Occupy Chicago Protesters Rally Against Arrests In New York, St. Louis

CHICAGO (CBS) — A small group of Occupy Chicago activists marched through downtown Chicago Sunday night, in a hastily-called march to protest the arrest of their fellow demonstrators at gatherings in St. Louis and New York City over the weekend.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Dave Marsett reports, the Chicago Tribune says the group marched from the Federal Reserve to Millennium Park, and changed against police brutality. Bicycle-mounted police officers rode alongside the group as they marched down Washington Street.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Dave Marsett reports

In New York over on Saturday, dozens of protesters were forced out of Zuccotti Park by police and arrested, the Tribune reported. The Occupy Wall Street group had hibernated through most of the winter, but had planned a rally in Zuccotti Park to mark the six-month anniversary of the movement.

Fifteen people were also arrested in St. Louis during the Occupy the Midwest regional conference, the Tribune reported.

In Chicago, contact between police and protesters was limited to a clash involving one demonstrator waving a sign reading, “F**K THE POLICE,” the Tribune reported. A bicycle officer took the sign away from the demonstrator, who was standing near the Bean sculpture in Millennium Park.

The demonstrator told the Tribune the officer said, “I don’t like (the sign)” and took it. The protester complained to the newspaper that his First Amendment rights were being violated.


    How do we, the 99%, convey to these low life, Loser protesters that we do not support them. Their protests have accomplished absolutely nothing and never will. The 1% just keeps on laughing at the Loser’s childish displays. Why aren’t they capable of distingushing between expressing oneself under the first amendment and breaking the law? It isn’t rocket science. The protester with the f**ck the police sign is a perfect example. I would have like to have heard that he got his ass beat for such a display. I feel it’s time for the 99% to rise up and oppose this tiny percentage of the 99%. They are making a mockery out of our Capitalist system!!!

    • The Real 99%

      They are solely basing the 1v99 on $$. Under that condition its true. If one looks ate ANYTHING else, then most of these losers are the 1% against the rest of us 99%.

  • Me

    If the sign said “F**K”, I think the officer stepped over a line…if it actually was clear text, then the officer was correct in removing vulgar language from the possible presence of children.

  • Cynic

    They’re against Police brutality, but their own brutality is perfectly OK?

  • http://1oneday.wordpress.com/2012/03/20/chicago-police-your-first-amendment-right-can-be-terminated-2012/ Chicago Police: “Your First Amendment Right Can Be Terminated” 2012 « This Day – One Day

    […] Occupy Chicago Protesters Rally Against Arrests In New York, St. Louis (chicago.cbslocal.com) […]

  • Really

    You must all be supporters of neo-liberalism. I love how everyone judges the protesters but not their messages. Are they wrong for wanting the money and influence of corporations out of politics? Or for wanting Goldman Sachs to take responsibility? What about the banks and all their foreclosures? No, all most of America can do is complain about the complainers. Ironic isn’t it. Why don’t you guys get your priorities straight. I think the corporations should be the bigger evil you should worry about. Not your perceived occupy losers.

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