YouTube Video Shows TSA Agent Patting Down Boy In Wheelchair

CHICAGO (CBS) — Video of a security agent patting down a young child in a wheelchair at O’Hare International Airport has gone viral on the Internet.

A video of the incident, which apparently happened back in 2010, was posted on YouTube.

On the video, a Transportation Security Administration worker is seen patting down the child, who according to published reports, was three years old at the time. The worker also tests the boy’s cast and wheelchair for explosive residue.

The child appears nervous, while his father, who videotaped the encounter, is heard trying to console his son.

“They just got to check you, it’s no big deal,” the father says.

“But I want to go by mom,” the boy replies. Then a little girl briefly appears, trying to console the child.

The video lasts for about three minutes. In a caption posted over the video, the father says he was told not to come near his son during the pat down.

  • The nudnik

    This comment is NOT sarcastic:
    Perhaps they were concerned that the parents were secreting contraband in the child’s cast and wheelchair.

    • anonymousjoe

      Then why not just focus on the chair instead of swabbing an innocent child?

  • THEE Yard Ape

    Fuk the TSA!!! Incompetent worthless @ ss holes. I have a relative that’s a pilot and the stories that I hear are maddening!!!

    • German Leprechaun

      That’s what they get for (a) NOT PROFILING, and (b) hiring worthless idiots away from McDonald’s and givin’em $9 an hour!!

      • THEE Yard Ape

        U am correct you funny little fuk!!!!

  • Just Axin

    Thankfully, Ron Paul would do away with this intrusive federal bureaucracy, but too many sheep won’t support him. Many of these TSA losers think they’re tough guys and can push people around. Let’s see…9-11 wasn’t prevented because of federal f-ups, so now we’re gonna create a fed agency to protect us. Yeah, that makes alot of sense.

  • ginny

    They do it because they CAN. It was sad to watch this charade.

    • German Leprechaun

      A charade is exactly what this is!! I love how my 80-year-old mother gets pulled aside for “extra screening” because she has two knee replacements!! I told her once, “Hey, Ma — you fit the profile!”

  • Normajean Price

    Sadly this has to happen. I know someone who works with the TSA. You wouldn’t believe what some people will do to get whatever it is they’re carrying on to a plane! Some of these people are willing to use and abuse small children, old people and the handicapped. So the TSA worker is stuck between a rock and a hard place!!!

    • anonymousjoe

      But you’re not talking about terrorists. It sounds like you’re talking about the usual idiots that have always been with us, those carrying knives, guns, etc, not because they wanna slam a jet into a bldg, but because they’re just idiots. Big big difference.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      That still doesn’t excuse the overwhelming incompetence of a majority of the TSA workers!!! I fly alot, and knowing a pilot with over 20 yrs. service, I will happily take my own experience and the word of the pilot, over the stories that you’ve been given. I’m sure there are some instances that you describe, but a majority of them are commited by worthless renta-cops with attitude problems. What can be said for this PC gov. that doesn’t allow profiling?? That doesn’t help!!! Niether does taking a pair of nail clippers away from the guy who is going to fly the d@ mn plane!!!

  • German Leprechaun

    As Michael Savage just said… “If Hezbollah uses White children in wheelchairs, don’t worry — TSA has it covered”!!

  • mike

    You’re an idiot Thee Yard Ape!

    • German Leprechaun

      And just how is he an idiot? Does the truth bother you??

  • This makes me mad, What do you think?
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