(WSCR) Ask most Bears fans what they want this offseason and they’ll tell you: a physical, No. 1 wide receiver for Jay Cutler.

Browsing through the list of available wide receivers, one name comes to the top — Vincent Jackson. He’s by far the best wide out available, but one NFL expert isn’t so sure he’s the right guy for the Bears.

“Why do Bears fans want Vincent Jackson?” Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk told The McNeil and Spiegel Show. “How old is? Anybody know how many times he’s been arrested for DUI? … Driving his car drunk, now, it’s been several years since that has happened. I want to be fair to him: He’s been clean since then, but there’s at least a red flag flying. He’s 29. I don’t get why someone would chase after him and give him Larry Fitzgerald money, if that’s what he’s looking for.”

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Florio said the best plan of action is to simply wait and let the Jackson craze settle.

“Someone is going to get so caught up in this desire to win the press conference and hold up the jersey and sell tickets,” Florio said. “I’m concerned someone is going to make a bad football decision here in the name of making what they think is a good business decision. It happens every year. Vincent Jackson, I think, is one of those buyer beware. You’re better off letting the market soften for a few days. There are other guys out there you can find where the talent gap isn’t as big, but the money gap is a lot bigger.”

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