Biggs: Bears Underestimating Risk With Marshall

(WSCR) During Phil Emery and Lovie Smith’s press conference on Thursday, the duo gave a vote of confidence to newly-acquired wide receiver Brandon Marshall, saying the Bears were the “right fit” for the embattled wide receiver.

One Bears expert, however, thinks the organization may be overlooking just how much risk is involved.

“What Emery and Lovie really didn’t admit to, in my opinion, was the risk involved here,” Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune and National Football Post told The Mully and Hanley Show. “You know there’s something not right when you have a three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver who is 27 years old get traded for two third-round draft picks. If that doesn’t tell everyone out there that there’s a whole lot of risk with this guy, they’re blind or clueless or both. But Lovie and Phil’s response was, ‘Well, there’s risk with every employee.’ I just thought that was a little naive.”

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While Marshall’s on-the-field performance speaks for itself, it’s his run-ins with the law that should have the Bears concerned.

“The guy’s performance has been massive,” Biggs said. “He’s 6-4, 230 pounds. He can run. You can line him up anywhere on the field. He’s the guy on 3rd-and-6 that they’re going to be throwing the ball to. The defense is going to know that it’s going to him, but whether they want to admit it at Halas Hall or not, there is significant risk with this guy.

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  • Markie Maypo

    Risk of what? I want to know. What are you at risk for?The guy getting arrested or suspended? So what? Then you’re just left with the same receivers you had last year who were pretty good when Jay was healthy. You also don’t have Martz around anymore trying to prove a point to everyone about how smart he is(he’s not btw). Besides that, the Bears still have a first round pick that they can get a pretty darn good receiver with (I still think they need to draft one, even WITH Marshall). His contract was front loaded, so there isn’t much of a cap risk. WHERE IS THIS HIGH RISK?

    However, Marshall DOES give an EXTREMELY high reward factor if he is healthy, not suspended, and not incarcerated. I just don’t see the high risk. People that say there is high risk, are just people who want to be judge, jury, and executioner. They want to hold athletes to some kind of Jesus standard. Simply unrealistic.

  • Meatless Meatball

    Honestly, Biggs reminds me of Bernie Lincicome when his headline roared “Disaster Will Come from this Desperate Move” when Dennis Rodman came to town. The Bulls went on to win three championships with Rodman. I’m not saying the Bears will win the Super Bowl with, or because of, Marshall, but Biggs trying to play prognosticator is typical lazy-reporter fluff that is as shameful as it is stupid.

  • DShea

    Marshall is a nut bag, but Biggs admits that the Bears onlt gave up two 3rd rounders so that’s not giving up much for a guy that coule be great, even with the risk of suspension. Where’s the risk?

  • writer118

    Come on – really? Phil Emery and Lovie know exactly what they’re dealing with here. They’re not stupid or blind. Of course they’re not going to come right out and say it. But I’m sure they’re fully aware, and I would bet a lot that they discussed all of this with Marshall prior to signing him. He’ll get a lot of support, but they’ll be watching him and doing whatever they can to keep him in line.

  • Jay

    You don’t think Phil or Lovie appreciate the risk????? Biggs, you’re the naive one if you don’t think so. What is actually to be gained if they come out and publically say this is a risky acquisition? Really, how would they or the Bears benefit by coming out and saying this? And who deemed you a “Bears Expert”??? You’re no more of a Bears expert than I am. Look, I know you and HUB have a personal disdain for Brandon Marshall, but you don’t own the Bears nor do you pay Marshall’s salary. So, if you and Hub don’t like this acquisition (because I “really” know why you don’t like Mr. Marshall), then go root and report for another NFL team.

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