By: David Schuster

Derrick Rose is usually cool, calm and collected on the court but Monday night he was getting more and more agitated.  With each and every non call by the officials you could see Rose’s anger rising. And finally in the 3rd quarter he uncharacteristically started mouthing off. But that was nothing compared to after the game.

“I got to be the only superstar in this league that is going through what I’m going through right now but I can’t say too much about it”

Too late on that Derrick because your quote will reverberate around the league and we’ll see if it helps or hurts your cause.

Rose continued to make his case, “How many times did I shoot tonight?” Twenty-nine was the answer and he then added, “And I’m the point guard”  That last point  being that since he shoots that many times and drives to the basket he should get to the free throw line a lot more.

When asked if he thought he might be fined for speaking out Rose responded, “I could care less right now. I will continue to play the way I know how to play. I came into this league a driver and nothing has changed. I will continue to play hard and just try to win”.

Rose’s game continues to mature but by speaking out on Monday he might have taken even a further step in his maturation as a star in the NBA.






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