Mayor: ‘My Thoughts Are With’ Blagojevich Family

CHICAGO (CBS) — As former Gov. Rod Blagojevich prepares to head to prison in three days to begin his 14-year sentence on corruption charges, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said his thoughts are with the Blagojevich family.

“You know, there’s a family here, there are children here whose father is about to go to jail. So my thoughts are with them,” Emanuel said Monday.

Blagojevich must report to prison Thursday at the low-security facility at FCI Englewood, located in Littleton, Colo., near Denver. He is scheduled to address the media shortly after 5 p.m. outside his Ravenswood Manor home on Wednesday, the day before he reports to prison to make a last public statement before he begins his sentence.

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Emanuel, who was elected to the same Congressional district that Blagojevich represented before he was elected governor, said he would have to be “callous” not to sympathize with the Blagojevich family, given that the former governor will be behind bars for more than a decade, but said he would not discuss his own opinions of the case against Blagojevich.

Emanuel said his thoughts are with Blagojevich’s wife, Patti, and his two daughters, Amy and Annie.

“This is very ripping. It doesn’t mean I don’t have opinion or a judgment about something else that everybody else has, one way or another, expressed. I’m not going to add any insight to it,” he said.

Asked what Illinois residents should be thinking as the former governor heads to prison, Emanuel said, “They’ll make their own judgment of what this moment is. If you’re asking, then my thoughts are – and if they want to cue off anything I have to say – is what I just said: my thoughts are with the family on the private side.”

The mayor was called as a defense witness at Blagojevich’s second trial, but was on the stand only a couple minutes.

Emanuel has not discussed his testimony, which was mostly limited to one-word answers about his efforts to get state funding for a school in his district while Blagojevich was governor and Emanuel was a Congressman. He also that no one with the Blagojevich camp ever told him that a key adviser to President Barack Obama could get appointed to the U.S. Senate in exchange for Blagojevich being put in charge of a multimillion dollar non-profit group funded by Obama donors.

Blagojevich has rarely been seen in public since he was sentenced to 14 years in prison last December.

  • Hans

    No sympathy he deserves to go to jail good riddance

    • Sickened

      His wife should be joining him. She was a co-conspiritor.

      • LYNDIA


  • Lilly

    No, we don’t want to be callous about this horrible situation – FOR HIS CHILDREN! I truly do not feel very sorry for his wife either because I believe that she knew of many wrong-doings.

    As I wrote last week on this subject (in regard to his staff member’s trial), these people chose to make wrong decisions, as in majorly wrong decisions heading the State in which I live. They did not think about their children, or even the people of the State of Illinois – until they got caught!

    Corruption will forever be alive and well, but I hope that at least some people have learned from this. For God’s sake, think of your families, your children, their friends, and people who trusted in you to make honest decisions!

    Peace and God speed to the children!

  • tony


    • LYNDIA


      • German Leprechaun

        somebody steal your NEWPORTS??

  • Jessie Jr.

    Don’t worry about Patty. ;)

    • German Leprechaun

      LOL!! Good times are ahead, I’m sure!!

  • German Leprechaun

    Hey, Queen Rahm — he’s inmate number 40892-424 in Littleton, CO. That should help you to address his birthday and holiday cards! Oh, and he’d probably appreciate a home-cooked meal once in awhile. Kosher not necessary!!

  • tom sharp

    I’m sure their family will reciprocate when you and your brother go to jail! Term Limits of One!

  • Just Axin

    Rahm is just relieved that his recorded comments were never made public.

  • Army Vet,VN

    I bet you my shorts obamie will pardon Blago for being quiet.

    • LYNDIA


      • German Leprechaun

        Go change your tampon. You’re stinking up this room!

  • yard ape 2

    Hey, Rahm-a-dum-dum: why don’t you go to jail with him: build up some credit for time served when you’re sent up the river. Myopic moronic mayor.

  • Kenny Sommer

    I have a feeling or educated guess Blago wouldn’t be spending to much time in prision for his talking and Fitz and the tantrums powerful tools to convict. In most any states curroption is going on but no one prosecuting. They all do illegal thngs. I am not saying who and why he will be free. I was at the pre primary bash for Brad Schnieder itonight and he is the only primary canadite that will beat Dole. Not that the others aren’t good. Again an educated political opinion.

  • Leland Williams Jr.

    Blago’s book, which is most likely already written, hopefully won’t whitewash his crimes. His press conference seems to be unbalanced, but not unexpected considering he hasn’t been to the slammer yet. I hope Blago will take the high road and help the country CLEAN UP the pay-to-play system that Chicago corruption created and now reigns in Washington DC. Our country needs an enema.

  • Vlad Tepes

    In Transylvania for this kind of corruption is not jail with TV, library and cell phone.Soon it will be out and be sure have enough money in Switzerland to have a better life than the taxpayer after 40 years of working not stealing!

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