CALUMET CITY, Ill. (CBS) — A car was essentially run over by a semi-trailer truck on the Bishop Ford Freeway early Wednesday, causing a pileup and a major traffic jam.

The crash happened around 6:30 a.m. on the inbound Bishop Ford just past Sibley Boulevard, reports CBS 2’s Kris Habermehl. The truck was coming into the back end of an existing traffic delay heading into the Dan Ryan Expressway, when it rolled over the back end of the car.

The car was sent across the roadway, and was spun around and destroyed, Habermehl said.

Several other vehicles were damaged in the crash. One ended up in the middle of the lanes of traffic, one was on the left shoulder, and at least two more were damaged by debris and ended up partially in the ditch along the right shoulder.

Specific information about injuries was not known, but many people refused medical treatment.

As of 6:40 a.m., multiple lanes were blocked on the inbound Bishop Ford, and traffic was at a standstill. Even emergency responders were having a hard time getting to the scene.

Habermehl says some commuters drove around all the blocked lanes in the ditch – an act which could have placed first responders in danger.

Use of the Bishop Ford is not advised.

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