Men Charged In Maywood Shooting That Killed Cabbie, Wounded Woman

MAYWOOD, Ill. (CBS) — Two men are set to appear in bond court in Maywood Friday, charged with a Nov. 26 shooting that left a taxi driver dead and a second person wounded.

Maywood village spokesman Larry Shapiro identified the suspects as Ferris Howard, 25, of the 100 block of South 15th Avenue in Maywood, and Williams Stamps, 21, of the 100 block of South 19th Avenue, also of in Maywood.

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Victim Luis Cordoba, of Melrose Park, was waiting for a fare and was alone inside of the taxi in a residential neighborhood, at 19th Avenue and St. Charles Road, when the gunmen opened fire. Cordoba, 56, was shot in the head.

Another stray bullet traveled two blocks and wounded a 68-year-old woman, Willie Williams. in the back. Williams was shot as she waited for a Pace bus.

he bullet “was lodged against her spinal cord,” Shapiro said Ferris in November, but she was not paralyzed. The woman lived two blocks away from where the shooting occurred.

Surveillance video retrieved after the shooting show that neither was the intended target, and that the shooters continued to run after Cordoba and Williams had been shot. Police said at the time that no attempt was made to rob Cordoba, who had driven for Bellwood-based People’s Cab Co. for eight years.

The cab company offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. A representative of the cab company declined comment.

Shapiro said Howard and Stamps both face charges of murder, attempted murder and aggravated battery by firearm.

  • Just Axin

    Even though we get pretty upset when we see these offenses occur day in and day out, what might encourage something to be done would be if the media listed criminal histories of the offenders. Once people see rap sheets attached to every story, something might actually be done to slow these animals down. Unless the person is already in jail, I don’t think that info is avail to the public?

    • Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot

      WOW! These two guys are in big trouble, it’s illegal to carry a gun in the state of Illinois. OMG!! It’s as if criminals have no respect for Illinois’s strict gun laws and the only people without guns are law abiding citizens.

  • Jim

    Well, take a good look eveyone. These two are an example of society’s worst nightmare. Two black African gangsters without a drop of remorse between them. The likes of these two should be eliminated from civilized society!!!!

    • Leroy Goldberg


      You speak the truth. There is no place in society for those two and the millions just like them.

    • Hoth Industries

      POS Jim wrote:
      “Two black African gangsters…”

      Really? These two thugs are about as African as you are. You really, really, REALLY need higher education.

  • justa thought

    Every time I see the twin mugshots on these stories it usually (if not always) involves 2 black men-I can help thinking “Two Headed Hydra” when I see it.

    So can we start calling a single black thug a “Hydra” and when there is more than 1 “two headed…” etc.

    Here is info on what a Hydra is:

    The Hydra guards the entrance to the Underworld and from the murky swamps of the Lake of Lerna the monstrous serpent would rise and terrorize the city. The Hydra was finally killed by Hercules during his second labor.

    Seems like we have plenty of Hydra’s-now all we need is Hercules…….

  • judge

    Reinstate the death penalty.i believe an eye for an eye.people kill someone and all evidences goes against the bad guy(s). Deserve the death penalty.where i came from,there are two choices needle or electric chair.

  • Just Axin

    Jim-Great job with your aforementioned comments. MSko- In the beginning, you actually made a little sense, but when I see your other posts, you let the brotha in you come out. The biggest joke around here, as usual, is Hoth. I can’t believe you said you hit the report comment link. If that doesn’t show you are the biggest (ok, time to use that link..) P U S S Y, than I’m a monkey’s uncle. Perhaps when your blood pressure goes up, you suddenly lose the ability to respond on an intellectual level, and it looks like the Hulk (read: brotha) comes out in You. All those gov’t grants for your education, down the drain!

    • German Leprechaun

      Highly insightful. Thank you.

    • Hoth Industries

      *sigh* you’ll never get it. what a waste.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    Oh there are quite a few good NE@ROES…..the dead ones!

    • Leroy Goldberg

      @ Hoth Industries you are more than welcome to join them!

      • Hoth Industries

        If it means to be far from jags like you, then gladly.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      @hoth – first off let me invite you to go fuk yourself!!! Are you negro?? I hope so, because if you are white, I would like to see you hang first while the ni @@ ers watch!!! Liberals sacks of sh!t like you serve NO purpose, but to enable this type of sh!t to continue.

      • Hoth Industries

        If my race or ethnicity means so much to you, then come suck it and figure it out for yourself.

        There is where you are wrong, jag, er, I mean APE… no. I did mean jag. Anyway, racists like yourself serve no purpose but to further a message of hate. Pure and simple. HATE. It is one thing to be prejudice, entirely another to be racist. You are living in the wrong era, APE. You would have had a better fit in 1950s Mississippi rather than in today’s progressive, forward-thinking society. Instead, you choose to look back to an era to summon all the hate, bigotry, and vile talk you can procure. Good for you, Bravo! It is not I who daily writes hate into the comment sections of a news outlet. I bet you hit them all, don’t you? You cannot be limited to the Chicago market… Your type of hate and bigotry is just to expansive for even an audience as large as Chicago. Take that sh!t on the road, man. Spread your message IN PERSON and see how far you get.

