(WSCR) Illinois Athletic Director Mike Thomas refused to comment Monday on Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo’s well publicized criticism of how he handled the firing of Bruce Weber.

In an interview on The Mully & Hanley Show on 670 The Score, Thomas simply said he had no comment, after Izzo ripped him Friday at the Big Ten Tournament.

Thomas also said he was was disappointed, but no surprised the Illini were not invited to the NIT.

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“I think you always want to be in postseason play, primarily the big dance, NCAA Tournament and secondarily, the NIT,” he told Mully & Hanley. “Did it surprise me? Not entirely. I also knew there were some other Big Ten teams that were really slotted ahead of us. And all those teams did get in.”

Thomas also said he never considered firing Weber during the season, even after his publicly ripped his players after a loss to Purdue in mid-February. The AD also insists that the Illini job is not a stepping-stone job.

“I absolutely disagree,” he said. “I don’t know how most people nationally — strong basketball people — and I’ve heard it from a number of them: ‘This may not be top five job, but it’s probably a Top 15 job.’ Now, if that’s true. How could it be a stepping-stone job?”

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