‘Pink Slime’ Could Be On Your Kids’ School Lunch Menu

CHICAGO (CBS) — “Mystery meat” has been a staple in school lunchrooms for decades, but now the federal government is reportedly buying millions of pounds of ground “pink slime” that has raised serious concerns from scientists.

The ground-up meat is treated with ammonia to kill salmonella and E. coli. The bright pink slimy substance is a combination of beef leftovers and connective tissue. It is then blended into ground beef.

And the U.S. Department Of Agriculture is buying seven million pounds of it as part of the national school lunch program, The Daily reports.

According to the USDA, The National School Lunch Program provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to eligible children each school day.

Carl Custer, a retired scientist who worked for the Food Safety Inspection service, told the Daily that buying the “pink slime” is a bad idea and hardly “nutritionally balanced.”

“My main objection was that is was not meat,” he said.

Custer said it is simply not nutritionally equivalent to ground beef and considers it a “high risk” product.

To make matters worse, the ammonia used to treat this stuff can be harmful to eat and even has potential to turn into ammonium nitrate — a common component in homemade bombs, according to MSNBC.

The concerns over the product led fast food giants, including McDonald’s and Burger King, to reject it.

Custer said inspectors were pressured to approve the use of the meat for the school lunch programs across the country.

The USDA asserts that its ground beef purchases “meet the highest standard for food safety,” the Daily reported.

  • Jim

    Watch some of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution shows…it would sicken you how the schools feed our kids mainly due to laziness.

  • RJ

    Simple solution. Make you kids lunch at home and have them take it to school. There,problem solved.

    • iris

      I totally agree..but how many mothers will actually take the time to make it. I’m so glad my kids are all grown. Scary to think of the junk these children are fed.

      • anna

        I’ve made my kids lunches everyday for the past 12 years. The highschool kids even make their own once in a while. The point is that no one is responsible for your kids well being except for you. It’s sad that there are mothers without the means to do this, and must rely on a government where the dollar is more important than the health of kids.

      • the rapture

        how many mothers make lunch – those that care – it takes what 10 minutes to slap a sandwich together – no need to go all gourmet – bread (with the crust please) and something between

        trust the kids to make their own if in high school

    • Becky

      But the government is also trying to regulate what can be sent in a home packed lunch….research this some more. They will be able to throw the packed lunch away and then feed the child the school lunch…..can we say socialism/ communism?

  • Careepay

    So where is Michelle Obama now?

    • Army Vet,VN

      I had read awhie back that Ms.”HAPPY MEALS” obama played a role in this.

  • Linda

    The government wants to feed kids this trash but will take a kids nutritious lunch their Mom has make for them away. Government needs to step off being the almighty cause it sucks at it.

    • Becky

      AMEN!! If we all come together as a nation and quit fighting over B.S. then maybe we could finally be heard…..Let’s not let the government do this to us or our children!!

  • Jim

    I have no problem with pink slime in kid’s lunches as long as it has good flavor.

  • Silver

    Well,we just discovered the cause of all the problems in the schools. Nothing like some pink slime to cause a shooting or two.

  • Ghost of Julia Child

    What’s wrong with a little ammonia here and there? I always add some to my soup stocks and gravies!

  • Annnnne

    Pink slime… IS PEOPLE!

  • Darlene

    “….the federal government is reportedly buying millions of pounds of ground “pink slime” that has raised serious concerns from scientists.”

    The federal government??

    What exactly is in this slime that they aren’t telling us? Would the government or school admins serve this to their own children with a big proud smile on their face? Why is feeding “pink slime” to our children so amusing?

    How many parents will allow their children consuming this bilge?

    Why does the government want our children to be sick? What about their future? What about OUR future?

    Who will be our policemen, firemen, soldiers, teachers, parents of the future? Promoting a sick society where our children repeatedly end up in hospitals with organ failure and on pharmaceuticals. That’s no way for anyone to live.

  • http://theeducationvigilante.com/2012/03/10/school-lunch-mystery-meat-bomb-making-material/ School Lunch Mystery Meat: Bomb-Making-Material « The Education Vigilante

    […] ‘Pink Slime’ Could Be On School Menu (chicago.cbslocal.com) […]

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