Record High Temperature Set For Fourth Consecutive Day

CHICAGO (STMW) – For the fourth day in a row, a record-setting high temperature has been set in Chicago.

The temperature at O’Hare International Airport, where Chicago’s official temperature is recorded, was 75 degrees at 11:51 a.m., according to the National Weather Service. The record high temperature for March 17 had been 74 degrees, which was set in 2009.

This is the fourth straight day a record high temperature has been set in Chicago.

Friday’s high of 82 degrees beat the old high temperature record for March 16 of 78 degrees, set in 1945, as well as setting the record for the earliest 82-degree day in Chicago, which had previously been set in 1945.

The new record comes on the heels of high temperatures of 81 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday, which smashed the record highs for March 14 and 15, according to the weather service.

The normal high temperature for March 16-18 in Chicago is 47 degrees, according to the weather service.

We are in the midst of a record-setting pattern of warmth, according to the weather service.

Daily record highs and record warm lows are in jeopardy over the next few days, and according to the weather service we may not merely break, but shatter the record for the highest average high in March, also set in 1945. The normal average high for March is 37.9, and as of Friday, the average for the month is near 47, with highs in the 60s predicted for at least the next week. The average high in that record-setting 1945 March was 48.6.

The record high temperature for March 18 in Chicago is also 74 degrees, which could also be broken, if the forecast high of 76 degrees holds. The forecast high temperatures of 77 and 76 degrees for Monday and Tuesday, respectively, are also near record-setting.

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  • PowerfulSun

    To all of you global warming fanatics…this might tell you something about the power of our sun. During a period of some of the most extensive solar activity in recorded history and temperatures are breaking records…go figure…but I am sure it is because of your jack hole neighbor’s SUV. You better make sure we get some of those Chevy Volts sold…but what do I know I am not a progressive liberal elitis that like to spend the earned money of others

    • V

      Cognitive dissonance is such a intriguing phenomenon.

      • Amazing

        Distractions hit record high. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history.

