Wicker Park Man Cited For Animal Cruelty For Dragging Puppy On Walk

CHICAGO (CBS)–A Wicker Park man is facing charges after a neighbor reportedly saw him dragging a puppy down a sidewalk this morning.

Stanton Howard told police he was trying to teach a pit bull puppy how to walk.

When the 11-week-old dog refused, witnesses said they saw Howard dragging the puppy along a sidewalk and then up the stairs to his apartment.

Police said they followed a bloody trail to Howard’s apartment. They saw the wounds to the dog’s belly, paws and back.

Animal Care and Control has been treating the puppy.

The agency also took custody of a second pit bull, who appeared “timid and weak,” according to police.

Howard was cited for animal cruelty.

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  • tom sharp

    No death penalty? Pity.

  • Charlene

    Thank goodness both puppies were confiscated & are receiving medical care. This man should never be allowed to own another animal.

    • Roberta Waker

      Agreed. Unfortunately the Judges are out to lunch and someday he just might be allowed to own another pet just like Michael Vick. Thank you to the neighbor that turned him in – we need more people like this. As for Howard; he should be dragged behind a car until he bleeds out.

  • tiger paw

    This “tough guy” should be kicked in the face a few times with steel toe boots. Then dragged a bit while he’s trying to pick up his teeth. A$$hole!!!!

  • tiger paw

    Oh and a big “THANK YOU” to a decent and compassionate neighbor. :) Should be more of you around looking out for those who can’t defend themselves.

  • non

    Teaching the puppy to walk? Or training the puppy to fight?

  • cat

    Too bad his mother didn’t teach him to walk like that. Maybe he wouldn’t be here now if she did.

  • German Leprechaun

    The Trib website has video of Officers taking scene photos outside of — SURPRISE! — some beautiful SECTION 8’s on Rockwell in beautiful HUMBOLDT PARK!! A haven for sh!itheads since the 70’s!!!

    • Roberta Waker

      @German. Humboldt Park used to be a nice area many years ago where you could walk to the park, pool, and even the movie theater without worrying about being shot, attacked, raped or stabbed. The gangs and illegals have destroyed this once nice area and the good people did nothing so they lost control. Now they can reap what they have sowed.

      • German Leprechaun

        I know. I’m intimately familiar with the area. It’s an unfortunate pattern that’s repeated itself all over the patchwork of the City!

  • Just Axin

    How about listing his address?

    • German Leprechaun

      Watch the video on the Trib website. One can almost figure it out!!

  • cat

    This POS is on Facebook

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  • lo

    Hey Leper head you got all kinda advice and attitudes about this area, unless you live around hear stop trash talkin before one of us see fit to teach you what you outta know. Like keep your mouth shut about stuff you have no knowledge of unless you want to sound like the true imbecile you are!! Oh yeah almost forgot, people who are crule to animals should be put to death because science has proven that this is a sign of sociopathic behavior that leads to further deviant behavoir including serial killing of humans

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  • Sharonm

    Animals are gods creatures. Dear god, please help all animas from being abused! I pray every day

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