City Seeks Bomb-Proof Garbage Cans For NATO/G8 Summit

CHICAGO (CBS) — Ahead of the NATO/G8 summits in May, the City of Chicago is reportedly looking to buy bomb-resistant trash cans.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports, back in September 2010, would-be terrorist Sami Samir Hassoun placed what he thought was a bomb in a garbage can near Wrigley Field.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports

In New York City, police remove downtown trash cans as a matter of routine, to prevent them from becoming bomb bins.

Now, the Chicago Sun-Times reports the City of Chicago is asking contractors for bids on more than 50 bomb-resistant trash cans.

The Office of Emergency Management and Communications specifies that the cans would have to be capable of withstanding the explosive force of 6 pounds of pure TNT, the Sun-Times reported.

A mayoral aide tells the Sun-Times the new trash containers would be placed in what she calls “high-risk areas.”

But deputy mayoral press secretary Jennifer Hoyle tells the newspaper that the purchase is a “replacement contract,” and that the city already has bomb-proof garbage cans.

A year ago, since-retired Mayor Richard M. Daley awarded a $2.5 million contract to the firm Big Belly Solar, the Sun-Times recalled. The city then replaced many of the black metal outdoor wastebaskets that had been found on city streets with solar-powered trash compactors.

The summits will be held at McCormick Place from May 19 to May 21.

  • Zatso

    London did away with G-cans and they are back on the streets. Do you really think that G-cans, at great costs, will deter someone with intent?

    Common sense you money waster mayor!


  • E M R L

    The city has all kinds of money for the politicans summits to make them selfs look good, BUT CAN’T AND WON’T PAY THE TEACHERS THEIR CONTRACTRAL RAISE OR THEIR OBLIGATION INTO THE CITYS PENSION FUNDS. The reporters will never report that on FEAR of making thr Rahminator mad!

  • Charlie Chang

    I love this city but i can’t stand the idiots that run it. I will be amusing to watch these protesters go nuts on our wonderful city. It will make Rahm Emoron look bad, i hope this destroys the Chicago’s trust and view on this idiot mayor.

  • Waste of time and money!

    Why can’t they just have it SOMEWHERE ELSE? When the mayor has to stoop to all sorts of dirty tricks (speed cameras for “safety”…..REALLY?) to get everybody lined up to pay, this city can’t afford it. It’s like when Daley wanted the olympics SO bad…………. I didn’t want to pay for the Olympics and I don’t want to pay for the Garbage 8 mess either!

  • BIG waste of money!

    I mean really! What do you do with a bomb-proof garbage can after the party is over? Do we get to return them to the manufacturer and get our money back? Or do they go in the alley behind the mayor’s house?

  • Silver

    The City has told us this will be a wonderful event for everyone. Promote tourism for our world class city. Safe. Safe. Safe. I guess not!

  • tom sharp

    No problem: I’m sure someone in the Daley, Burke, Madigan, Jackson family or friends there of have plenty of these. All Rahm needs to do is give them a no bid contract and we’re done!

  • tittiger

    Exploding fuk”ing trash cans are soooo common that I can really agree the city needs to steal this money from the already overtaxed citizens…..

    When the hell are you sheep going to say no?

  • tittiger


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