Sources: Blagojevich High-Fived Other Inmates On First Night In Prison

LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS) — Deposed Gov. Rod Blagojevich is adjusting to a new lifestyle in prison, but he apparently hasn’t lost his taste for political grandstanding.

Sources tell CBS 2 that Blagojevich was high-fiving other inmates at dinner Thursday night – his first at the FCI Englewood federal prison in Littleton, Colo.

Blagojevich reported to prison around 12:50 p.m. Chicago time Thursday. Earlier in the day, he took many opportunities to pose for pictures, sign autographs, and address reporters as he made his way from his Ravenswood Manor neighborhood home in the early morning to O’Hare International Airport, onto his American Eagle flight, and out into the Denver International Airport.

After driving past the prison a few times, he made his final comment upon stopping at Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers in Littleton.

“There’s no sugar-coating this. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. And I have a hole in my heart. It’s an empty feeling,” he said.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports

At the restaurant, Blagojevich ordered a patty melt, fries and soda, but gave most of his food away to some students at another table.

“He seemed like he was in good spirits,” Freddy’s general manager Josh Andreakos told WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller. “He went around and shook hands and talked to a few people and then left.”

Now behind bars for many years to come, Blagojevich’s day starts before dawn. He will work for eight hours.

If he’s lucky, Blagojevich will get a job in the mess hall and earn about $320 a month.

But if he wants to talk on the phone, he will have to pay for it, and visits are limited to 300 minutes a month.

Blagojevich has got a top bunk in an East Unit dorm room.

He has been forced to trade his trademark tailored suits for a beige uniform and blue shoes.

Speaking to CBS 2 Thursday, Scott Fawell, former chief of staff for Gov. George Ryan, warned that Blagojevich would be in for “a rude awakening to change in life.”

Fawell, who spent 4 1/2 years in prison, said Blagojevich will have to learn to keep his mouth shut; prison is about doing your time and flying under the radar.

After his second trial last month, Blagojevich was convicted of 18 counts of corruption, including allegations that he tried to sell President Barack Obama’s U.S. Senate seat. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison by U.S. District Judge James B. Zagel in December.

  • righttrack

    He probably saw several of his buddies there when he walked in.

    • jasperddbagghost

      Didn’t realize he was about to be dessert.

      • Another 6 Letter Word For Felony... BARACK!

  • Mimi

    Does he pay taxes on his earnings? should have to send it to Ill. for all he owes the state.

    • Patty Farley

      He owes us nothing. We owe him. He never took a cent, paid his taxes and nobody was injured or died.

      • Coco

        he is an egocentric pimp and his wife fits the profile completely-they both destroyed their own innocent children life–how sad is that!!!!!

      • LYNDIA

        Patty, you are correct.

      • Cameltoe Rancher

        Too bad about the part where he shook down Children’s Memorial Hospital for a campaign contribution. You’re right sweetheart, because nothing says “public servant” like fleecing the parents of suffering, ill children, right Patty? Are you married to this walking pile of filth?

        If that little part were not true, you might have a crooked, haggard leg to stand on Patty, now wouldn’t you? Shame on you dear! SHAME on you!.

        Blago should rot in hell. F-him & ALL of his supporters!

  • ginny

    He doesn’t know how to fly under the radar. If he’s not the center of attention, he might as well be dead.

  • Hal

    He is finally gone–forget about him and now target Madigan

  • Cameltoe Rancher

    I wish that the headline read: “Blago high fives, gets raped by new cell mate”.

    Maybe he will contract some horrible disease and die violently in there. C’mon ghost of Jeffrey Dahmer- break out the ol’ broomstick and end this clown’s existence on earth!

    • Maria

      maybe you will too for saying that…

      we are the worse species on the planet,
      If we were wiped out tomorrow ~~~ the earth would be a better place..

      • Coco

        it says a lot about you–

      • kevin

        Please, you be the first to go.

      • Brandon Donavan

        So get a head start on it and go jump off a bridge.

      • Bob

        Maria, somehow you’ve taken a horrible comment and made it worse. Both of you would benefit from thinking about what you’re going to say before you say it.

      • Larz Blackman

        Tell that to veterinarians, Maria. Nature is cruel and heartless — it isn’t Disney characters living in peace until evil man comes along and kills Bambi.

      • LYNDIA

        ha ha ha ha that was so funny and you really told him something.

      • Cameltoe Rancher

        I’d welcome Ol’ Jeffy’s broomstick if you wielded it Maria! C’mon, you know that I’m right!?!

      • NVRAT

        Why don`t you just jump out of a window or something, then their would one less human to destroy the earth.

      • Dave

        I recommend u all read blagos book. He did a lot of good things for illinois. He only did what all politicians do!! read his book!! Before passing judgement!!

      • onemad

        Please be an example and put a couple in your skull. Make room for those of us that want to see our own species advance.

      • Johnny B.

        You first, Maria.

    • kevin

      Good one.

    • Cameltoe Rancher

      Yeah, whatta “crimnal”!

      Fire, Passion & polersh sausages on Da’ Sout Side!

      Dat’s terrible what dat’ guy said…

  • Maria

    still at large, gentlemen, this is one that a female is calling all males emotional.

    You men are thinking with your weiners, not logic. Daley, Stroger, Jackson Jr., omg do I need name anymore? Ryan. those are the crooks, not Rod, he was just flamboyant and loved the limelight and talked too much but did not get a penny, or even make an attempt to, he was so happy just being governor!

