Student Group Calls For Changes To CPS Disciplinary Policies

CHICAGO (CBS) — A busload of Chicago Public Schools students set up shop outside the Cook County Juvenile Center on Monday, to suggest that’s where they’ll end up, unless CPS eases its disciplinary policies.

WBBM Newsradio’s John Cody reports a group called Voices of Youth In Chicago Education (VOYCE) organized the rally by 75 CPS students and provided them with statistics saying students lost 306,000 class days last school year, due to suspensions.

Roosevelt High School student Victor Alquicera said, “we need a discipline code that works for all students, not one that sends black and Latino students on a path to prison.”

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s John Cody reports

Alquicera said research by VOYCE suggests 94% of all disciplinary actions taken against CPS students last year were for minor offenses, such as improper school uniforms, or lack of a student ID card.

Cook County Commissioner Jesus Garcia (D-7th) said the object of disciplinary policies should be to keep kids in school, not boot them out.

“As a board of commissioners, we are seeking to decrease the number of young people who wind up at the Juvenile Detention Center,” Garcia said. “Some of this has to do with discipline policies within our Chicago Public Schools system.”

VOYCE called on the district to modify and moderate disciplinary policies, which the group said has led to excessive suspensions, particularly of Latino and African-American pupils.

The group wants management to employ discipline short of out of school suspension, to keep order in the CPS system without depriving students of time in the classroom.

  • Jim

    What? Are they completely crazy? Mexicans and negros are being unfairly disciplined, differently than whites? They expect people to believe that nonsense? They look at statistics and that lead them to the conclusion that discrimination is taking place? Really? Look at the prison statisics. The numbers are similar. This has nothing to do with discrimination. Negros and Mexicans commit crimes at a much, much higher frequency than whites do. I’m sick of hearing people cry racism. It’s a load of BS! If the little gangsters get themselves suspended, that’s their problem, try and behave and have respect for others for a change. Maybe more should be outright expelled. That would improve the learning environment for everyone!!!

    • lyndia

      Jim Bo, are you crazy? When Blacks commit a crime they are usually thrown in jail. A white can commit the same crime and hegets slapped on the wrist. Years ago, there were more whites in prison. Since the sixties,that has changed.

      • Jim

        That is a load of BS and everyone knows it. Since the sixties, the negro has gotton completely out of control with the violent crime. That’s why the prisons are filled with mostly black inmates.

  • tom sharp

    They have to be kidding! What they are basically admitting to is that they are subhuman! They can’t obey rules set by human beings (and, believe it or not, a lot of the people setting those rules are Black and Hispanic!!!). Time for them to grow up and show they are equal or they will get the “unequal” treatment they deserve!

    • lyndia

      Nobody deserves unequal treatment. If the treatment was equal all the way around, you would find more whites in jail.

      • THEE Yard Ape

        @Tom Sharp – Standing Ovation!!! You could argue with Lyndia until your lips turn as blue as her gums.

      • tom sharp

        Idiot! Who do you think made these rules and is enforcing these rules over half the time? Here’s a big hint there are far more Black and Latino teachers and principals in CPS than than there are whites. So pedal your race card elsewhere!

  • Erin

    I totally agree Jim. I dont think this a race issue at all. I have worked in the CPS schools there is no racial discrimination when it comes to discipling students. Students are disciplined based on THEIR actions. EVERYONE needs to follow the SAME rules. Instead of looking at the race of the students perhaps parental involvement in the students lives should be a factor as to the paths these students end up taking.

  • Chicago's Very Own

    I belive they have a voice just like the teachers’ union defends its bad teachers. Both sides have to be heard!! Why aren’t teachers disciplined at all?? Both sides need an overhaul!!! Students are the future of this country regardless of race!! Students need to also let us know what is going on in the classrooms without retaliation from the teachers. I have heard my sister’s teacher friends talk and they are nothing good. The things they get away with is ridiculous and unfair to any student really trying to make it through school. Cross them and they’ll find any reason to lower your grade. Both need an overhaul including many parents.


      As oppose to asking why teachers are not disciplined, you should be asking why principals are not disciplined. We have been to the union, Inspectors General’s Office and everywhere else about the principle at a southside high school and nothing has been done dispite the face that she has padded her attendance rolls, solicited money from her staff for trips and gifts, graduated children that never come to school and mark students present when they are absent. Her dean of students is a pedophile too. DCFS has been brought but nothing was found notwithstanding the fact that all the children are talking about it and one of the young boys still attend the school.

  • Debbie

    If these kids were wanting of an education, they would not be acting in ways to get suspended or expelled. We have lived with these rules forever it seems, (I graduted from high school 42 years ago) and managed to live with the same rules. Stop letting the tail wag the dog and keep the rules. The crybabies will make their choice to join others in “juvy”.

  • Mike

    Typical black and brown response. They do wrong and they blame the system. CPS discip;ine is like the police. If they do something they’re criticized or sued. If they don’t, same result. These kids and their parents contribute very little and complain a lot..

    • Lyndia

      Are you a police?

  • Bill

    How about bread, water and a dark closet for the white kids and The use of the teachers lounge T.V. and a happy meal for the Blacks and Latino’s.

    • Lyndia

      Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Lyndia

    These are the kids that cannot make it in private schools because they act like damn fools in the public school system. If you are suppose to wear a uniform, WEAR IT EVERYDAY. If you are suppose to have a school id, WEAR IT EVERYDAY. What is so difficult about that?

    • Jim

      Many of these students are just too damn stupid to follow the rules. They are the 25% that Rahm said won’t amount to anything!

      • A Concerned Cititzen

        Your comments are insulting and ignorant. These are children. There are complex issues of historical racism and poverty that have led to our current system of 75% of African American students in CPS bring suspended. The students that have taken part in VOYCE are pointing out a larger issue that needs to be discussed. I challenge you to join in a discussion instead of making ignorant comments.

        My title is “Concerned Citizen” because I’m concerned about many of the uninformed and unproductive comments from people on this page.

  • Silver

    Remember, it’s a slow walk towards a dead City.

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