Bernstein: Acquiring Tebow A Bad Idea

By Dan Bernstein- Senior Columnist

UPDATE: Shortly after this was published, Tim Tebow was traded to the NY Jets with a 7th-round pick in exchange for a 4th and a 6th.

New teammate Antonio Cromartie responded on Twitter: “Y bring in Tebow when we needed more Weapons for @Mark_Sanchez let’s build the team around him. we already signed to 3 year ext.”

Have fun with this, Rex Ryan.

America’s favorite televangelist now heads to America’s biggest media market, the simple son of a preacher-man packing his bags to spread the good word in godless Gotham.

And that noise you hear is Sanchez crumbling.

(CBS) Why in God’s name would any team want Tim Tebow? And yes, I did that on purpose.

I know all the explanations: he’d sell tickets in Jacksonville, he’d be a multi-skilled gimmick in New England, a willing apprentice in Green Bay, or a wildcat change-of-pace for the Jets. Everyone seems to have a way of justifying something for a given possibility, but what’s missing in each scenario is the ultimate downside.

His fans.

Tebow’s lunatic-fringe cultists are poised to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting city, making life miserable for an entire front office and locker room. There’s a reason John Elway was smiling so broadly yesterday, and signing Peyton Manning was only half of it.

So Jaguars owner Shahid Khan would want to get phones ringing by bringing the messiah back to the state where he starred in college? Fine. Then what do you do when the actual games begin? And how long does the marketing buzz last when the team sucks? Blaine Gabbert’s agent is on line one. Chad Henne wants to talk, coach. And the offensive coordinator just ran out the back door, screaming into the night.

Genius Bill Belichick will find a way to incorporate him, unlocking his vast athletic potential, while Tom Brady’s presence silences those demanding that Tebow be the quarterback. Wanna bet on that one? Football logic means nothing to these people, who think their man is actually channeling some divine power. The draft is full of athletes less likely to upset or distract the Pats’ military machine of an organization.

Having him sit behind Aaron Rodgers accomplishes what, exactly? What value does that give your franchise? He’s clearly not capable of functioning even marginally in that kind of sophisticated passing system, and he’s not accurate or football-savvy enough to run the scout team effectively. And then there’s the scary prospect of the Tebow holy-rollers dressed in hunting camouflage, which would make them more difficult to see.

And the Jets? The current quarterback is already a fragile, petulant baby. So much so that they just went out of their way to make a public gesture of contractual commitment to solidify his confidence. The crazed, revival-tent atmosphere of the Tebow circus would eat him alive, even in a city far removed from rural religious primitivism.

Why bother bringing these people into your world if you don’t have to? It’s not even really about Tebow, who seems to be little more than an affable simpleton. It’s the creepy true-believers lapping up every last morsel of Tebow’s cheap, bumper-sticker televangelism, and conflating all of it with football.

The Broncos couldn’t wait to be done with all of it, on every level. Joyous players tweeted, Elway beamed, and all action photos of Tebow were being stripped from the walls of the facility, even as he remained on the roster.

This, while Elway’s own twitter was bombarded by unhinged fury from the pews: threats of violence, godly retribution, and curious references to the decidedly un-Christian concept of “karma.”

You’re telling me, then, I should trade a draft pick for a quarterback who can’t throw, can’t run anything but a dumbed-down college offense (which means he can’t be my backup), and brings the added annoyance of a horde of batspit-crazy fanatics who refuse to accept anything about their deliverer beyond what they want to see or hear?

Heavens, no.

bernstein 90x130 Bernstein: Acquiring Tebow A Bad Idea

Dan Bernstein

Dan Bernstein joined the station as a reporter/anchor in 1995, and has been the co-host of Boers and Bernstein since 1999. Read more of Bernstein’s columns, or follow him on Twitter: @dan_bernstein.

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  • nwfisch


    If everyone hated Tebow, Bernstein would think every team needs him.

    • Soilwork

      Yeah you’re right, what a logical comment. You sound like the multiple dumb callers they get everyday. Sad Chicago is full of them.

      • nwfisch

        OK Boers.

  • Jack Marchetti

    Tebow is exactly what the XFL needed. Pity.

    • Markie Maypo

      HA! Score one for Jack!

