any excuses, be a racist…it is your right! Most people wouldn’t want this “poor man” coaching their children. He’s a jerk, plain and simple.

  • billyderwfirecrew

    such b.s. i have heard so called african american’s call white people every thing in the book from honky, whitey, white trash but black people cannot be predjuce, well he could have called them tar babbies instead of the n word.

    • Pamala E.

      I’m sure many people use racial slurs privately, This guy, however, didn’t have the sense to keep his very private opinion private. He chose to post it on an open forum, Facebook. Then he lied about it. And of course the biggest factor in his demise is the fact that he was coaching children. Make no mistake this guy is a racist, he deserves what he got and I would never allow my children to have contact with such a person, Black or White.

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