      • THEE Yard Ape

        @hoth- hey @ ss hole, I’m a REALIST!!! Spread a message of hate on the road?? You mean like Farracoon?? I’m sure your fine with that right?? I’m done with you. Incase you haven’t noticed,I’m not alone in my thoughts!!!

      • Hoth Industries

        Henceforth, I will refer to THEE YARD APE as POS APE. Actually, any Hate Monger will be proceeded with the apt title of POS.

        I liken you to the digital, white version of Louis Farrakhan (only you are less intelligent).

        Seriously, people like you and Farrakhan are loathsome. Vile. Despicable. No matter the color of skin the Hate Monger has, it’s still abhorrent. There is nothing positive about you or Farrakhan’s message. Nothing.

  • marc(ashamed negro boy)

    It’s because of black men like these 2 that make me so ashamed that make me marc(ashamed negro boy).

  • Milton Abernathy

    Hoth Industries

    Whatever you are male, female, human or ne@ro I’m really enjoying your missives, rants, preaches to the choir whatever the he!! it’s meant to be.

    It truly adds to my enjoyment. I love reading about Black on Black crimes and violence. When I see NE@ROES acting like the vile savage monsters I know them to be I see you as the ignorant, liberal, a$$hole that is living in fantasyland.

    So you keep reading our comments and climb up on your soapbox and say whatever it is you feel you have to say get it out of your system and move on. Move on to the next story and the next and the next because there will always be a story about some NE@RO committing some crime as sure as the sun rises and the sun sets.

    I’ll read those stories and laugh then I’ll read your comments and laugh some more.

    • Hoth Industries

      So, Milton, “It truly adds to my enjoyment. I love reading about Black on Black crimes and violence,” you wrote. That sounds like a psycho-sexual deviancy you have going on there; getting aroused by looking at black criminals while reading about their dirty deeds… sick.

      And my all-time-favorite, “I’ll read those stories and laugh then I’ll read your comments and laugh some more.”
      I’m sure you will, MILTON, I’m sure you will.

      • Milton Abernathy


  • Just Axin

    Hoth- This is classic! You talk about not having your daughter reading these “racist remarks” as your cowardly excuse to tell the teacher and hit the report tab, but you have no problem in then saying, “You jags b!tchh…fucc….suck on it” Dude: You Are a Joke!!!

    • Hoth Industries

      My replies do not promote or endorse hate toward any ethnic group based on the actions of a few. Furthermore, I was using a daughter analogy to illustrate that you guys have no filter when it comes to posting racial slurs, bigoted statements, and all around generalizing everything into a black thing. Energy is better suited elsewhere. People like you perpetuate negativity and hate. Just because you are Caucasian (means “white people’ so you don’t have to Google it) does not give you the right to pass judgement on an entire ethnic group. Reason and logic are beyond your type, the racist.

      • THEE Yard Ape

        @hoth – geebuz, you’re still at it ? I love the way Just Axin calls you out, and in typical liberal/ ni @@ er fashion you play spin doctor. Spare us your preaching. Maybe you should use your energy and go march with Pfleger?? Btw- allow me to add – I can pretty much guarantee that you’re the type of kid that used to get hit alot in school. You would run your mouth until someone smacked the sh!t out of you, and then you would run and cry to the teacher. Fux like you seem to enjoy getting smacked around, just like what’s happening here when you’re put in check!!!!! Enough exclamation points for you c#nt???

      • Milton Abernathy


    • marc(ashamed negro boy)

      i’m still ashamed.

  • Hoth Industries

    *yawn* you were saying something?

  • marc(proud black man)

    Hoth, you can’t get tthru to guys like this. This is what we called self entitlement!!! White people have always thought they owned the world and that god made it for them solely! You see an educated white person would know that you don’t condemn an entire race based off actions of others. But they’re idiots so you can’t reason with them. You see if that was the case All races would want the white race exterminated for all the evil they have committed. Especially blacks would want to kill all of em.. But we don’t. We understand some are good and then some like lot of the ones that post here that post out of anger because their mom or sisters were on their periods and couldn’t give them any are complete idiots.

    • marc(ashamed negro boy)

      Not proud….ashamed!

    • Hoth Industries

      Thank you. You have an excellent voice of reason. Too bad it’s completely lost on the racists’ ignorance. It’s refreshing to see someone like you who keeps their head up through all the vile, disgusting post. You just made my day.

      I will continue, albeit a bit futile, to call out the POS White Trash who post hate comments in the comment sections. I doubt they have encountered anyone as articulate as I to counter their slurs and idiotic posts. They can call me @ssh0le, p4ssy, whatever they like; it’s not a deterrence for me. They are all miserable people hiding behind a computer screen, thinking they are witty but in actuality they are sad, lonely, angry, hate-fulled individuals who cannot rise above their sense of hate and extreme tunnel vision of a world where they think ‘white is right’ and all other opinions or point of views are completely wrong. Good for them. These guys need to be pointed out to others as examples of low-life, self-serving, POS racists that they are. Even though they seem to out-number us in the comment sections here on WBBM, the fact is they are in a very miniscule minority in the larger picture of life.

    • Jim

      White people don’t own the world?

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