    • Galen Van Kooten

      By Marc Morano – Climate Depot
      President Barack Obama is linking warm March weather in the U.S. to man-made global warming. See: ‘Nice Weather’ Making Obama a ‘Little Nervous’: “It gets you a little nervous about what is happening to global temperatures. “When it is 75 degrees in Chicago in the beginning of March, you start thinking.”
      Obama seems to be implying that the U.S. warm spell means that global temperatures are also warm.
      Climate Depot is happy to provide President Obama the answer to his temperature jitters. The continental U.S. — which covers just 2% of the Earth’s surface – has been very warm, but global temperatures have been cooling. There has been record or near record snow and ice in Alaska, the Arctic, Antarctic, a brutally cold winter in Europe and even a parts of a Southern Hemisphere facing a year without a Summer.
      Despite a warm winter in the continental U.S., global temperatures have seen a cooling trend. Even this years early Cherry Blossom bloom in DC fails to alarm. See: ‘The cherry blossom bloom date in 1946 (March 14 or before) was earlier than current year — CO2 was a little over 310 ppm in 1946’ & 1941 Heatwave Caused DC Cherry Blossoms To Appear Six Months Early & Japan in 2012: Unusually Cold weather delays blooming of early cherry blossoms
      Below is a small sampling of information that may serve to calm Obama’s global temperature jitters.
      2012 Is 0.6C Cooler Than 2010 So Far: ‘All of claimed warming of 20th century is gone’ — NASA’s Hansen ‘has gone silent…he is only interested in data which backs his belief system’ — ‘All of the claimed warming of the 20th century is gone, despite solar max and neutral ENSO’
      Unprecedented Arctic Ice Gain In February: ‘Arctic ice grew at a rate of one Manhattan every two minutes during February, and is now tied for highest in the DMI record’
      Al Gore / AIT Index, Vol. 23: Global temperatures have plunged .56°F since An Inconvenient Truth was released
      NASA GISS: February 2012 Was Tied For Coldest Since 1993 ‘Temperature anomalies (0.40) remain far below Hansen’s zero emissions scenario C –red dot below’
      RSS: temperature trend in the last 15 years is negative
      ‘The 8 coldest days of the last decade have all occurred in the first seven weeks of 2012. Temperatures have dropped almost a full degree since 2010’
      Global temperatures ‘plummeting’: ‘Coldest February Day In At Least 10 Years’ — ‘Sunday was the coldest February day in at least ten years. We are at solar max and ENSO is neutral, so Hansen has no excuses’
      Global Warming? Those Balmy U.S. Temps of February 2012 Were 2.7 Degrees Below Feb. Temperatures of 1930 — ‘The enjoyably warm February winter that many in U.S. experienced did not set a ‘global warming’ record – February 1930 temps significantly above those of 2012’Aussie Scientist David Archibald warns ‘All the warming of last 150 years will be reversed…World has entered a sharp cooling period due to lower solar activity…Sea level now falling’
      Report: No Warming For 17 Years — Global ‘temps have been dropping since 2005, & are coldest now in last 17 years. Game over for alarmists, based on their own rules’ — Flashback 2003: ‘In order to separate human-caused global warming from the ‘noise’ of purely natural climate fluctuations, temperature records must be at least 17 years long, according to climate scientists’
      NSIDC: 2nd Greatest Bering Sea Ice Extent On Record: ‘Feb ice extent in Bering Sea was 2nd highest in satellite record, paired with air temps that were 3 to 5C below avg at 925 hPa level’
      Archibald’s PDF report: (Global cooling section begins on page 36): ‘Carbon dioxide’s heating effect is real but minuscule…Carbon dioxide is tuckered out as a greenhouse gas…Global cooling may well jeopardize grain production and threaten potential famines…Rate of sea level rise is controlled by solar cycles’
      New study: The long sunspot cycle 23 predicts a significant temperature decrease in cycle 24 — Norwegian Scientists: Jan-Erik Solheima, Kjell Stordahlb, Ole Humlum: ‘A 1 °C or more temperature drop is predicted 2009–2020 for certain locations. ► Solar activity may have contributed 40% or more to the last century temperature increase. ► A lag of 11 years gives maximum correlation between solar cycle length and temperature’
      Greenland & Alaska Have More Ice Than 1979: ‘1979 was peak year for Arctic ice, yet 2012 has more ice around Greenland & Alaska than 1979 did’ — ‘Scientists have been busy telling us that missing Arctic ice is causing record cold in many places this winter’
      Antarctic Peninsula Sea Ice Almost Double Normal: ‘Hansen,Trenberth & Gore went to the Antarctic Peninsula to highlight melting ice. The ice there is close to 200% of normal’ — ‘Will they tell the truth,be silent,or flat out lie about it? The interior of Antarctica is forecast to get down to -65F during this fine mid-summer week. Hopefully the Three Stooges are there’
      Romania: Children won’t know what the eaves on a one-story house look like: ‘Thirteen feet of snow! That’s higher than the eaves on a one-story house!’
      Turkey: Children won’t know what outdoor basketball hoops look like: ‘Snow depth reach 6 meters in eastern Turkey’
      Children won’t know what roof tops look like: ‘Villages buried under 4-5 meters of snow’
      Kids Won’t Know What Winterfest Looks like: ‘Organizers have canceled today’s Winter Fest and Olympics in Sheboygan due to cold weather’
      Over 500 die in Europe’s persistent big freeze
      Italian villages trapped in more than 9 feet of snow
      Close to 100 die from cold in Poland
      Frozen Danube river is costing shippers millions
      Villages buried under 4-5 meters of snow: ‘Snow above the roof tops. All you see are the chimneys…’People have to climb down through trenches to get into their homes’
      New Study: Russian Astrophysicist from Russian Academy of Science Predicts Global Cooling: ‘From 2014 we can expect start of deep cooling with a Little Ice Age in 2055’ — Habibullo I. Abdussamatov, Pulkovo Observatory of the Russian Academy of Science, St. Petersburg, 196140, Russia — Applied Physics Research, Vol. 4, No. 1 February 2012: Abstract: ‘We can expect the onset of a deep bicentennial minimum of total solar irradiance (TSI) in approximately 2042±11 and the 19th deep minimum of global temperature in the past 7500 years – in 2055±11.’
      ‘Forget global warming – it’s Solar Cycle 25 we need to worry about’ — ‘New figures show no warming in 15 years’ — ‘World temps may end up a lot cooler than now for 50 years or more’
      Global warming Causing Extraordinary WarmCold With HeavySnowless Winters: ‘These morons have completely lost their minds. Global warming is causing cold winters with heavy snow, that are also very warm with very little snow’
      Australia 2012: ‘The summer that wasn’t’: ‘THE coolest summer in NSW since 1984 helped give the nation a milder season than average’
      Changing Size Of The US Landmass: During cold, snowy periods around DC – the US only occupies 2% of the Earth. However, this winter has been warm on the east coast, so climate experts tell us that Virginia now occupies almost 100% of the planet
      Another Global Warming Icon Bites The Dust: ‘The cherry blossom bloom date in 1946 (March 14 or before) was earlier than current year which climate morons are of course blaming on global warming. CO2 was a little over 310 ppm in 1946’
      1941 Heatwave Caused DC Cherry Blossoms To Appear Six Months Early
      Japan in 2012: Unusually Cold weather delays blooming of early cherry blossoms
      Warm here, cold elsewhere: ‘Cord snow hit many parts of Europe. Springtime for Boston and vicinity — winter for China and France’

      • Cindy

        Enough with the masters thesis already.

