Teenage Boys Charged In Brutal Sex Assault Near Congress Theater

UPDATED 03/13/12 1:58 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Bond was set at $750,000 Tuesday for two teenage boys accused in the brutal sexual assault of an 18-year-old girl near the Congress Theater in the Logan Square neighborhood on New Year’s Eve.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, a judge sitting in Violence Court (Br. 66) at the Cook County Criminal Courthouse set the bonds for Aamwar Barbour, 16, of Chicago, and Terrance Ford, 15, of Oak Park. Both are charged as as adults with kidnapping, robbery, and aggravated criminal sexual assault.

LISTEN: Assistant State’s Attorney Sean O’Callaghan reads the allegations

Police said the girl, a senior at Highland Park High School, came to the Congress Theater on New Year’s Eve for a show by English DJ and electronic dance music producer Rusko. But she was not allowed in because she didn’t have an ID.

She then went into a restaurant on Milwaukee Avenue across from the theater when she couldn’t get in. She was separated from her friends, who were inside the concert venue, Assistant State’s Attorney Sean O’Callaghan said in court, reading from proffered allegations.

Barbour and Ford were among a group of six boys who found the victim intoxicated in the vestibule of the restaurant around 9:30 p.m. and brought her to a table, O’Callaghan said. Some of the boys knew each other and some did not, he said.

Ford and Barbour then helped the girl out of the restaurant, having to hold her up to keep her from falling over. They walked her down a street and leaned her up against a fence, where both began to fondle her, O’Callaghan alleged.

But someone on the street came up and told the boys to stop, and they complied, O’Callaghan said.

After the boys stopped fondling her, the girl fell down and hit her head, and began bleeding, O’Callaghan said. By that point, she could no longer walk, so Barbour and Ford took turns carrying her to a more secluded street, he said.

In a front yard on the street, the group lay the victim on the ground, and pulled her pants down and her shirt up, O’Callaghan said. Ford then began to sexually assault her, the prosecutor alleged.

Someone on the street saw the group standing in a semicircle in the front yard, and approached to find the rape in progress while the others stood there watching, O’Callaghan said. When the witness came up, everyone in the group scattered, he said.

But someone who was at the scene went back to the Congress Theater and told security what happened. Theater security apprehended some of the alleged assailants, who were identified by others in their own group and by video surveillance from an unspecified source, O’Callaghan said.

Meanwhile, neighbors found the girl found lying unconscious and partially naked on a lawn in the 2100 block of North Rockwell Street. She had been beaten severely and was covered in blood, police said at the time.

Police said three suspects were initially arrested and interviewed. But O’Callaghan said they were released pending the results of DNA testing.

Ford and Barbour were arrested again when blood on Ford’s underwear turned out to match that of the victim, O’Callaghan said. There was no mention of any DNA evidence from the victim’s body.

The neighborhood was up in arms following the assault.

“They are animals. They are cowards. They are evil people who did an evil thing,” Ald. Proco “Joe” Moreno (1st) said after the attack.

Dozens of people also rallied against rape in front of the Congress Theater, located at 2135 N. Milwaukee Ave., in the days after the attack.

Ford is a sophomore at Foreman High School, at 3235 N. LeClaire Ave. in the Northwest Side’s Belmont-Cragin neighborhood. Barbour attends Oak Park-River Forest High School.

Both teens have juvenile delinquency records – Barbour for resisting arrest, and Ford from stealing from someone on three occasions, in all of which he admitted guilt, O’Callaghan said.

Ford was represented by an assistant public defender, while Barbour appeared with two attorneys. One of his attorneys said there was no DNA evidence linking him to the crime, and said there was actually evidence that he helped the victim.

“We are maintaining our client’s innocence. There’s no DNA that was talked about at the bond proffer from our client. It’s on the other defendant, and we maintain (Barbour’s) innocence,” said Barbour defense attorney Steve Pick.

But the judge denied a request for a bond of just $100,000 for Barbour.

Pick also objected to his client being charged as an adult, and said he wants the case tried in Juvenile Court.

The suspects are due back in court for a preliminary hearing on April 2.

  • Just Axin

    Great police work finding these animals, and no surprise, they’re not from the Vietnamese community.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      They are not of the human species either.

      • Leroy Goldberg

        Aamwar and Terrance??? We know exactly what they are…NE@RO …and exactly what they should be…DEAD!

  • Jim

    I wonder if Aamwar and Terrance are black!!!

  • tiger paw

    All they needed to do was toss off in a strip club or have amber lynn rub their semi. No sex assult!!! Strip Clubs rule!!!! Hey… maybe Amber lynn ignored them, and in that case no wonder mr unhappy was looking for more. I get it!

