CHICAGO (CBS) — Video of a security agent patting down a young child in a wheelchair at O’Hare International Airport has gone viral on the Internet.

A video of the incident, which apparently happened back in 2010, was posted on YouTube.

On the video, a Transportation Security Administration worker is seen patting down the child, who according to published reports, was three years old at the time. The worker also tests the boy’s cast and wheelchair for explosive residue.

The child appears nervous, while his father, who videotaped the encounter, is heard trying to console his son.

“They just got to check you, it’s no big deal,” the father says.

“But I want to go by mom,” the boy replies. Then a little girl briefly appears, trying to console the child.

The video lasts for about three minutes. In a caption posted over the video, the father says he was told not to come near his son during the pat down.

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