Miami Radio Host: Rose Most ‘Fraudulent MVP We’ve Ever Seen’

(WSCR) As if the Bulls-Heat rivalry needed any more animosity, one Miami Radio host just threw some fuel on the fire.

During a broadcast of The Dan LeBatard Show on 790 The Ticket in Miami, co-host and executive producer Marc Hochman had some words for Bulls All Star and reigning MVP Derrick Rose in light of Rose’s comments about the dancing from LeBron James during the All Star game introductions.

“He’s the most fraudulent MVP that we have ever seen,” Hochman said.

Hackman’s comments were sparked by criticism directed at Rose from co-host Jon ‘Stugotz’ Weiner.

“Here’s the really annoying thing,” Weiner said. “You don’t want to dance? You don’t want to smile? That’s fine. That’s your prerogative. But don’t call out LeBron and Dwight (Howard) for doing so. Who the hell is Derrick Rose?”

LISTEN: Jon ‘Stugotz’ Weiner on The Mully and Hanley Show’

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Weiner joined The Mully and Hanley Show this morning to discuss the comments made on his radio show.

“It was an All Star game,” Weiner said. “It was an exhibition. I understand Derrick Rose is super serious, never going to smile, ‘There’s a time and a place.’ You know what? If there was ever a time and a place to smile, acknowledge the fans and give a little wave to the millions of people who voted to see you in that game, that’s the time, in my opinion.”

The Score’s host Mike Mulligan then brought up a Michael Jordan comparison.

“Did you see Michael Jordan smiling?” Mully said. “He beat the crap out of you and then sent you home naked and wanting. That’s what Derrick Rose does. He’s an assassin. He’s not out there joking around and dancing. He’s hitting shots at the end of games.”

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  • Dark Helmet

    Two words: Steve Nash. That’s it, phone call ovah!

    • wfi

      “Miami Radio Host: Rose Most ‘Fraudulent MVP We’ve Ever Seen’”

      when i saw the title of this article i thought it was about ryan braun.

  • Andrew

    Miami Host is just trying to get his ratings up… D Rose just wins…if that isn’t a good thing than what is.

    • Steve

      Ummm he lost in the East Finaks when Lebron shut him down.

      • Andrew

        So, is Lebron Fraudulent due to losing to Dirk?

      • droseisthebusiness

        then lebron lost to the mavs.

      • gerard

        ummm in the finals he shut his self down. lbj is a clown and will never win a championship. cant handle pressure

      • beck

        way to go steve love the comment

  • Lob

    Damn straight Mully!

  • tom sharp

    Miami is right–the whole All Star game is a fraud and a circus. Rose should just shut up if he doesn’t want to dance. Mully should ask why anyone watches that farce.

    • Jai

      Derrick Rose never criticized the dancing of his fellow all-star teammates, he just said that dancing wasn’t his thing. And I don’t understand how you call a guy fraudulent who lead his team night in and night out all season and in the playoffs. That’s just absurd on this radio show hosts part!! Furthermore all the talk about Lebron shutting Rose down is preposterous, Lebron can’t stop Rose alone and it helps that he has other stars on his team too.

      • Steve Ortiz

        From the moment D Rose asked the question “Why can’t I be MVP” the media ran with that and started the DROSE for MVP. As good as DRose was last season his team was very good defensively and was actually better defensively with DRose on the bench. DRose shoots way too much to be considered a point guard and his numbers did not hold up against other players who were in the MVP race. Whenever you want to dismiss stats from an MVP race it stops becoming an MVP race and more of the People’s choice award. DRose won player of the month last year in a month where he didn’t even win player of the week. Call him a leader all you want but you couldn’t have called him MVP in my opinion. Fraudulent is a strong word to use on a player, but the same way people felt about Nash winning the MVP award over Shaw is the same way I felt about Rose winning MVP over Lebron. Lebron is in Rose’s head after last years ECF and I don’t think Rose will recover from it.

    • Key Teacher

      You’re an idiot. He spoke when asked. He felt it wasn’t the ‘time or place’ for him. He didn’t call anyone out and anyone who thinks he did is just as big an idiot as you are.

      • JJ

        Love this. DRose is all about winning and nothing else. Im going to laugh if the bulls win a title before LBJ

      • COOKIE 56


      • Pat

        Good point Key Teacher. Top Sharp is not so sharp.

  • Curt

    Hackman. The name says it all really doesn’t it? Another unqualified thinker, let alone commentator. Any fan of the Heat, or any player or coach on the Heat wishes LeBron has even 10% of DRose’s determination. If he did they would have easily won the title last season.

    • Steve

      LeBron was plenty determined when he shut down Rose every time he guarded him. Won in 5 cause of Lebron.

      • Mustafa

        No they won in 5 because they were the better team.

        As for the dancing, you think Bird and Magic were dancing together? D-Rose, despite being a child of the McDonald’s All American generation of ball players, has respect for the game. He knows the competition is the entertainment. Brats like LBJ and Howard have no respect for competition. They run around forcing trades and teaming up with their all-star buddies, goofing off along the way.
        D-Rose knows who he doesn’t want to be associated with.

