Thousands Of Cops Receive Extra Training For NATO/G8 Summits

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police are going through extensive extra training for the NATO/G8 summits, as two groups of demonstrators have now announced plans to march down Michigan Avenue in the midday hours.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Dave Marsett reports, the Chicago Tribune says as it is, more than 2,000 officers have received five days’ training for the summits, compared with a mere eight hours’ training for the last big event involving demonstrators in Chicago.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Dave Marsett reports

Police Bureau of Organization Development Chief Brian Murphy told the Tribune that another 6,000 officers have received two days’ training, in case they are called in to respond during the summits in May.

Some officers were sent for training at a U.S. Department of Homeland Security facility in Alabama, so they could be trained as instructors to teach other officers in a three-day course on crowd control, the Tribune reported. The Police Department has added two more days of training, the newspaper reported.

In total, sources tell the Tribune that about 8,400 of the approximately 12,000 sworn officers have been through some kind of crowd control training for the summits – although the Police Department will not provide any official figures.

There have been estimates that between 2,000 and 10,000 demonstrators will show up at the summits between May 19 and 21.

A notice posted last month by the Vancouver-based Adbusters Culturejammers called on 50,000 protesters to come to the city durig the summit.

  • Send Help

    Between 2000 and 10000 protesters, you have been inhaling the smoke that Rahm has been blowing. Before it is all said and done there will be between 20000 and 50000 protesters. As for the training being given to police officers what a joke done in an over crowded gym by people who have no idea what they are going to be facing. It actualy is one day of training for most officers with as little as three hours of formation practice. My advice as a 30 year veteran of the CPD is get the hell out of town in May because it is going to be ugly. When all available police are sent dowtown who will protect the neighborhoods? No one !

    • Jim

      It’s only for one weekend. Let all of our officers get the chance to crack some Loser skulls. We as a city should show our support for NATO. These Loser protesters don’t even know why they are protesting. F**k em. The second they cross the line, let loose with a major wave of whoop ass!!!

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  • Army Vet,VN

    This is what obama wants and is behind,don’t anyone tell you different,this is the beginning of communism promoted by who else.

    • Pamala E.

      What are you talking about?

    • Jim

      Communism? Are you OK there, Army Vet? Hallucinations and delusions are symptoms of something, never good. Talk to your doctor!

  • Toonces

    Looks like fun!

  • Chicago's Very Own

    So it’s our turn!! If we can’t handle this, we certainly can’t handle anything else!!

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