      • ralphyboy

        That’s more than a master’s thesis. Geez, I’m anti-green but get a life, Galen.

  • NotGlobalWarming

    Before the global warming people get going, the reason for this event is because of the jet stream diving down from alaska the west and the complete opposite in the east, pulling up warm air from the deep south.

    • mary

      agree, alaska is having a tough winter.

  • freecheese

    Soon, we will hear Jesse (race pimp) Jackson demanding taxpeyer-supplied air conditioers. It’s happened before. When the weather cooled, they receipients sold the FREE air conditioners, and stuffed the money in their pockets.

  • Obma llahma

    I think it’s Oprah Winfrey.

    She farted.

    • German Leprechaun

      BWA-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! Nice one!

  • Keep Honkin I'm Reloading

    The big yellow one is the Sun!!

  • TheTruthandNothingBut

    what y’all don’t understand is that global warmth records were set during a solar minimum.
    Try doing some research from actual climatology, solar studies, etc.
    according to Drew Shindell, a climate researcher from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, NY, the most recent studies have confirmed that changing levels of energy from the Sun are not significant enough to be a major cause of global warming: “…the solar increases do not have the ability to cause large global temperature increases…greenhouse gases are indeed playing the dominant role…” The Sun is once again less bright as we approach solar minimum, yet global warming continues.”

  • Multon Mathew

    The Sun is a conspiracy theory. Al Gore will be able to explain it all to us since he created the internet. I’m so glad such thoughtful, intelligent and brilliant people can be found in government.

  • Warm March Days On The Decline In Chicago | Real Science

    […] and Thursday, which smashed the record highs for March 14 and 15, according to the weather service.Record High Temperature Set For Fourth Consecutive DayLooking at the USHCN records, there is nothing particularly unusual about this weather. Chicago has […]

  • The Cryptojournalist

    On the bright side, if this trend of consecutive records goes on for another year or three, we can Brazilian sugar cane in Chicago for actual efficient ethanol.

  • Tea Party Hero

    Why don’t liberals stop wasting our time with this global warming hoax and actually address the real problems of this country.

    Lazy minorities on welfare and ILLEGALS!

  • thetruthandnothingbut

    Also, y’all need to realize that aside from climate change issues, we need to have less pollution, but y’all are perfectly willing to die for your industrial overlords I guess:
    The World Health Organization estimates that 4.6 million people die each year from causes directly attributable to air pollution.

    • Rennyangel

      I estimate that liberals invent 90% of their statistics concocted on their laptops in Mom’s basement.

      The DOL stats on unemployment are lies because the entire job market in the US has lost 2 million since the o has been in office and 100s of thousands have run out of unemployment ins. and are not reporting to any fed. offices to get themselves still counted.

      The 2% oil reserves is ONLY the know ones we are pumping now and not the shale oil and tar sands oil estimated to be greater than Saudi Arabia, so we are FAR from running out of oil or using more than “our fair share” of the world’s energy.

      And the US has been warmer this winter because the jet stream has mostly stayed above the Canadian border, but Alaska is enduring RECORD snowfall and Europe had a dreadful winter with 100s of deaths due to cold and snow as fall south as Rome and Athens. WEATHER IS NOT CLIMATE.

      A million years ago most of the US was under water. NYC was a mile under the ocean and so was LA. The earth is working on its own schedule, not Al Gore’s.

      Stop some of the insanity like exec. orders taking over all resources the great o signed on Fri. and VOTE ANYBODY BUT OBAMA IN 2012.

  • Gibbs Bentley

    “Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts” – Richard Feynman


  • Jerry Frey
  • Jim

    What are those criss-cross patterns in the sky so often seen over Chicago and other cities around the country? They linger for hours then turn the sky a pale blue. If what’s in those white, lingering streaks across the sky has reflective properties, it can cause a greenhouse effect, trapping warm air close to the Earth’s surface. Or maybe they’re just a new kind of condensation trail with properties never before seen until recent years.

  • Dorkyman

    Man, I wish we had some of that warmth here in Oregon! Tired of the cold weather.

  • Warm Weather Sucks

    I’m already tired of this warm weather, we really didn’t get a winter here to appreciate this weather. It feels like June instead of March which isn’t right.

    Hopefully there’s a cold streak that flows through in April.

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