Principal Accused Of Attacking Student At Rogers Park School

UPDATED 03/01/12 8:52 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago Public school principal is accused of assaulting a student at a school in the Rogers Park neighborhood.

Kenneth Elmore, the father of the student, says his son was roughed up Wednesday in the principal’s office at Kilmer Elementary School, 6700 N. Greenview Ave., the Chicago Tribune reported.

Elmore’s son, Ken Jr., said the principal threw him up against a wall, the newspaper reported. Elmore’s son said he suffered a loose tooth that ended up falling out during lunch Wednesday, the Tribune reported.

The Sun-Times Media Wire reported the principal is accused of physically assaulting three students. Elmore said his son and the two other children had all been called into the principal’s office for misbehaving, the Tribune reported.

Police have confirmed to CBS 2 that an investigation is underway.

No charges have been filed against the unidentified principal. Chicago Police and the Chicago Public Schools are investigating.

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  • Spookiest spook

    Was the kid black?

  • Jim

    The most important part of the story is missing. What did the kid do to warrant this? Probably running his gangster mouth and showing a complete and total lack of respect!

  • Donny

    Roughed up for misbehaving. So, what’s the problem? Because of loser parents and probably no baby daddy, these kids need to be smacked around. We are raising a bunch of losers.

    • ra

      Yes he does have a daddy and he is white

  • Just Axin

    The toof was gonna fall out anyway. Now the only lesson he finna learnt is that this will be a payout. And surprise, what’s the dad doing in the picture? Oh, the prospect of $.

  • no harm done

    it really doesn’t matter what race, I happen to know the principal, and most of the school staff. I strongly can’t believe the principal would harm a child. Yes some kids need out of hand, in this case the “parent” is just blowing things out of proportion.

    • ra

      u a child molester too?

  • mother of 4

    The father and child were on the news yesterday and there didn’t appear to be any bruising or trauma on the child’s face which is odd if he were injured to the point that he lost a tooth.
    The principal was correctly removed from duty while this situation is being investigated and the counselors should be evaluating the so-called bully.

  • Fishy Fish

    It wasn’t misbehaving (PC) He and the two other kids were allegedly BULLYING another kid, which is why they got called into the principals office. Looks like it was a baby tooth that fell out. Interested to hear the principal’s story, if it ever gets out.

  • Maurice Hickenbottom

    Is the principal Black????????/

    • Ojos Locos

      We know he wasn’t a Jew, because he didn’t get Molested.

  • Fun Pass

    re-enforcing violence with violence? It’s really throwing gas to the flame. This is a issue of breaking law and policy, it’s a simple as fighting outside or at work; however this is abuse hands down, physical punishment is not a policy for any school employee to carry out. He broke policy, he broke the law. there’s a bigger question of how much power do school workers think they really have.

  • Feliciamichelle

    My son had a similar situation. My son was suspended for 10 days while the teacher was allowed to stay in the classroom. They said an investigation was done. If so, it took about 30 minutes. No one has given me a copy of the so-called investigation. This was November and my son has not been to school since. I have tried to have him transferred to no avail. My son and I were threatened with jail. I hope we all continue to take a good look at the people responsible for our children’s education.

  • retiredinAz1

    Do not blame the Principal without getting all the facts….was this student pohysically intending to hurt another student, the principal, or even himself? Sometimes physical actions require a physical action to end it all……I side with the principal until all facts are known

  • MeepMeep

    i go to kilmer….and i would never thought that the princpal would do tht becuz he seemed very nice nd stuff…
    by the time the kids were at the principals office, we were the next class to qo to computer lab becuz the 4th graders were before us nd our tech teacher told us the 6 boys was bullyinq a new kid.

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