Lake County, Ind., Jail Warden Resigns Amid Drunkenness Allegations

CROWN POINT, Ind. (CBS) — The warden at the Lake County Jail in Northwest Indiana has stepped down, amid allegations that he was drunk when he showed up to the scene of a fatal hit-and-run crash that left one of his correctional officers dead.

Warden Jeffrey Kumorek was originally placed on sick leave after the crash on March 6 crash that killed correctional Officer Britney Meux, 25, and injured three other officers.

The Northwest Indiana Post-Tribune reports Kumorek apparently arrived at the scene drunk. He was also apparently drunk when he came to Meux’s funeral in Hammond, Ind., this past Monday, the Post-Tribne reported.

Lake County Sheriff John Buncich said Kumorek resigned, but neither he nor Kumorek himself would comment to the Post-Tribune on the allegations.

Kumorek is a retired Chicago Police officer and a former Gary, Ind., police chief, the Post-Tribune reported.

Meux was killed instantly when the sport-utility vehicle slammed into her and the three other officers, as they jogged around the Lake County Government Center in Crown Point, Ind., as part of a training exercise.

The other officers – David Murchek, 26; Latasha Johnson, 34; and Delano Scaife, 22 — were seriously injured, but survived.

Unemployed bricklayer Jason Cozmanoff, 42, now stands charged with one count of reckless homicide and three counts of criminal recklessness. He had been expected to plead guilty earlier this week, but a court hearing Wednesday ended with no plea agreement.

  • Army Vet,VN

    Can anyone tell me why the Chicago media is so interested in what goes on in Indiana,several years ago I question several news networks why they didn;t cover a brutal murder,rape,mutilation and torture of a young White couple in Knoxville, Ten by 5 blacks and was told that the networks have more than enough local news happening to go outside the state,Yea I bet.

  • Just Axin

    AVet- I remember that story because of how vicious it was and local outlets did not cover it. We know 5 whites doing the same would have stopped the presses nationwide.

  • Maria

    Army Vet for the same reason all media exists….sensationalism

    Really you still believe that there isn’t racism in America even
    163 years after the emancipation proclamation, heck look how we treat
    women and chidlren in 2012 let alone race relations, we are still good
    at producing children and cooking but God forbid we open our mouths
    and have an opinion, seen not heard like children and muslim women.
    Please, we are not that progressive as the world sees us..

    A woman is stilld raped in America every 14 minutes
    A child is still sexually abused every 2 minutes
    A person is still reported missing in Chicago every 30 minutes

    Who cares about that?
    No one.. if they did I would never have been kidnapped at the age 13 in this lovely city and nobody gave a damn I was missing, I wan’t the daughter of any politician or anyone rich, could ehave very easily ended up dead in the forest preserve I was taken to off I-55……..

    so wake up and smell the reality and stop watching so much TV…
    it has turned our brains to mush! And turned us into the the most
    un compassionate ~~de-sensitized form of life on the planet!

    And I am sincerely sorry for that couple,
    I hope their families are doing better.
    And I hope they find some peace. I have!
    Only took me 40 years..

    • Jim

      Exactly how as a nation do we treat women and children badly? Racism is no longer an accepted way of life in America. No separate drinking fountain, no separate restrooms, no seregated seating in restaurants, no racism in hiring, as far as I can see, racism is no longer a problem in the US. There are a few haters out there, but they are the minority. Part of the problem is many minorities mistake disgust and frustration with racism. They are not the same. When you read about vicious black homies killing, robbing, beating, raping, and stealing, on a day to day basis, there will be disgust and frustration. Don’t confuse this with racism!!!!

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