Crete Resident: Village Would ‘Basically Die’ If Detention Center Opens

CRETE, Ill. (CBS) — There are some sharp lines drawn in south suburban Crete, where a private prison corporation plans to build a detention facility for the immigration service.

As WBBM Newsradio’s John Cody reports, Corrections Corporation of America spokesman Steve Owen says the center promises economic improvement for Crete.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s John Cody reports

“I think 200 new jobs in the community, and approximately $1.2 million annually in property taxes; another $1.2 million in utility fees, is what we’re estimating at this point,” Owen said.

But Crete resident Mark Rose would see the detention center out his rear window, and he says the consequences of opening the facility might be devastating.

“The village itself is going to, I believe, basically die. People will move out. You won’t be able to sell your property,” Rose said.

Crete village administrators say there is no final official word on construction plans, though Corrections Corporation of America literature says the detention center will be built on 74 acres on west Monee Road.

The 500- to 700-bed facility would hold immigration detainees who require minimum to maximum security.

  • Roberta Waker

    How can they even contemplate building a new detention center when the Gov. is talking about closing prisons? Aren’t detention centers for minimim security prisoners and prisons for maximum security hardened criminals? Keep the prisons we have; build more IF NECESSARY. If we early release murderers, rapists, armed robbers, etc. because of overcrowded conditions, then we need to build more prisons. It’s time to use some common sense in Springfield and maybe even show some fiscal responsibility.

  • Me

    How is building a detention centre any different than building a prison in a town? Towns fight for prisons, but not detention centres?

    • Roberta Waker

      Thought detention centers were mostly for nonviolent criminals; while regular prisons are for violent criminals, which means minimum OR maximum security depending on the facility and the crime. If they want to build it badly enough, they will build it just like everything else the government wants to do. We don’t have any rights any more, unless you are an illegal in this country. I might not mind a detention center or a rehab recovery house in our area; but for now the trains are driving us crazy enough thanks to Chicago.

  • Elle Wertz

    Gov is also laying off Parole Officers and closing prisons. BTW the immigrant detention center won’t just have Mexican’s in it.
    This detention Center will change Crete forever. Just look at Dixon and Pontiac to see what will become of the quaint quiet town after the detention center (prison) is built.
    School buses will go right by it everyday.look at it on Google maps. It a crazy idea.

    • John Z

      Apparently you dont know too much about Pontiac.It is a quaint quiet town and they fought like hell to keep the prison open when the state threatened to close it a few years back.Stop by there today or any other day and you wouldn’t even know there was a prison there if ypu didn’t know beforehand.

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  • Donna Peoples

    All you’re getting are grandiose promises. Note CCA starts his conversation with “I THINK” by using “I THINK” he can throw around any figures he wants whether they are real or not. He also says estimating at this point. Citizens are getting any of this money.
    The devil dwells in the details which are purposely hidden.

  • franz

    Why not put it in Melrose Park or Cicero in an existing factory building-much closer to the Illegal Mexican population anyway.

    Huge vacant building on 54th ave. and 16th street in Cicero-it’s all industrial and lets face it the jobs are gone to China for good…….

    Hey wait a minute-BRAINSTORM-put those residents in the detention facility to work making stuff-we might be able to whip the Chinese at their own game!

    • German Leprechaun

      Both of your ideas are productive!!

  • WetNurse

    I fear far worse for Crete and other area residents should JJJ become our Congressman.

  • RBulliner

    I currently live in Crete and I WILL be moving my family out if this detention center is built! My problem would be trying to get the current house sold. Who would want to move in to a location where a prison is only a stone’s throw away? I see nothing but problems with this proposal. What happens if some of the detainees decide to break out and take refuge in one of the local houses there? Put the damn detention center someplace else!

    • Roberta Waker

      People live near Stateville in Joliet and I’m sure many moved out when the prison was being built, but you don’t hear about too many problems in that area that we don’t have somewhere else with crime and criminals. They have to put these facilities somewhere. Maybe they should build the facility in Chicago near the Mayor’s house or near the Governor’s house.

  • Michael Anthony

    Mark Rose won’t have to turn on his yard lights at night. The neighborhood will be plenty bright. The moonlight reflecting off the razor-wire could be enchanting. Parents may take their kids for Sunday drives and tell them that if they do not behave, they could wind up behind those chain-link fences. The potential income from tourism has not been fully explored.

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