      • Zach

        Then the Heat lost in 5 in the finals…”cause of Lebron”.

      • Ray

        Yea, they lost in the finals (in 6) while all the Bulls players were at home with a thumb up their butt recovering from getting worked by the Heat

      • Dee B

        6’3 200lbs point guard being guarded by a 6’8 270+ small forward,hmm…. It took lebron to stop him. wade or anybody else can’t stop him. Now with the addition of Hamilton and Deng playing like a star, the heat will have a very tough time winning against the REIGNING MVP and DA BULLS!!

    • Ray

      He isn’t a commentator… he’s a radio show producer. Rose was real determined not to have a good time at the ASG, glad Lebron and Dwight were determined to have fun and THANK THE FANS THAT VOTED THEM IN WITH A GOOD SHOW

      • Johnn

        Just because Rose didn’t make a fool of himself and dance does not for one second mean that he’s not appreciative of his fans. Derrick Rose is and always will be one of the most appreciative (and humble) players in the NBA. Lebron is there to be a show off.. the guy wouldn’t know what the word teamwork means if it hit him square in the face. He sure as hell knows what the word selfish means though, that’s for sure. Unlike Lebron, Rose plays the game for the love of it, NOT the money. And to your whole “the Bulls players were at home with a thumb up their butt” comment is probably one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve ever heard seeing as the Chicago Bulls are probably the number one team in the NBA that actually plays AS A TEAM and not just full of selfish, greedy players.

      • Mikey

        If and when your mom ever lets you take off your power ranger jammies and go out side, call me and i will give you 10 bucks. Then you can go to the dollar store and buy yourself 10 clues, because you need a few. Explain to all how dancing like a moron shows you appreciate the fans

      • Exodus

        If Lebron really want to thank the fans why don’t he compete in the slam dunk competition because he is a phony who only cares about himself.Rose is true and respectful to his teammates that’s why he would never throw any of his teammates under the bus.

    • Jai

      I agree with you Curt! People can say what they want, but the fact of the matter is Drose played on a MVP level throughout last season. If Lebron sits out games the Heat can still win, the Bulls on the other hand can’t afford the same luxury. The Bulls needed Derrick Rose to play stellar during both the regular and last year’s playoffs. The reality is Lebron was able to guard Derrick Rose because he had defensive help to back him up if Rose blew by him like he always did while he played for the Cavs. And as good as the Heat are Rose still got respectable numbers and made many spectacular plays. Lebron is not a “Clutch” player if Derrick Rose had Dwade playin with him he would have won a title last year. Hell even Bosh would be enough for Rose to win a title!

  • Johnny B

    D Rose just wins – unless its against Miami with Lebron guarding him in the playoffs.

  • Dan Rakow

    I am NOT bothered by South Florida Fans let them be negative about Chicago Bulls and Derrick Rose and I do not care if the Miami Heat remain in Circus like Atmosphere.
    I am blessed and thankful that the Bulls did not get Lebron James because I did not want to see Cleveland Fans throw objects at him plus Cleveland Fans have already had a lot of Nightmares with the Bulls back when Michael Jordan was playing.

  • kev in skokie

    Why would a radio host from Miami hate on Derrick Rose? You’d think he’d just be happy with that Championship they won last year- Oh, that’s right! Nowitzki put cold water on that… I see why your bitter now.

  • mike

    Who the hell is LeBron? What has he won?

  • Pete

    Derrick Rose just makes shots…. Uh unless it’s free throws at the end of a game.
    Heat 5-0 against the bulls their last 5 games.
    To the Bulls fans who say their glad Lebron isn’t on their team are LYING!!!!!!!

    • John

      Polish up that grammar before trying to make a point. I’m not lying when I say I’m glad no ring james isn’t with the Bulls, I never liked him in my life, never have, never will.

    • bbech

      No, I want a guy who want the ball at the end of the game on my team. That would be the exact opposite of Lebron.

      • fart monster

        You mean like at the end of Game Five against the Bulls in the ECF when he killed you guys?

      • bbech


  • Lebbits

    Why should he smile? He can smile all he wants when the Heat knock them out of the playoffs this year.

  • David

    Rose hits shots? Lol. Right.

    Rose just WINS? Lol . Right.

    At least LeBron’s been to the Finals – TWICE. For all the seriousness Rose embodies, he sure doesn’t much accomplished. I’d rather laugh and dance like Bron and win multiple MVPs, All Star MVP, and been to the Finals twice.

    • making the finals is not winning

      David, you should watch what you say cause Rose just started, he’ll most likely get MANY more trips to the finals as your glorified Lebron. Lets HOPE and cross our fingers that lebron can win one before his retirement.

      • Morgan

        Good point. Rose is only in his 4th year in the NBA; he’s got plenty of time to make it to the finals.

        And can we just look at the Bulls BEFORE DRose was drafted? And look where they’re at now. Just sayin….

    • TB

      Labron plays along side 2 other all stars you idiot…He sure carried that Cavs franchise to the promise land!

