Opponent: Lots Of People ‘Cannot Stand’ Speaker Madigan

CHICAGO (CBS) — A woman challenging Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) for his Southwest Side legislative seat says she’s not discouraged.

As WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports, the candidate, Michele Piszczor, appears to be the first active opponent Madigan has had in years.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports

Piszczor called a news conference Friday to complain about her yard campaign signs being stolen with no consequences for the thieves. But she also explained why voters should think a young former legal assistant could do a better job than Madigan – arguably the most powerful Democrat in the state.

“What has his 42 years of experience gotten us? What? We’re one of the last-ranking states in this country when it comes to employment, when it comes to corporation investment, so you’ve got both ends of the spectrum,” Piszczor said. You’ve got one man who’s been in there for 42 years and has nothing to show for what he’s done for Illinois to help his community.”

Piszczor, 25, admits that taking on Madigan, 69, who is also state Democratic Chairman, is a David-and-Goliath proposition. But she thinks residents of the district are the stones in her slingshot.

“There are people in the 22nd District – lots of people; hundreds of people – who cannot stand Madigan and hate him,” Piszczor said, “but they’ve never had an opportunity to voice that in a polling booth, because there has never been a legitimate candidate to run against him.”

She calls the other primary contenders “plants,” and there is no evidence that any of them are actually campaigning.

She admits there are a lot of Madigan campaign signs around the district, but she says one woman she spoke to was typical. The woman had four signs on her porch.

“I said, ‘You know, ma’am, if you don’t mind me asking, why do you have so many Madigan signs on your porch?’ She’s like, ‘Honey, every single day, I have these idiot’s signs on my yard and I have to keep removing them,” Piszczor said.

On her campaign Web site, Piszczor says she will be a “voice for the unheard,” with state government lacking any solution to fix its own financial situation and help improve the economy.

Piszczor, a former administrative assistant at a law firm, has already met with some controversy during her campaign.

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights protested that Piszczor had received the backing from a political action committee run by millionaire Republican businessman and Tea Party activist Jack Roeser. Last year, Roeser angered immigrant rights activists for fighting against the Illinois DREAM Act to help immigrant youth toward college education, and calling the act the “Illinois Nightmare Act.”

Piszczor responded in an interview with the group last month that she supports the Illinois DREAM Act, and pointed out that her grandparents were Mexican immigrants.

In the often confrontational interview, the group also asked several questions about Roeser, to which Piszczor replied: “Why are we concentrating on Jack Roeser when he has nothing to do with me?…. I ask all of you guys to go on my Web site and go on the state Board of Elections – what checks has Jack Roeser made to me?”

Olivia Trejo and Mike Rodriguez are also on the ballot for the 22nd House District Democratic primary. The Illinois Primary is coming up Tuesday.

  • Susan

    It seems to me that the only support Madigan has is from crooked Chicago Democrats. If Cook county was ousted from Illinois, I think Madigan would be toast!

    • Voter

      Yes,he’ll get voted out.

  • montclareresident

    ICIRR shilling for Madigan. They’re just as corrupt

  • KenP.

    YOU GO, GIRL!! I don’t live in your district, but I’m one of the “Madigan Haters”. My question to everyone is, “Why, as Illinoians, should we vote for ANY Illinois Senators or Representatives when everything is controlled by the Demigod, MIKE MADIGAN? Mike Madigan NEEDS TO GO before any state representatives could be expected to ever have the legislative abikity to improve the situation in our state!! I’ll pray for your success. YOU GO GIRL!!!

  • tom sharp

    No one should vote for Madigan. he is a crook that has cost Illinois $Billions and has appointed friends and family to key jobs that they don’t deserve and can’t do. Term Limits of one!

  • Just axin

    Michele, I don’t care if you support communism, great job in taking on that f-up. I hope those idiots that have voted for him in the past, don’t play like they’re sheep this time.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      LOL !! Agreed, this @ ss hole needs to go to prison!!! His daughter’s a worthless sack also!!!

  • Greg

    It’s about time someone ran against this jerk, he does’nt do anything but steal from the state, he Blago convicted, because he gave the senior citizens free bus privileges, taking money out of his pocket, iwis i lived in you district so i could vote, we need to get rid of some of these jerks. Good Luck and watch youself.

    • Maria

      Its about time someone spoke the truth… and you just nailed it Greg

      That’s exactly one of the reasons Fitzgerald went after Rod, that and the fact that he wasn’t going to kiss anyone a…
      not Daley,
      not Madigan’s
      not Stroger Jr’s and
      not Jackson Jr. either !!

      You know I kept saying he was set up, never clearly stated he was selling the seat, saying that its golden doesn’t a corrupt mf make. Now what Ryan did is unforgiveable and children died as a result of his DL for sale scam and that POS got 6 years, where is the damn justice?? I hope one day Karma will bite the entire Politcal Machine of Crook County politics in the a…. and bite down hard… They all need to go down like dominos!

      • Craig Sandberg

        What? Maria, you have a very distorted view of past history. Ryan didn’t have anything to do with selling CDL’s under the table. He didn’t find out until after the fact. The Willis family’s kids were killed when a mud flap bracket on a semi trailor was ran over and punctured the fuel tank. This was the result of a weld that had failed. That could have happened to any truck on the road, with a valid CDL or not. In essance, Ryan had absolutely nothing to do with the scam or the accident involving the Willis family!!!

  • Barbara

    While she’s absolutely right, she’s got about an ice cubes chance on a Miami beach to get elected. They will crush her alive. WHEN will we actually get someone to get rid of this trainwreck ?? I find it amazing that everyone rallied to imprison Blago, but no one does anything about this black mark.

  • Mark Suhanek

    He has too much power..not only the state rep for the 22nd (our problem) but 42 years !!! He is also the Speaker of the House and the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois…any Democrat has to kiss his behind for $$$. time for change..Michele is right…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,,it effects all of us..not just the 22 District!! How many more politicians need to go to jail..WE NEED TO START OVER..THESE PEOPLE ARE OUR LAW MAKERS, AND THEY SPEND OUR $$$$..Somehow this has been lost on everyone

  • German Leprechaun

    Fine Polish girl. I buy her a Zywiec!!!

    • Dajo

      Correction, Polish/Latin. Yes she is mixed and just a lovely girl.

  • Dajo

    I am one who lives in the area with Madigoon, and I have to admit, I actually saw one of the henchman take a few signs on my neighborhood that Michele posted herself. I cannot believe how they feel she is a threat? Oh wait, she’s 25, a Law School graduate, and oh yes, she is good hearted. She deserves to win and take out the Madigoon’s! I have had enough of his resentment towards so many. I actually held the door for him recently at a function and he was just such an a****** in so many ways. I cannot tolerate a man who thinks I was supposed to hold the door open! What a wang chung he is! Michele was cordial and just has a lot of innovative ways to get us all in a fresh state. Madigoon and his henchman, the time is almost here to sit and pasteur on the land that you tried to topple. Good luck today Michele.

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