    Where the heck is his yacht? Or the island he bought. All tax returns are public, if he was hiding money, where is his Cayman Island account like Romney?
    Or if he owned big ticket items like a Yacht, you couldn’t make that liquid
    without the press finding out about it. Or if he put in his daughter’s name we would have heard about it! Jackson jr.’s idea and he was going with the flow, never did he clearly state I am selling the seat, want it ~~pay up..

    Those jurors are deaf and made an emotional decision of gulity. Because they were fed up with Illinois Political Machine, only thing is they didn’t kill it, what they killed was a family and two daughters who are now going to grow up without a father.

    As for Madigan, that’s a pipe dream sorry Madigan and Fitzgerald the Federal prosecutor are both Irish, will never happen, heritage is thicker than politics.

    You do realize two Daleys ran this city for more than half a century with a few specks of color and a woman and a few idiots, come on this Chicago, not Dallas!

    The state pepper is not Jalapeno!

    Wake up gentlemen, have a sip of coffee with a little Irish creme in it,
    and everyone have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    • Ned

      I agree, Maria. The feds should have let him complete all the crooked deals he was working on. At least then you people wouldn’t say he didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t forget, 23 out of 24 jurors in two separate trials found him guilty. Do you really think they all got it wrong?

      • LYNDIA

        hell yes, they got it all wrong

      • ted

        yeah, ned, they all got it worng, and quite obviously, too. blgo popped off in private about plans to make polotical horse-trades. maria is right. you all let the media lead you around. you’ll say whatever the press TELLS you to say.

  • justa thought

    The only time blago is going to stop talking is when he is gulping on andouille sausage courtesy of a fine black man, or chorizo from a mexican, a kilbasa from a polish dude or perhaps an irish sausage from an irishman and I ain’t talking at dinner time either………………later, after the lights go out.

    He might actually enjoy it and say something like ” I got this thing and it’s bleepin golden”

    • LYNDIA

      Black people love the governor and they will protect him if needs it, which I doubt that he will. He is not in Statesville, where you apparently spent several years.

  • sailordude

    “Now behind bars for many years to come” WRONG! Obama will pardon him in about 10 MONTHS right before he leaves the White House! The game is fixed America! Mark it down!

    • LYNDIA

      Not 10 months Joe, another 4 years he will get a pardon.

    • Tony F.

      You are right. this will happen.

  • Joshua

    Wow. You just know someone will soon put a stop to Blago’s constant grand-standing. He’ll turn the corner in some facility and there were be three or four guys to show him who the real boss is in the prison. It’s a beating he’ll never forget.

    Rod, sit down, shut up, do your time.

  • Debra

    Probably because most the people in there he has done business with, or were colleages in office, maybe one day he will see Rahm and Obama as well.

    • LYNDIA

      I doubt it.

  • Show Me Uranus your new roomate…Bubba

  • Joe Dutra

    Are they holding adjoining cells for Obama and Holder?

  • Mr. Reality

    In the O-man’s economy, going to jail is the quickest way to find a paying job.

  • NavyVietVetJD

    Obama should be keeping him company.

  • A. Adams

    Blago…I HOPE you know that you cannot wear white (including pumps) after Labor Day and rouge looks best with a nice soft orange lipstick. ;o)

    • LYNDIA

      Damn, you are silly.

  • Flannigan

    Glad to see hi adjusting well to the company of his peers.

  • Dave

    I believe he is innocent. read his book before passing judgement. He did a lot of good things for Illinois and I can see that as a person living all the way in california! Read the book he wrote please.

    • Cameltoe Rancher

      Why read his book- Mein Kampf reads like Adolf was blameless.

      And YES- I read it Dave. Pull yourself off the propagandic filth!

    • poison pen

      Dave, if you believe everything that you read, then I suggest that you read SNOW WHITE.

    • The Clintidote

      Dave, you sound as dumb as a democRat.

  • poison pen

    This prison is probably one of those that are reserved for the rich. If a Black kid was caught doing what he did they would be in a hardcore prison.
    Politicans take care of their own, and they’re all crooks.

  • Bob A

    Of coursehe did! Prisons are full of Democrat criminals just like him. The shame is thats just the tip of the facist iceburg!

  • Kazwell

    I can’t wait to see Rahm finally get his. It will probably be 100 years and include a couple of murder convictions. He will enjoy his stay even more than Men’s Country.

  • The Clintidote

    Until he’s raped in the shower, I hope we’ve heard the last of this greedy, corrupt democRat. (Is there any other kind of ‘Rat?)

    Now let’s throw Ofailure, The Rahmmer, Rezko and the rest of the Chicago ‘Rats in there with him.

    • LYNDIA

      He is not in a maximum security prison. What is it that you dummies do not understand? He is not in a facility where rapes occur. It is not Statesville or Pontiac.

  • Dan L

    Rahm, Axelrod, Holder, and Odummy should be next to Blago in prison. My guess is that Blago is guilty of less than these four.

  • Dan L

    I have no use for Democrats and certainly not for Blago, but something seems more than a little wrong with his lengthy sentence. It seems to me that some murderers get less time than Blago.

  • Jeff

    How is it that a criminal gets to choose which prison he’d wants to go to?
    They talked about this story on the loval news here last night. Many of the patrons of the place he ate before reporting were wondering why they were allowing a criminal to act like a celebrity. Should have gotten him off the plane then directly to jail.

  • JMurray

    NOW we’re going to hear all the detail of Blago’s life in prison, if you can really call FCI Englewood federal prison in Littleton, CO a prison. He wont have to worry about “cell mates”.

    Anyway he should have been sentenced to spent the rest of his career (or life, as usual) in Congress.

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