‘Bumbo Seat’ Under Fire From Child-Safety Advocates

CHICAGO (CBS) — They’re seats that sell for between $35 and $50 each, and more than 4 million have been sold in the past nine years.

Now, a Chicago-based group is calling for a recall of the Bumbo Seat, saying the product puts kids in danger.

Michael Fisher tickles his 3-year-old son. While the boy seems perfectly healthy, Fisher fears his son may be developmentally delayed.

“His speech is a little behind – I mean, more than a little,” he tells CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli.

The father thinks it’s plausible his son has some sort of internal brain damage. The child was just six months old when he flung himself out of a Bumbo Seat, which was on top of a table.

Fisher’s wife was there at the time, and he was on his way back into the room when he saw his child begin to fall. He dove, but was a fraction too late.

“His head bounced,” Fisher says.

The bounce on the ceramic tile floor fractured the boy’s skull.

Emergency room doctors feared they might lose the boy. That’s why he was flown to another hospital.

Fisher says it should never have happened. He blames the Bumbo Seat and has retained a lawyer.

“This is about them changing their product,” he says.

He would like to see safety belts attached to the foam rubber seats. But officials at a Chicago-based advocacy group go further.

“Kids in Danger wants to recall this product so we can remove this potential dangerous item from the shelves,” Sarah Chusid, the organization’s program director, says.

Kids in Danger says the seats were recalled in 2007 so that larger warning labels could be adhered advising caregivers not to use them on an elevated surface. But the organization says that hasn’t stopped the problem, and they say the seats are dangerous even when used properly.

“Even when it’s used on the floor as intended, children are being injured and there have been many skull fractures,” Chusid says.

Bumbo International is a South Africa-based company that donates its profits to charity. It says the Bumbo Seat is a safe product for infants when it is used as intended: on the floor and never on an elevated surface.

Bumbo says children should always be closely supervised when they are in the seat. They say no child has suffered permanent injury from a fall from a Bumbo Seat being used on the floor.

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  • pam

    what idiot puts a kid on a counter in that chair of course it is the chairs fault God forbid the parents should take the blame.

  • Tiffany

    I’m sorry the kid got hurt but why was it on a table. common sense and the warnings dictate not to put it on elevated or soft surfaces and not to put your child in it once they can fling themselves out. i have used this seat on 3 kids since 2006 without incident because I used it correctly and would continue to even if it was recalled. Take responsibility for your irresposibilty people. baby gear is not a babysitter or substitue for supervision.

  • Jackie

    Wow, I really can’t believe I read this, a bumbo seat on a table?? Common sense, YOU DONT PUT ANYTHING FOR BABY ON ANOTHER SURFACE OTHER THEN THE FLOOR!! I have a 7 month old son, and he has been strong enough to sit in the bumbo since he was just 3 months. He loves it to death!! You cant blame bumbo for your own stupidity. Hopefully something was learned from this accident, and thankfully your son is ok.

  • A &H Childproofers

    Why put a baby on a counter in anything …….
    That’s like put your Visio camera with the wire attached in the crib.
    Wake up parents

  • OMG

    The parent should get sued for bding studpid !

    • Bill T.


  • Meemoo

    Why are they suing the company? Common sense would dictate that you NEVER put a child in any sort of contraption on an elevated surface and from what the article says there was a warning label on the Bumbo stating that.

    At 6 mths old he would have been able to move quite a lot – a lot of children are off and crawling at that age. I wonder how many near misses they had before the final accident.

    This sounds more like a case of the parents not wanting to admit to themselves that is was entirely their own negligence that has rendered their child disabled for life. It is not a nice thought to live with but all they can do now is make the best of the situation and give their son the best care and opportunities they can.

    Such a shame for the wee boy, I hope he isn’t too disadvantages by his injuries.

  • Susan

    You don’t ever put a baby on a counter. What a numnutz. And of course, there’s no parental responsibility at all, it’s all the seats fault.

    Lawsuit crazy, next, some idiot will sue because their coffee is too hot and they put it in their lap, and it spilled and they got burned….oh wait, that’s been done already, too.

    We have twins and would have lost our minds without these awesome chairs. I love them and will continue to defend them.

  • Peace-N-Love

    I think the father has also been dropped on his head when he was born! Leaving a child on top of a table?! UNATTENDED?! What was the mother doing? That is why our judicial system is clogged up with frivolous lawsuits because of r*t*rds like him and and the old lady that spilled McDonald’s coffee on her lap while going through the drive thru. At least the old bat burned her old liver lip fish taco and did not permanently damage her child.

  • Michaela

    I think it is the own parents fault for their child’s injury. It is quite a misfortune, but what idiot puts a child atop a table? My child has a Bumbo seat and we LOVE it! We I see my son begin to get irritated like he doesnt want to be in it, I TAKE HIM OUT. I dont let him fling himself on the floor. This incident is just pure carelessness of the parents!

  • Loren

    The McDonalds coffee lawsuit was actually legitimate. There was a part on the coffee machine that regulated the temperature that was broken. The restaurant knew this, and did not replace it. They knew they were serving coffee that was well over the temperature that was allowed and did nothing to rectify it. Others had been burned, but it took the woman’s lawsuit for them to fix the issue.

    This case, however, is clearly a case of someone looking for a scapegoat to blame for their poor choices.

  • you gotta be kiddin' me

    Who the he11 buys something called “Bumbo”?

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