    • Dan

      Your an idiot and so is your city, please stay in ILL i Noid and don’t venrute to Wisconsin you sick morons

  • marc(proud black man)

    Does it matter! It’s a heinous crime, and they should be put to death no matter what race they are or the victim was!! Who gives a damn about race! I guarantee you that thru history EACH race on this planet has committed atrocities that shake the foundation of society. But alas, let the stupid race comments begin.

    • educated black woman

      I dnt understand why their remarks are even being posted their choice of words are disgusting to the human race

  • Annie

    @marc – unfotunately, these comment boards are really just a place for people to spew hate and ignorance anonymously like cowards. A bunch of wierdos searching the Internet for the next place to sound uneducated, ignorant and completely ridiculous. Unfortunately, no one takes these boards seriously and hasn’t for a long time. ANYWAY, I completely agree with you. I have been reading the news daily to see when they would charge the monsters responsible for this horrible crime and I am so relieved to see that this young woman may hopefully get some justice.

  • Bob Hamilton

    Good police work, but there is a way to go. Since they are being tried as adults, their mug shots should be printed. There were more than two people involved, get them too.

  • marc(proud black man)

    Annie thank you!! Actually I totally admit that within my race there are some horrible people.Shoot, I’ve been wronged most by them directly.But the problem is when Racist people that just got thru having sex with their moms or sisters chime in and say a whole race is bad!!! All of no race is bad!!!! I don’t care what Islamic extremist have done, that crazy soldier needs to be turned over to them and shown their justice.

    The racist say let’s forget the history lessons,how can we!! Caucasians have demonstrated a hate for all people and committed the most heinous of crimes thru out history! They have always felt the need to take or enslave what is not theirs.These are facts.But now we should get over it…Right!! Just remember, racist white people are the ones who showed some of us how to be barbaric!

    As I say we all have a little racist in us.The simple fact is in these cases where thru DNA or video evidence and such that you can be proven you did the crime then you should be turned over to the victim or their loved ones for punishment!!!!!!!! And I don’t care if you’re black,white,asian,hispanic etc..!

    • Eric Intelligent white man)

      Marc, you started out your comment making sense but then as usual leaned your story into your true hatred of whitre people. You are not a person whom I would trust at all as you slandered ebery white person alive but then try to seem the slick articulated individual whom dances around your actual feelings. Thanks for your bigoted comments and making my point once more. Your race has more racists in it than any other in hte world, much like those heinous horrible white people whom commit atrosities unbeknownst to mankind while the angelic black man sits back with his halo on. Please…….

    • Nick

      I wish people like you would speak out more against violence in their own race. Far too long have Sharpton and Jesse Jackson been the spokesperson for the African American community. It needs people that recognize that hatred and criminality are wrong regardless of race.

      I do believe the African American community needs help from within, and there is nothing that can be done from Government. The community needs people like you to speak up and help them rise above their current situations.

      • marc(proud black man)

        Nick thank you and i respect your comments. Unfortunately i’m just a construction worker trying to get by.I moved my family from the west side out to a very nice area to escape the violence we speak of!! My two oldest kids have completed college(4 years), and my last one is a A student where he goes. He has friends of all races that come by our house.Life is good!! I bust my ass and feel everyone should as well!! Never been on welfare or anything of the such!! All black people will not do harm to you.

        As for Jessie and Al,my god i wish most time they would shut up!!!! An ex. is when Jessie decided to intervene for the kids who were expelled for fighting.But they never really attended school anyway!!!

        I wish I could save all my people but i can’t.simple fact is we need to start holding the parents accountable.Babies having babies,parents not wanting to parent…Just too many issues to overcome,I’m afraid.Hope I’m wrong!

        In the end man, just know not ALL black people kill,harm,mame,rape,murder and commit heinous crimes!!!

    • History man

      Hi Marc – I think you’ll find that it was the Arabs who most of the enslaving. And that the white English did most to end the slave trade.

  • Malcom

    how is that whole integration thing working out for all the dead, raped,beaten and swindled white people? Sure the white liberals and self hating white democrats think its a good thing and probaby think Whites deserve worse. And will side with the black racist every time.

  • juju

    Wow, what brilliant commentary on this page.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      Just get out of prison you POS!!??

      • educated black woman

        why are u such a racist what have my wonderful, educated, talented people done to you nothing so show your face for once and talk that way in public its a new day in age and slavery will never happen to our race again.NEVER



  • Just Axin

    Percy- Can’t get fair taxes from the wealthy? Do you know what the wealthy already pay? You have less than 10% of the people paying more than 35% of the taxes, that is fair? No one devalued your house or made you jobless? Pre existing conditions? It sounds like you are screaming for more gov’t involvement. You think that will make it better? Did you ever consider that big govt got us into this mess to begin with? And BTW, Bush spent more $ then just about any other president, except Obama. Bush is a POS. No easy solution, but the hero of the story is Ron Paul.

