ESPN Uses Another Racial Headline

(WSCR) Less than two weeks after ESPN posted a racial headline referring to Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin, the network is at it again.

In the hours following the Steelers’ release of wide receiver Hines Ward, the network published a story to its website with the headline “No Happy Endings.”

The headline may seem innocent enough, but when Ward’s part-Asian background is revealed, the headline takes on a different meaning. Ward was born in South Korea and his mother is also Korean.

Check out a screen shot below.

528513688 ESPN Uses Another Racial Headline

Photo credit: @Darch's Twitter Account

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  • Me

    I’m confused. What does being half-asian have to do with ‘No Happy Endings’ being a racial insult\slur?

  • JenInChicago

    Dear lord…..At this rate, no one can write/say anything without someone interpreting it any way they want to spin it into something very different than its original intent.

  • Gerald

    At an Asian massage parlor, a happy ending is the slang term for, well, exactly what you think it might mean.

  • Me

    Not just Asian massage parlors…I know a couple non-Asian ones out here in the western burbs that offer ‘Happy Endings’, multiple ways too.

    • Jose

      …I’m intrigued. I’ve had this bad knot in my…neck. Um…what’s that number?

  • George

    OK, the LIN one was bad, but this one? I think it is a stretch to say that this is a racial insult. So I guess every Disney movie is about Asian massage parlors if you use that ‘logic’.

    • Denver Deadite

      IF ONLY Disney movies were about Asian massage parlors…

  • Spookiest spook

    I’m looking for an amasian Happy Ending. Maybe in a ‘Happy Meal’ Know what I mean?

  • Mike

    CBS is ridiculous.

  • bob

    Happy Ending = post massage hand job

    • Jose

      Thanks for clearing that up. I was confused. I thought it meant that your session was free. Silly me.

  • joeyjojojuniorshabbadoo

    they have a picture of him wearing yellow pants. YELLOW? PANTS? dont they know he is asian! This is getting silly

  • Dan Rakow


  • Dee

    That is a stretch!!! If someone wants to they can turn and headline around obviously

  • Asian Man

    would it better if we called white people roundeye?

    • Me

      At least ‘Round Eye’ is an obvious slur. I seem to recall the same headline used for other retiring or traded or forced into retire pro athletes. Nothing was said then….because its not a slur unless some nit-picker has their panties in a twist.

    • Mark Wells

      They can call white people whatever they like. Honky, Cracker, whatever. They can say Lin is “Half White, Half Alright”. I could care less, I think that’s a funny saying anyway.

  • Regie Dunlop's Leisure Suit

    You’ve got to be kidding me. CBS you’re ridiculous!

  • Mike

    I think the real racists here are those that think “happy ending” is a racial slur!

  • JenInChicago

    I agree, Mike.

  • fred

    the only way to stop this nonsense is to put an iron pipe upside the skulls of the “offended” when they snivel too much

  • Mark Wells

    Are you kidding me? The first one wasn’t even that bad. It certainly wasn’t intentional. There is no way the writer meant “Happy Endings” in escort parlance, give me a break. In fact, it’s evidence the writer wasn’t even familiar with the term.

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