Man Charged With Raping Woman In Broad Daylight In Evanston

EVANSTON, Ill. (CBS) — A West Side man stands charged with sexual assaulting a woman in broad daylight in Evanston, a few blocks from away from Evanston Township High School.

Evanston police say around 1:55 p.m. Monday, a woman called police and said she had just been sexually assaulted in the 1900 block of Dewey Avenue, just north of Emerson Street.

The woman called police from the nearby Family Focus Center saying she had just been sexually assaulted. She gave police a detailed description of her attacker.

The woman, a 19-year-old Evanston resident, had gotten off a Chicago Transit Authority bus at Emerson Street and Dodge Avenue, and her rapist followed her off the same bus, police said.

Upon reaching the residential block of Dewey Avenue, the rapist grabbed the woman and slammed her to the ground between two houses, police said. He then ripped off the woman’s clothing and had forcible sexual intercourse with her, police said.

The victim did not suffer any serious injuries, but was examined at a area hospital, police said.

Soon after the victim called police, Evanston police officer on patrol quickly found someone matching a short distance to the south in the 1600 block of Church Street.

The victim identified the man as her assailant, and he was arrested.

Marlow S. Land, 24, of the 200 block of North Latrobe Avenue in the South Austin neighborhood, is now charged with three counts of criminal sexual assault.

Police said he admitted to detectives that he had raped the woman, after coming to Evanston to visit a friend earlier in the day.

  • COCO

    OMG!! In plain view in broad daylight, I’m speechless.

  • tiger paw


    • Policy Strategist

      tiger paw for Mayor!!

    • Teacher

      You are a moron!

      • leprechaun for a day

        At least he’s a FUNNY moron — unlike you.

  • Fletchguy

    Open and shut case. He deserves the death sentence after a week of being rapped in the pen then straight to the chair. Its time to stop society from being timid little people who worry about PC or feelings. He raped and was caught and admitted it. No place for him death is what he must be given . It is time to thin the herd or wasted beings and he deserves death now damn it!!!

    • Leroy Goldberg

      I am all for thinning their herd, they are all wasted beings.

      • Lyndia

        Why don’t YOU THIN THE HERD? You would not dare, coward azz mf.

      • Bongo

        Yay! Thin the herds and these problems will go away. Bring back da noose.

      • LaKeShonDre

        lyndia i get the feeling you like fried chicken and purple drank amirite?

  • franz

    He will probably plead not guilty and say the sex was consensual

    • hans

      It’ll be hard to prove, because nogs have already find out they can have their muh-dik while the victim’s asleep. That’s about as close as that failed species will get to “consensual.”

  • Dan Fielding

    Castrate the POS

  • barb k.

    if we want to stop this crime its simple. CASTRATION! im sure that will deter any man no matter how much he wants to rape someone!

  • Virtous

    whats wrong with u people…..both are human one doesnt know who HE is! The real victim my prayers and thoughts are with her. I will pray this young man gets some help as well as the young lady.. clearly …Hurt People will! hurt people… just sad.

  • marc(proud black man)

    Rape is heinous no matter who does it. My prayers go out to the women.It is a life changing crime which I know from being married to a survivor of it. Yes, kill the the A-hole is what I say,and do it in public where everyone can see it happen and make sure he’s in pain thru the whole experience of his death!!!!!! Deterrence doesn’t work in this country because of the way we sentence the fools running amok. I don’t care what color you are,if you bring nothing to the table to lead be a productive member of society,off with your freaking head!!!!!!!

  • truth hurts

    A wise man once said, “Never mistake kindness for weakness.” It’s time we as a civilized country remove those who are uncivilized from the rest of us. And I don’t mean by putting them in a cage for the rest of their lives. Putting them in the ground sends a message even the dumbest and most violent amongst us understands. When dealing with savages, you must think as a savage. Eye for an eye. Tooth for a tooth. And for the worst of them all, make up a noose.

  • Diverdown

    I am all for women with guns (WWG). If anyone is at danger in this world its women. Once criminals realize that most if not all femails have a gun hidden somewhere, these idiots will stick to jerking off. Does anyone agree with this sentament?

  • James

    These black punks are getting tired of banging their lard bucket mamays.Get ready to be raped by Tyrone and Jerone little boy.

  • Charla

    Where in the article does it say that the woman was white?

  • Dave

    You got to go after their family members,make them pay for there acts. Thats the only way to deal with these types.

  • coreyniegle

    This is why illinois needs CCW permits.

    You guys have somethingn like 5 million apes up there in the chicago metropolitan area, while the rest of the state is screaming for CCW, the libards who need it the most are keeping it out.

    God help you, now I remember why I left that god aweful place I was born and raised in for 30 years, 8 years ago.

  • Buster Brown

    “Gibs me dat!!!” *You people* just take and rape and pillage as you please, don’t you?

    Send this POS back to Af-FREAK-ca where it belongs.

  • Tired of the Groid

    g-d apes are ANIMALS. MUH DIK MUH DIK is all they think about

    seriously, are we tired of the niqqers yet?

    • Mike

      I sure am.

      • Charla

        What I am tired of is stupidity and MIKE you are stupid.

  • Datbeez Rayciss


  • yellow eyes

    sick demonic apes the black demon. rob rape kill destroy get guns peaple.


    My sincere regrets to the young woman that this happened to. It is sad to say that women are not safe anywhere and at anytime. If you are riding public transtporation, you need to make yourselves aware of who is getting off at stops that you are getting off at. Also, STAY OFF THE PHONE. People who are on their phones are less likely to be aware of anything that is going on around them. Ladies, carry mace with you. This will at lease immobilize your attacker for a few minutes.

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