  • wicker hood

    Dna is involved and belongs to bad animals.guilty guilty.

  • marc(proud black man)

    Actually I don’t usually comment on these boards but do read them…And yes everyone should know by now The Ape is nothing but a crazy racist! The funny thing is I have repeatedly denounced what my young “brothers” did to that girl and said kill their butts!! BUT he can’t even seem to understand the simple concept that HIS people have been doing this stuff FOREVER!! Even worse acts!!As he says let’s forget all the stuff in the past happened. Wonder who the self entitled feeling idiot is now!!

    And no he cares nothing about that girl,and everyone here can see thru it!! So in the end I will say it again,kill them for what they did!!!!! I don’t care what color they are, they deserve to die!!!!!! Now you want to own up to what your people have done,and admit that you guys are the ones who taught the world all this violence!!

  • Just Axin

    Marc- So share with us the violent crimes whites commit in Chgo on a daily basis……I’m waiting. Maybe you should stick with only reading and not commenting on these boards. I’m glad that CBS (for the most part) has not caved into to the repeated calls/emails you naysayers have with the comments people post.

  • Proud Whitey

    I think Yard Ape was raped by Blacks, didn’t get a reach-around, and that’s why he spews the hate rhetoric

    • THEE Yard Ape

      Nice try you worthless c#nt. I’ll safely assume that your a member of my “favorite” species as well.

    • Just Axin

      ProudW- SInce the blacks who choose a life of violence will only go after people that can’t protect themselves, I’d say you’re wrong on YApe’s history. It looks like you’d be more productive cleaning up YApe’s waste then trying to contribute to this board.

      • marc(proud black man)

        Actually ProudW, black people who CHOOSE to commit crimes will go after ANYBODY who is an easy victim!! Just like any body from any other race choosing to commit crimes. The simple fact is yes,blacks and hispanics do commit more violent crimes in Chicago than any other races. And yes I moved from Chicagos west side to a town very much dominated by white people to escape the violence.Actually quite a few of my people did that could afford to live where I do anyway.

        But I digress..With all this being said you guys will still not acknowledge the violence and hatred that you have been apart of. Yes violence is totally out of control now, but damn I wonder how my people felt when they were enslaved and whipped,and bought and sold like some personal property.While master was secretly raping our women!!

        So as far as I’m concerned keep right on spewing your hatred!! I love it! Because it lets me show people that think white people have changed that maybe alot have but that there is a HUGE majority that would love to bring slavery back!!! Simple fact is if black people didn’t commit anymore crimes this still wouldn’t be good enough for you. You would still feel the need to preach the hatred that is in you. The simple fact is you are as bad as the people that commit these heinous crimes!!Instead of denouncing a crime against this women and calling for justice it’s more important to you to scream to the top of your lungs the race of the people that committed it. And to call for mass extermination of an entire race,correct.Forget the fact of how many law abiding,contributing to society,black people that are out there.Wow,such intelligence at work here.

        Too sum it up,when you denounce all the hatred and crimes against MANY that your people have committed thru out history(and still do), I will gather my butt up and you can join me and we can lead our people to the extermination chamber.If you want i’ll go first though because,i’m sure machine would probably break down before it was finished with you guys!(You know, capacity exceeded!!!)

  • me

    Liberals will always take the side of black rapists over female victims. race trumps everything else, except abortion, which is so sacrosanct that it touches their very souls (if they believed in it). i am pro choice but i am also pro death penalty for these savages.
    yes, savages.

  • Blanca de la Nieve

    Another RACIST, BLACK-ON-WHITE HATE-CRIME! Once again the SILENT, COMPLICIT MEDIA gives the RACIST, BLACK MISOGYNISTS a pass! But America’s DIRTIEST SECRET is well known to white folks: BLACK-ON-WHITE VIOLENCE IS ESCALATING. BLACK-ON-WHITE RAPE IS OUT OF CONTROL! Don’t expect Chicago PD or DOJ to prosecute these felonies under hate-crimes laws…The powers-that-be are in lockstep support of any increase of BLACK-ON-WHITE VIOLENCE–just as Dr. Derrick Bell envisioned and hoped for…

  • James

    Those ni@@ers have to pay!

  • James

    I wonder how liberal jewish jan schakowsky feels about this? her liberal policies allow blacks to get away with these crimes.

  • Mike G

    Nothing new here. Its just Obama supporters doing what Obama supporters do — commit criminal acts.

  • http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2012/03/21/third-teen-charged-in-rape-of-woman-outside-congress-theater/ Third Teen Charged In Rape Of Woman Outside Congress Theater « CBS Chicago

    […] Charles Chuning, 16, didn’t fondle, sexually assault or rob the victim like his co-defendants Terrance Ford, 15, and Aanwar Barbour, 16, did, Cook County prosecutors said … […]

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