    • Jake

      Getting to the finals means nothing if you don’t win. Also, Rose is the youngest player to ever get MVP of the league… pretty sure that’s a bigger accomplishment then getting to the finals, and losing. And being MVP has nothing to do with how many shots Rose takes and/or makes.. it’s most valuable player.. not who can score the most points. I’d rather have an MVP who knows how to win games as a team then a MVP who is a ball hog and only plays for himself

      • Jai

        I agree Jake!!

    • Jai

      Lebron just won those MVP’s over the course of the last three years. He didn’t make it to the m=finals right away either. Derrick Rose will accomplish plenty in time.

    • Victor Locke

      Okay, that’s fine. You can go and laugh and dance and win MVP’s and All Star MVP, and go to the finals, AND LOSE…TWICE. The ridiculousness of this debate is staggering. The fact that D-Rose is serious does not and will not take away that he was a legitimate MVP last year and could be this year. We’ve seen Derrick get better at long range jumpers and decision making during the game and has even gotten better in the clutch. All we know about Lebron is that he can dance and loves to pass off potential game-winning shots. So you can take the awards that pale in comparison to the big NBA trophy because he was a All Star MVP. I’d rather have the guy that actually works harder to get better and turn heads with his game and not with his dance moves.

    • Denver Deadite

      “At least LeBron’s been to the Finals – TWICE.”

      Ahh, so the only thing LeBron is good at then is failing when it matters most.

      • Victor Locke

        Deadite, as much as we have fought in previous comments, I couldn’t agree with you more on this one. Lebron james has yet to deliver when it matters most. The worst part of it is…HE DOESN’T TRY! How many times do we need to see Lebron disappear during the 4th quarter of a big game before people understand that Lebron is not the greatest player that ever played like so many say he is?

  • jamaal

    lebron james is afraid of failure. derrick rose refuses to fail. cant wait till the playoffs this year

    • Steve

      He’s never won! How does her refuse to fail? Lebron shut him out in the playoffs.

      • Ameer

        Lebron shut him out? The point differently was so close Lebron had to take a deep breath of relief before he left Chicago. Chicago added another scorer this year and Miami has no credibility or right to talk. They got shut up by the “old” and “weak” Mavericks who they underestimated. So much for 9 championships.

  • Just me

    DERRICK ROSE is DERRICK ROSE!!! He is there to play ball not dance!! and you know what he is damn good at playing ball!!

  • Rose is the Real Deal

    Some people can’t let a guy just be himself.

  • Hollaback Atcha

    Baby Huey has nothing on DRose, except two other superstar friends that do nothing but mask his inadequacies.

  • MIAMI HEAT #01

    HA HA Bulls fans are hilarious. Still talking about Michael Jordan? Seriously? The 90s is two decades ago.

    Second, how can Bulls fans diss the Heat? After Game 1 you guys thought you were heading to the FInals. Then Wade and Lebron lit a fire. LOS MATADORS. Get some Bulls.

    • KASSY

      Excuse me but We dont hate THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :)

    • solemn faced sullen bloke

      Dis not diss.

    • Morgan

      Wouldn’t you talk too if you had one of the greatest players in the history of basketball? Can you blame us for being proud?

  • Johnny B

    I cant wait….3 years from now when Rose still has not been to the Finals.. everyone will say “trade him”.

    When a small guard is your only star… its hard to win titles, looking at things from a historical perspective.

    • KASSY

      he isn’t going anywhere he’s staying in his city for you info

  • solemn faced sullen bloke

    Even if LeBron wins the Finals he had to do it with a top 3-4 player in Wade and one of the best PFs in the league in Bosh. He’ll hardly do it on his own.

  • ryan

    Oh look another ignorant Miami fan..
    Never seen that before.

  • Denver Deadite

    I’m just wondering what these poor saps in Miami are going to do if LeBron doesn’t win and does return to Cleveland.

    I’d bet on villainizing him.

    • Steve Ortiz

      We will just get back to enjoying the beautiful weather and lovely beaches.

      • david

        …and the highest aids rate of any city in the u.s..

  • MIAMI HEAT #01

    You won’t have to wonder this July cause it will be won. Hey Jordan had Pippen, both Top 50 all time, plus a great coach and amazing supporting cast. Lebron has Wade and Bosh.

  • BT

    Ok, yes the Heat did defeat the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals in five games. I am not proud to say this but is in the truth. Yes, Lebron is have an MVP type of year, and I am not proud to say this, but you cannot say Derrick Rose is a Fraudulent MVP. He is a humble MVP, who plays his heart out every night. There are many diffteremces between Lebron and Derrick Rose, but are also similar in many ways as well. For example, they both play their hearts, they are both good leaders, they both play for good teams, but most importantly they are both former MVP players. Please forget about the media, always talking s*** about Rose or James. Just forget about it and enjoy the games. They’re both amazingly great players and nothing will stop them to get that most important thing, the RING.

  • BIll

    That’s just sour grapes because Lebron didn’t get named MVP, nothing more nothing less. Yes Lebron got farther in the playoffs, but this is a regular season award. Rose led the Bulls to the best record in the regular season despite having Noah and Boozer injured for long periods of the regular season. How in the world can that be fraudulent? Anyone who can argue that is either ignorant or just wants attention.

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