Dad Who Posted Controversial Facebook Photo Of Daughter Says ‘I Wasn’t Thinking’

CHICAGO (CBS) – The Chicago father who put tape on his daughter’s mouth, wrists and legs and posted a photo on Facebook says he’s a caring parent who has learned his lesson.

Andre Curry, 21, is out on bail and spoke to CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker about the pain of being away from his child.

“I had to leave her,” Curry tells Tucker.

Feb. 23 was the first time Curry had seen his child since he was arrested last year for aggravated domestic battery and accused of abusing her by taping her eyes and mouth and posting the picture to his Facebook page. The widely viewed photo and its caption – “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back” – inspired outrage and prompted the criminal charges.

“I wasn’t thinking about it at the time. I wish I would have thought about it,” Curry says.

For legal reasons, Curry says he can’t talk about the details of the incident, but he argues he was just playing with his 1-year-old daughter.

“I was just trying to keep my daughter’s laughs coming. I was so in daddy mode just to please her. I didn’t think about how wrong it would look from other peoples’ perspective,” he says. “But now when I look back, that does look like she was hurt.”

Curry says he’s the primary caretaker for his daughter because of the hours he works as a maintenance worker.

He was initially taken into custody Dec. 20 and held on $100,000 bond. After pleas from church members, he was released $30,000 bail, but by then he’d been away 39 days.

A judge next week is expected to make a decision about whether his visitation rights will be restored.

“I learned to think about what I’m doing before I do it. I learned to think about the consequences. I learned to think about my daughter because whatever I do that affects me affects her as well,” Curry says.

Curry says the child’s mother fully supports him and would like to see him reunited with his daughter. CBS 2 was not able to get in touch with the girl’s mother.

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  • Grace Jake

    The man who supplied the sperm, I refuse to call him the father, said he wasn’t thinking about what he was doing at the time he taped the poor baby’s eyes, mouth and hands with duct tape.. Thank God, he wasn’t thinking! Not thinking led this sub-human being to post the picture of his poor baby on Facebook! Now DCFS can keep an eye on him and. hopefully, this will never happen to this beautful, baby girl again. WIthout this picture, we could have possibly been hearing about her abusive death one day on the news. I pray that she is too young to remember this nightnare and will not suffer nightmares or trauma.

    • Pamala E.

      Chad, this was a case of bad judgement, pure and simple. There was no arrest history and no prior DCFS contact with this family. DCFS was satisfied with his initial response to the charges and they moved on until zero tolerance and the do-gooders came into play. Public outcry created this arrest situation. It was a foolish prank which he has acknowledged. He was jailed, the case was investigated and he will have his day in court. No one involved in the investigation wanted this. It’s over.

      • Chad

        Pamala, so just because there was no history and no prior arrests there was no harm done? He didnt steal a candy bar from the local Jewel for crying out load. This was a deliberate act of physical restraint against someone who could not defend herself against him.
        And of course it was bad judgment, duh……

        Public outcry did not create this arrest situation; Mr. Curry did when HE chose to use his daughter to boost his own ego. HE chose to bound her hands and legs. HE chose to take a photo of her in that position (which in and of it’s self is sick) and then HE posted it on a PUBLIC forum.
        Yes, Miss Pamala there are some of us do-gooders still out here in the world. And as long as we’re around, the innocent victims will have a voice to counteract the enablers like you who insist on defending trash like him.

      • johanna

        i am so with you on this. i think he did it to try and be funny thinking he would get laughs out of it. granted shes 1 and he should have thought about it but i dont think it was child abuse. like you said its stupidity. people act like they are perfect.. WRONG!!! no ones perfect… people make mistakes and this guy made a huge one and i think he learned his lesson!!

    • Pamala E.

      What?! This was merely a foolish prank. Stop going overboard. His biggest mistake was doing something foolish in order to have a post on Facebook. He is remorseful and has been since he was first questioned & released. No one wanted the guy arrested. Public pressure is responsible for this.

      • Grace Jake


      • Pamala E.

        I know right from wrong and I know Facebook is nothing but trouble. But more importantly I know the difference between criminal behavior and just plain stupidity. Once again his arrest was driven by public opinion not the solid investigation that got him questioned & released initially.

      • Leroy Goldberg

        No need to go overboard as you say Pamala E. This behavior is typical of Arfo-Americans, I agree with you 100%.

      • Chad

        So Pamela, next time he decides to play a foolish prank by oh..let’s say he suffocates her, …it will be ok as long as afterwards he is remorseful? Or how about this, maybe he throws her against the wall for fun….it will be okay as long as daddy kisses her boo boo.. right?

        HE IS A CHILD ABUSER. plain and simple. The only thing this guy is sorry for is getting caught. Read the caption he wrote. “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back”. He wasnt in “daddy mode” HE WAS PUNISHING HER !!!!

        I hope DCF keeps a close eye on this little girl.

      • Jackie

        I agree with you 110% They need to turn there focus to the children who are in harms way. and The guys who are out there walkin the streets killing innocent people.



    • Grammar Police

      It’s spelled DISGUSTING…with a G.

  • SALLY Harrison

    Of course there are going to a slew of dumb racist comments. That being said, It’s actually good to hear that this was just a really dumb (bleeep) prank. Now, that being said, WHAT A FREAKING DUMB (bleep) PRANK . Gees Louise genius jr…

  • Sam

    He wanted to keep his daughters laughs coming so he duct taped her eyes and hands? Um doesnt sound like a fun game to me….

  • Jackie

    Some of you people really need to grow up! it is 2012 and yall are really going to be racist on this man, if you ask me he sure does look like he makes a great father to his. I also, no people who are not parents but have cousins, sibilings, and so on who play by taping up, and the kids LOVE IT. This whole this is just stupid. They need to focus more on getting the bad ones off the street, the ones out there killing innocent people. This guys poor daughter must be devasted and confused as in the article it says that he is the primary caretaker. People grow up. The man is innocent, and you can here it in his statements.

  • 35yrCabMan

    a DUMB JOKE and a man persecuted because of overly sensitive types who are “outraged” about every little thing from Chief Illiniwek to a FATHER playing a DUMB joke on his daughter… Americans used to be thick skinned tough nation of real people now we’re rapidly becoming a bunch of weak pathetic cry babies.

    shame on everybody that was and is persecuting this innocent man!

    • Anglo-Saxon

      Shame on everyone trying to defend this simian!!!

  • Donny

    He made a stupid decision – wanted to be “bad”.

    What is more sad is the child’s future. Saw this loser on TV. Another dumb high school dropout, no job, living off the taxpayer. Couldn’t even complete a sentence or thought. He didn’t even have the 3K to get himself out of jail. So, with this loser as a roll model baby daddy (where is his father?) this kid doesn’t have a chance. Then she’ll be having babies at the high school age, and we will support them too.


    • Pamala E.

      Donny, you are ridiculous. Where did you get the idea that he was either a high school drop out or living off the taxpayers? Is that you just projecting your vision of him? I saw the interview as well and he articulated his position just fine. And noticed no inability to complete a sentence. When you don’t know what you’re talking stop talking.

      • Alabaster White

        Pamala E.

        We are all to familiar with the way you all Black people act. We realize you all do not act as normal people do. We understand that, we truly do.

        Your embarassment is quite evident, you are ashamed of your people and thus ashamed of yourself.

        You are not personally responsible for the actions of your entire race though the shame you bear is understandable.

      • Pamala E.

        Alabaster White, so, I guess based on those ridiculous comments you made I should go into some sort of self- defense mode. But you only need a good defense for a good offense, you don’t have one. I have no need to be embarrassed, we are each responsible for our own behavior.

    • Jim

      Jesse Jackleg is a disgrace to the Negro race!!!

  • Fred Johnson

    So he did a stupid thing for drivel on FB. Him and 10 million idiots…I feel sorry for the child. Jesse is out looking for his Daddy.

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  • Lyndia

    I jus be so glad dat Pamala E. is even worser den me.

  • Pamala E.

    Chad, you’re wrong, I don’t stand in defense in such foolish behavior. So, I’m far from an enabler. However, it was still just a foolish prank that, when posted on Facebook, didn’t appear to be a prank at all. In the social networking world it happens everyday because humor is very subjective. And what seems funny to the poster, is often viewed differently by those who view it later. The facts are that the case had actually been closed because those who actually conducted the investigation were more than satisfied with the conclusions that they reached. It was reopened and then he was arrested due to public pressure. He did 39 days in jail, lost visitation and has court date for the case. He is not the first young person to do something stupid however, with the support of his family, hopefully he will be able to move on and regain visitation with his child which the child’s mother fully supports.

  • TruthBTold

    Pamala E.- It is just despicable how you defend this man. Are you related to him because I find it extremely odd that you are going to such great lengths to defend this child abuser.

    BTW- How would you like to have your arms and legs bound and your mouth and eyes taped shut and then your photo pasted on Facebook? Hmmmmm? I’m sure you would giggle like a child if some man did that to you, right Pamala? Why don’t you have some big strong man do that to you and post it on FB so we can all have a good laugh?

    ANY man that would do that to a baby is just SICK and I pray that CPS keeps a very close eye on this animal. He’s a bully and a thug and anyone who defends his behavior is disgusting, and that means YOU Pamala E, you freak.

    • Pamala E.

      Think what you wish, the investigation revealed otherwise.

  • Dad Can Visit Daughter He Bound With Tape, Photographed For Facebook Page « CBS Chicago

    […] Curry’s family has maintained that he posted the photo as a “joke” and would never harm the daughter he adores. The father recently talked with CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker and said he “wasn’t thinking&#8… […]

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