Teen Accused Of Fatally Stabbing Classmate Acted In Self-Defense: Attorney

CHICAGO (CBS) – The attorney for a 17-year-old Chicago student who allegedly stabbing a classmate to death earlier this week says the accused killer was acting in self-defense.

Christian Gonzalez was ordered held without bond Saturday when he appeared on a charge of first-degree murder. He allegedly killed fellow student Chris Wormley, 17, and injured another student with a knife Thursday morning at Infinity High School on the Far South Side.

Gonzalez’s family declined to talk with reporters after the court appearance at 26th and California, but the youth’s attorney, Kent Delgado, says Gonzalez was provoked and acted in self-defense.

“This is an at-risk kid.  He has a learning disability. He’s on medication. He’s been suffering from hallucinations, and he was being bullied at school,” Delgado said.

He said Wormley started the fight by punching Gonzalez in the head. Delgado says Gonzalez was so scared of Wormley that he had stayed home from school for weeks just to avoid him.

“Right before this incident happened, he was struck in the head,” Delgado said. “It’s a tragic case, it’s very sad, but those are the facts.”

Wormley’s aunt says that’s not true — and hearing the claims infuriated her.

“That’s all that is is an attorney attacking to make Chris seem like he was some kind of monstrous person, which he was not. He was not violent,” Shirley King told CBS 2.

The victim’s cousin says Chris, at 290 pounds, may have looked intimidating but he was far from fearsome.

“He was a big teddy bear. Pretty much he stayed in the house, played video games,” Tyran Wormley said.

They say Chris actually feared going to school and had to be forced by his mother to attend class on the day he died. Tyran Wormley says that makes the slain teen’s mother feel even worse.

The judge on Saturday ordered that Gonzalez be given medication and be sent to the Cook County jail’s hospital wing.

Delgado says the teen has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and is bipolar.

Meanwhile, funeral services for Wormley have been set for Friday at Sunrise Baptist Church on South Central Park. The family has asked for help with burial expenses, and contributions are being accepted at Chase Bank locations.

Checks can be made out to Chris Wormley Fund.

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  • Damone

    I know this kid delt with him in the past, he’s always been a trouble maker as u can see, I cant see how they can claim him to be a ill now but not before he committed this ugly act of violence!!

  • Karen

    It’s easy to say whatever he wants because the other guy is dead and can no longer speak for himself. People who carry knives do not do it for self-defense but to intimidate.

  • sbw

    We all know what happened. Pre-meditated, first degree murder.

  • Man Up

    Hmmm. What other “disorders” and (AHEM) “excuses” does this murderer have?

    He thinks he’s gonna get away with this. Not so. He’s the one who murdered someone & he’s gonna pay. And pay. And pay.

    Cold blooded murder. Didn’t even make it a fair fight. What a coward.

    There’s no way you’re gonna be a victim in what YOU started.

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  • Anonymous74

    No the Suspect does not need to pay for what was just self defense!!! He was only defending himself from that 290lbs Wormley because if anyone really knew the suspect hes only weighing at like a 120lbs ok !!!!! So can yous people just be more realistic just because Wormley died doesnt mean the suspect is the bad person!!!! He was defending himself and if it was just that time for Wormley then that was in gods hands ok!!!!

    • Whatyousay

      How do you know what happened, Anonymous74?
      Just because Chris was 170lbs more than Christian, doesn’t mean Wormley was the aggressor.
      Why did the suspect have a knife???

      • Whatyousay

        Anonymous74, you must be a member of the suspects family…Arguing in defense of Christian -the suspect. In the public eye. Never showing any sympathy for the young man who lost his life.

        I agree with a couple of the people here who talk about medication. Most of the kids that go to that school are on medication, so the “ADHD” “Bipolar” “At risk” “learning disability” defense doesn’t fly with me.

        I know the kids that go to that school. I also know the school and the lies they have told about having security devices – “metal detector” & hand-held wand.”There is no security officers at that school.
        Chris W. was not the agressor, although he was a big guy, he was quiet..Yes, the police questioned everyone, including the kids. The truth will come out!
        Yes, I

  • Roberta Waker

    There were witnesses to the stabbing, so the police invetigators should know if he was defending himself or not. More details are necessary before condemning anyone of anything. Gonzalez looks arrogant on his photo; he had better show some remorse for the jury or he’s dead.

  • Anonymous74

    Well all the witnesses could of been on Wormleys side since mostly the whole school was African American it could also be a racial defense!! You shouldnt judge a book by its cover if you dont know when that mug shot was taken! Just because they are treating wormley as the victim of course they will give the most innocent pictures of him now everyone has to have sympathy for him just because he died that could of been anyone of the three that where involved in the dispute and then the story would be different!

  • member of the 'jury pool'

    This was by no means “in Gods hands”!! and of course the attorney is going to say it was self-defense and get it tried in the public eye, instead of in a court of law. All lawyers should be barred from speaking publicly about a case until after it has been tried!

  • Army Vet,VN

    You know blacks never do anything wrong,its always the other person,especially if their a different race,right obama?

    • lyndia

      Obama has nothing to do with this. What in the hell are you talking about?

  • ebrackens

    You racist fool. What Black gave you what you deserved? Or dudn’t?

    • lyndia

      A Black did not give him what he deserved. A Black man saved his miserable life when he was in the Nam. He should have left his azz in the rice patties.

      • non-raced

        Speaking of miserble lives, I agree race has nothing to do with anything, but if you don’t want to be counted as ‘different’ don’t then don’t go around saying ‘give me special privledges’ because I am”.

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