Family Of Woman Who Walked Onto Eisenhower Sues State Police

CHICAGO (CBS) — A lawsuit is being filed Thursday against Illinois State Police and the Village of Westchester for the handling of a woman’s drunken driving arrest last September.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports, the lawsuit on behalf of Diana Paz’s family contends an Illinois State trooper never should have driven her to a gas station at Mannheim Road and the Eisenhower Expressway, after the 25-year-old woman posted bond following her DUI arrest.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports

<a href=";?Early on the morning of Sept. 2, police had arrested Paz as she drove home drunk from her own birthday party. State police gave her a ride to the west suburban gas station after she told them she had no family or means of getting home.

Shortly afterward, Paz was struck and killed by a car as she walked onto the expressway.

Paz’s family said she was still drunk at the time she was dropped off, and never should have been left alone.

“The main point here is she was still 2 to 2 1/2 times the legal limit; was clearly intoxicated…. The Cook County Medical Examiner establishes that without any doubt,” said family attorney Tim Cavanagh.

Cavanagh says Paz’s family wants the state police procedure changed.

State police spokeswoman Monique Bond said there will be no comment on the lawsuit right now, but that the trooper did follow proper procedures.

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  • fed up

    Theory of the case-it’s always somebody else’s fault. You can’t even kill yourself in this country without some lawyer telling your family that someone else should pay. Tort reform-execute lawyers who file frivolous suits.

  • Jim

    The police are not responsible forthis woman’s drunkeness and they are not responsible for people after they are released from custody. They did her a huge favor by giving her a ride. The people filing the suit should have picked her up!!!

  • Heinrich

    Sounds like natural selection at work.

  • RJ


    • Enrico Martinez Gonzalez Sanchito

      Isn’t that Mexican speak?

      • German Leprechaun

        iSi! iSi! Andale!! Andale!!

  • west town dude

    the family wants to win the lawsuit lottery, i really hope they lose. i am just so tired of everything being someone elses fau

  • west town dude

    the family wants to win the lawsuit lottery, i really hope they lose. i am just so tired of everything being someone elses fault

    • Roberta Waker

      @west. Hope the jury doesn’t award them ANYTHING. They are looking to make money off her death, which was unfortunate, but not the fault of the police. Her FAMILY should have picked her up; then she would still be alive. They are at fault. PERIOD.

  • imongo

    And good riddance…thank you Darwin.

  • franz

    You know who should sue? The poor guy that hit her that’s who-he is an innocent victim in all this and has to live with the fact that he killed someone.

  • disgusted

    Lets see, she is driving herself home while drunk from her own birthday party. Were none of her family at that party? and the fact that she told the police she didn’t have any family or friends to call, must come at a great surprise to her spirit, that she does have family that think they should be compensated for her death. Nothing like crawling out of the woodwork after the fact.

  • peter

    with no money and no id should held her longer in cell or give her a a ride home

  • PG

    This kind of stupidity has to end! This woman willingly got drunk, willingly drove drunk which led to her arrest, willingly lied to authorities by telling them that she had no family, willingly asked the police to give her a ride, willingly chose the drop off spot, and then willingly walked onto the expressway and got run over. Yet, despite her willingness to do all of this, this family blames the police for this womans stupidity. Can someone please stop these kinds of lawsuits?

  • peter

    but if she was still drunk why let her go could held her longer in the cell

    • PG

      She bailed herself out is my understanding. There is no law against being drunk, they arrested her for driving drunk. Once she made bail, they have no legal reason to hold her on that charge. Regardless, she made all of the decisions that eventually led to he being her demise, and it is not the fault of police.

  • hazardmj

    What? You are charged, booked and if you have bail money you are released. They were doing her a favor by letting her go without posting.

    Her friends and family should be sued for letting her leave a party stewed enougbh to drive the wrong way on the Ike!

  • Toonces

    Good thing this selfish be ot ch didn’t kill someone; if she was so wasted that she couldn’t even safely cross a street she certainly had no business behind the wheel! Also, where were all of her ‘caring’ family members when she needed a ride????????? They should get ONE NICKEL to split betwixt them.

  • Roberta Waker

    Her keys were taken from her at the BD party when she got drunk by a friend, then the hostess returned them to her and let her drive drunk. If anyone should be sued it should be the homeowner that returned her keys and allowed her to drive. The police are not babysitters and when she bailed herself out; their only mistake was the “courtesy” of dropping her off where she wanted to go. Where was her family when she needed a ride home? The family is suing the wrong people. The only innocents are the police and the poor guy that hit her; everyone else has some responsibility for her death. They don’t deserve a dime from the police.

  • non

    She posted bond. The cops did her a favor by giving her a ride. End of story

  • Tom

    As long as the family wants to sue the police and hold them accountable, why don’t they sue the folks who were present at her party who stood by and watched her get liquored up and then drive away.

  • Lisa Ladonski

    Where was her family to drive her home? She posted bail, are they not obligated to let her go? She was driven to a gas station. After that, it isn’t up to the cops where she goes. She could have said “Oh my so-and-so works here and she/he is going to take me home.” They have no way of checking that.

  • DJ

    Wow, my faith in mankind has been renewed after reading these comments. I initially thought that I would be in the minority when I say that the only person responsible for this woman’s death is herself and perhaps the person who gave her the car keys after the party. Other than that, she is totally at fault and the family is simply looking to make a quick buck. Let’s hope that all of us that feel this way end up on the jury. No $$$ for you!

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