  • the rapture

    Two words – Arena Football

  • Crazy Jesse

    You might have something here. Still, I’d give an 8th round pick to see him play twin TE to Jermichael Finley in Green Bay.

  • Me

    You are so right. I said it when he played the Bears…Tebow is a marginal QB. He needs 2-3 years to learn and mature before he could truly lead a team. Maybe sitting behind Rodgers or Brady would be a good thing…see how the best QBs handle the game both on the field and off.

    Can you image his followers sitting in the Frozen Tundra of Lambaeu or the snowy confines of Foxborough?

  • Dukey Dan

    Tebow does suck, too bad Bernstein lets his hatred of Christianity be the prominent point of his argument. Tebow’s stats and play on the field are enough for Bernstein to make his point, but he always has to get political and make sweeping stereotypical comments about people. He thinks he is smart, too bad he lets his anger and politics get in the way of sounding smart.

    • composerchris

      What exactly is “political” in this article? And have you met any of the Christian Tebow fans? They are insane.

      • Keepin it Real

        I agree with Dukey Dan! Bernstein hates anything with Christianity. But I bet you talk bad about J*ws he’ll be the first one running to a lawyer!

      • Dany

        I’ve met many, and they seem like very normal people. They just like him for being “him”. Never have I’ve heard Tebow proclaim that he is a “savior”, nor have I seen any of his fans do anything but proudly support him. The only “insane” person is Berstein. How many times does he have to get his anti-Tebow agenda pushed through his columns? This is like the 5th story he’s written. Dan’s columns contribute to the media frenzy themselves – the thing he’s so angry about. I guess when someone named “Solomon Goldstein” ever wears a qb jersey, Danny boy will be on his knees, ready to say what a great Jewish ‘baller he is.

  • shut up already

    Wow, sure didn’t expect a “make fun of religious people” to come from Bernstein. I guess the shtick aint over yet.

    I remember specifically that Bernstein didn’t want Kurt Warner here for the same “circus” reasons, and that was just because of his wife. Warner went on to put up numbers better than any other Bear ever has, and lead the Cardinals to the super bowl.

    For a liberal with as much compassion and understanding for everyones lifestyle, and for someone who doesn’t think life is black and white. Bernstein sure is afraid of someone just a little different than him.

    Kind of makes you wonder about all of his gay jokes. Is he afraid of them too?

    • Gearheadboy

      If you don’t think Bernstein hasn’t taken this to a “hate Christianity level, then you don’t listen to the show. And I could never be accused of that since I have listened to not only their show, but the score from day 1. He takes it to a level of mockery and it seems its a mockery of Christ. In mocking Tebow he uses phrases such as “I want to thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” And ever notice he does it in a lispy gay tone? If Tebow’s Christianity is a fake, it will be exposed. He’s not perfect, but the one he worships is. And wow, think about it. He is getting attacked for “BEING a Christian!! Of course under the guise of his football ability. And what I find completely hilarious, is Dan embracing the great role model Cromartie…NOW thats a guy a want my kids to grow up to be like.

      As for his football ability. Is he any worse than Vince Young? Not even close. Young may be a tad bit faster and a little quicker than Tebow, but he thinks a weight room is where you sit while your kid is being born. He’s got no work ethic, can’t throw either, and has the metal capacity and emotional stability of Fran Drescher. But he keeps getting shot after shot. And here’s the thing that no one mentions with regard to Tebow. Every coach he has ever had glows about his willingness to learn. Anything you ask him to do, he does it. if he was 30+, I would say that you have seen his max. But he’s been in the league 2 years. 1 of which there was no off season. In my opinion, as long as their are Leinarts, Leftwiches, Quinns, and Young’s in the league, there is a place for Tebow.

    • JediRunnner_12

      Kurt Warner would not have led that Bears team to a Super Bowl. He put those numbers up because he had Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Steve Bresten.
      Bernstein doesn’t make fun of religious people. He makes fun of people who consistently drape themselves in religious cloaks, which contradict their religious beliefs.

      • Denver Deadite

        Tebow doesn’t have to say it, because it’s pretty implicit every time he thanks his invisible being in the sky.

      • shut up already

        NO, that is simply not true. