Two Teens Charged In Shooting Death Of 6-Year-Old

CHICAGO (CBS) — Two people have been charged in the shooting death of a 6-year-old girl in the Little Village neighborhood.

CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports Aliyah Shell was playing outside her home in the 3100 block of South Springfield Avenue on Saturday, when a pickup truck approached the house at about 3:35 p.m., and the occupants began shooting. Police said the truck stopped in the street and someone got out and fired four shots, hitting the girl twice.

Aliyah was pronounced dead at Mount Sinai Hospital at 5:24 p.m.

Two suspects were arrested Saturday night.

On Sunday, police said 18-year-old Juan Barraza was charged with one count of murder and two counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm.

A 16-year-old male also was charged with one count of murder and two counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm, according to police. The 16-year-old already had an outstanding arrest warrant.

aliyah shell 0318 Two Teens Charged In Shooting Death Of 6 Year Old

On Sunday, friends and relatives stopped by Aliyah’s home, with balloons and stuffed animals.

She was making chalk drawings on the sidewalk outside her home when she was shot.

Police said she was shot twice in the spray of bullets aimed at her home.

Her death shook the Little Village neighborhood to its core.

Neighbor Ray Navarro said, “I’m sure all the parents, they’re a little more wary now about letting their kids out.”

A grieving 13-year-old girl, who is a family friend, said, “she was too young to do that, it wasn’t her fault.”

Neighbor Cristina Romo said she shared the teen’s grief.

“When you’re looking and you’re hearing a young child, a 13-year-old, saying what she just said about this little girl, it’s very touching. I mean … that wasn’t programmed. That was actually her heart speaking, and this is what the community feels: sadness.”

Sources said the back alley on that block is a spot for drug sales. Investigators were back on the scene Sunday, as an obviously shaken family came to terms with Aliyah’s death.

Navarro said there is a message for all of us in her death.

“This is what the politicians should focus on, instead of promising lower taxes and lowering the gas and stopping pornography. You know what? I’ll pay the taxes. I’ll pay the high gas prices, but focus on this violence that’s killing these kids,” he said.

Police said a handgun was recovered from the shooting. It was not immediately clear who was the intended target of the shooting.

  • Tom

    What happened to that team of Chicago P.D. cops and the feds that were going to crush violent crime? It’s time to move an aircraft carrier into position off lake Shore Drive and stand by to protect the rest of us. The Police Super is in over his head. But hopefully he is starting to come to the realization that the police officers can not do a thing to stem the violence. It’s not the cops fault. The solution is simple. The National Guard is needed in some parts of the city but because he and Rham won’t do it, nothing will change.

    • DNB

      Throw it away, just throw it all away. That’s the future for thugs.

      Their lives are trashed. A shame there is no death penalty. That is why thugs are killing innocents in broad daylight. I hope a corrupt judge doesn’t let these thugs walk.

    • Switchblade

      If we had concealed carry laws those two dirtbags would be taking a dirt nap now.

      • HongKongCharlie

        yard ape 2, I can see by your quickly descending into the gutter that you just don’t understand Switchblade’s comment. Let me spell it out for you. I will type slowly, if the citizens are armed it’s a lot less likely rejects from the gene pool would be out openly shooting at houses.

      • yard ape 2

        HOW? Oh wait, I see, according to your logic, the girl would have pulled out her piece and shot them. Do you think before you write? Do you think before you post? Moron.

    • RA

      Police do what they can, they can’t be everywhere. Its in the home and on the street that this stems from. Its the quality of people that is failing and then these people have children. Look at these DIRT bags and there is plenty more of them crawling the city.

      Also please check your spelling before going on the old Rahm rant.

  • Hal

    Just seems like more killings and more shooting since Jodi Weise left–these two punks should spend the rest of their lives in jail–either that or take them out back and give them a double tap

    • isaacduran

      yo know wat they should put camras around the block so al these niggas to stop shooting lil kids its so sad when you see some one die like that :(

    • Average Guy

      Jooodi, Jodi Weis where are you plying your trade now. He held the beat cop responsible for acting or not.

  • Switchblade

    This is also what happens when you take the death penalty off the table.

  • franz

    Idiot 16 year olds are not thinking of the death penalty or even prison-it started years ago when there was minimal consequences for their actions. When little 11 year old thugs in training get in trouble they should be sent to a boot camp and be forced to perform hard labor-work them so hard their backs feel like there broken-then they might think twice about running foul of the law again.

    Also as sad as this story truly is there might be more to it like maybe her big brother, father, or older cousin is a gang banger and the idiots were shooting at them.

    Don’t make it right or less tragic but if you are a gang bager you might think twice about sitting out on the porch with little kids nearby-you chose the loser lifestyle not the little kids

  • Centurion

    If these losers are Latin Kings…all I can say is….COWARDS!

    • Jim

      Cowards? The Latin kings are little girl wannabe gangsters!!!!!!!

  • Centurion

    Switchblade thinks the death penalty is a deterrent to heinous crime. It is not. Take a look at at Iran, who has executed over 600 people in 2011. China who also executed over 600 men and women in 2011. Saudi Arabia is hoping to execute another 600 this year. Imagine that…600 people awaiting execution. Just so the judicial system can make room for another 600 death row inmates. The death penalty should be just something that they do in prison. Line them up, execute, bury…NEXT! 1. You eliminate the hardened criminal. 2. You save LOTS OF MONEY!

    • HongKongCharlie

      You didn’t compare apples to apples. Chin, Iran, Saudi Arabia? These countries execute people for differing opinions. The death penalty for murder seems imminently appropriate in this Country.

  • CPD

    Reinstate the death penalty.why,all the dirt bags or useless bad thugs can obtain guns without permit.legalize gun for good law abiding citizens.( condolences to the little girl family/god bless).

    • Average Guy

      I hope you’re not the po po. If you are, you need re-training.

  • Dan

    A lot of people are being murdered in Chicago. We have a Presidential candidate who is going to fight pornography if he gets in. To all the candidates who want to run our country, please don’t major in the minors.

  • Just Teach!

    They won’t be sentenced to more than five years at a sleep over camp somewhere

  • K

    After they serve their sentence. Will anybody have the nerve to deport them back to mexico.

    • Not Jamie Dimon

      Tip: When you call someone ignorant you might want to use correct grammar in your post.

      there = they’re
      their = they’re
      Your = You’re

  • PC

    Death penalty pure and simple.
    When a sentence for a serious crime is not quickly carried out the hearts of the people(criminals) are filled on schemes to do wrong. Ecclesiastes 8:11

  • Stevo


    • German Leprechaun

      The dead one or the corrupt piece of sh!t who just quit?

    • Not Jamie Dimon

      I see they removed my negative Daley comment. Keep bowing to your corporate masters CBS, it’s sure helping the U.S. move in the right direction.

  • Stevo

    How come Chicago isn’t on the Top 10 Dangerous Cities List??????? Chicago should be replacing Detroit as 1st Dangerous Cities.

  • Karma

    For everyone who is wishing death on these boys you are no better then they are! Seriously..

    • K

      Dear karma, by covering for these two animals you are telling where your loyalty is. Me i am from north of the border. I am American.

      • Karma

        what does loyalty have to do with covering for them you idiot and who said im covering for them? okay and im american too!? your point? your telling me stuff because just like everyone else i can make an opinion too.

  • observer

    It is a matter hard work parentel guidence to lessen crime

  • If you are going to be ignorant dont comment

    really a little angel just lost her life and you are critizizing her home.

  • non

    These punkazz thugs should be charged with a hate crime as well

  • In Belv

    How about parents take a more active role in their kids lives? I know where my kids are, what they are doing and who they are with. Parents know if their kids are in a gang, why don’t they do something about it?

  • James

    How’s that amnesty thing working out?

  • Prosecutors: Slain 6-Year-Old Was Victim Of Gang Violence « CBS Chicago

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  • German Leprechaun

    Funny how family and “concerned neighbors” come out, and cry and throw their arms up for the cameras. Why did they tolerate drug sales in their damn alley? Why was the little girl’s house targeted?? News flash for angry neighbor Ray: the politicians can’t do a damn thing about your neighborhood’s animals. YOU and your “concerned neighbors” — if you have the ba!!s to — need to STEP UP and take charge of your turf!!!

  • Karma

    You guys really think these two kids were trying to shoot at a little girl COME ON NOW it was clearly shown it had to do with gang banging as soon as the little girl died may she rest in peace they put a bunny with a ear flopped down which is a gang called two six…. Im not defending them but two wrongs dont make a right so wishing death upon them isnt any better.

  • Aliyah Shell murder 3/17/2012 Little Village, Chicago, IL *6-year-old girl shot while sitting on her front steps by gang members trying to shoot a rival gang member; Juan Barraza and Luis Hernandez have been charged with her murder* « Bonnie's

    […] in Little Village as gun violence erupts around city 5 dead, 12 wounded in attacks across Chicago Two Teens Charged In Shooting Death Of 6-Year-Old Mom of slain girl, 6: ‘They’re animals for doing this to my baby’Bond set for […]

  • Max Lovesgod

    The Police have more important things to focus on… For example, watching peaceful protesters

  • itdoesntmatter

    Well I have alot to say! But I will keep it short. I live in the hood ok meaning la villita but just becuz i live there does not give me the right to go shoot anyone. no one has the right to take anyones life. Only god i also dont think that just becuz the mom was a lady 26 and the uncle was a 26 from Avers that she had the right to die. but i did here that the target was the step dad. and he knows it and so does dream girl. i dont think that the LK were right with what they did. sooner or later u pay for what u do to others and its a shame that it had to end like this. we never think its going to happen to us. as for the pink bunny yeah Helllo Easter is around the corner. Hello Easter Bunny. how stupid. this should not have happend. l R.I.P. Aliyah, and all these killings should be happening really what r we fight. sorry for all the miss spellings but i am in a rush. Aliyah was an innocent by stander. may she rest in peace. and her family will be in prayer. stop the violance reunite as one…………

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