By David Schuster-

MILWAUKEE (CBS) If you think you’re frustrated with Richard Hamilton being so injured this season, you should know it’s nothing compared to his frustration.

Hamilton has played in just 16 of the Bulls 40 games and will be out again for an indefinite period with his latest ailment, a sprained shoulder.

“It’s really tough for me because I have never been like this in my whole career,” he said Wednesday. “All these freak things happening are crazy.”

If there is a bright side to Hamilton missing so many regular season games it could mean his legs will be fresher for the playoffs but now was not the time for finding positives.

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“That could be a bright side but I just can’t think about that right now. My motivation is to be out there on the floor battling with my teammates so it’s hard to find any positives,” Hamilton said.

The Bulls guard has heard and read from the fan base their frustrations but he says his teammates have picked up his spirits.

“They’ve been great. They’ve been awesome,” he said. “They’re shaking their heads too. We have so many injuries but they’re telling me to just get right and come back so we can do what we have to do.”

Hamilton has not had a reputation of being injury prone in the past and like many others, he blames the condensed schedule this season as reason for his ailments.

“From the whole league standpoint you’re seeing guys going down left and right,” he said. “With all the back-to-back games and travel, people don’t understand that this does have an effect. You saw it in football and though you don’t want to say it, it’s one of those things that your body is not accustomed of going this way all the time but it is what it is and you have to deal with it”.

Hamilton had his arm in a sling when he spoke to reporters Wednesday morning and the pain was still there.

“It’s sore and it still hurts. When I first did it back on Monday night I heard it pop but I was able to move my hands so at least I knew it wasn’t broke,” Hamilton said.

And as for a time table for a return the veteran guard had none in mind.

“Man, I’m just trying to lift my arm up. I know there’s no miracle that’s going to happen tomorrow or anytime soon. I’m just trying to get the swelling out and get my range of motion back. It’s going to be awhile.”

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