Gas Prices Down, But Still Over $4

CHICAGO (CBS) — Prices at the pump are down slightly after 27 straight days of increases, but it’s not going to provide much relief.

As CBS 2’s Kris Habermehl reports, the average gas price in Chicago remained $4.03 per gallon Tuesday morning.

Nationwide, the average was $3.40 a month ago, $3.72 a week ago, and $3.51 at this time last year, according to AAA.

The average prices is only about 25 cents, or 8.5 percent, less than the record high of $4.11 back in July 2008.

The lowest price Tuesday morning was in Wyoming, a gallon of regular unleaded was averaging at just $3.23 per gallon.

The rising prices are due to spiking oil prices as a result of increasing tensions with Iran. Gas prices are expected to rise further still. says he lowest gas price Tuesday morning was $3.74, at the Sam’s Club at 141 W. North Ave. at Railroad Avenue in Northlake, and the Costco at 8400 W. North Ave. in Melrose Park. The highest was $4.43 at the Mobil station at 1106 W. Fullerton Ave. near DePaul University.

  • Auctioneer

    Do I hear $4.50… 4.75… 5… Going once… going twice…

    • filler up

      I saw $5 a gallon gas coming last year. They use any excuse to raise gas prices. The problems in the Middle East–that’s a great excuse because those problems will rage on forever.

      It’s political. A few years ago they raised prices to $3.00+; heard the complaints; lowered the prices.

      Raising the prices again and then lowering them. We had a month or so in 2008 (I think) where gas prices were $1.50 in November.

      They want to get the prices up and over $5 a gallon and they will. Every consumer good will go up right along with it.

      Gas prices do not have to be this high. This is the destruction of the middle class in progress.

  • COCO

    $6 …….SOLD!!!

  • non

    Why don’t we just driill our own, and tell the middle east good luck. You’re on your own

    • Jim

      Try and explain that simple concept to the stupid Democrats. Federal land as well as coastal areas should have been opened years ago. The environmental freaks are holding up progress!!!

    • filler up

      The U.S. DOES drill its own crude oil. Because of the greed, they put the U.S. crude on the market and sell it to other nations.

      If you think for one minute that the U.S. is going to drill its own oil and sell it to it’s own people for cheap, you’ve got to be nuts.

  • COCO


    We should have done that in 1902 when the Sultan of Brunei discovered oil in the Middle East…we could have tapped into the Alaskan oil, oil off the gulf,
    but we didn’t..

    Now we should just push the heck out of electric cars….
    whose gonna buy their oil then, when we are no longer
    dependant on their oil…maybe they will sell it to each other??

    • Maria

      Please do not say that!! I will stop driving, period, and get out my bicycle!!

    • Maria

      Oh lord, I get so upset when I saw you,Coco type that $6 amount, I replied in the spot, sorry. Pleae, no $6 a gallon gas, seriously, not even as a joke!

      • Maria

        wow, I can’t even type today

        wrong spot and PLEASE!! I need coffee

    • filler up

      “we should just push the heck out of electric cars….
      whose gonna buy their oil then, when we are no longer dependant on their oil…”

      So far nobody is buying electric cars. GM has stopped the production of the Chevy Volt.

      Electric cars are small death traps. Not suitable for families. Very expensive. Lots of problems with electric cars……still a long way off when they will fill our highways.

      • Auctioneer

        Hussein Obama said he’s gonna buy a Volt when he leaves office.

        Maybe he and Al Snore (oops, Gore) can “pal up” and go on a road trip!

      • MARIA

        Well … by 2050 we will have milked all the fossil fuel out the planet
        Then what GENIUS?
        Of course electric cars are expensive, that way big oil can keep
        pushing its use!!

        We are the only species using electricity and oil and multiplying at an alarming rate….while the rest of species on the planet are going into EXTINCTION every year….

        in the 1900 census of the planet we were allegedly only 984 million
        on the planet 112 years later we have multiplied 7X that over 7 Billion
        ( 7 Billionth Baby born Halloween 2011 ) You really think oil is the way to GO?
        If you think of something better~~please do NOT hold back~~ let us all in on it!

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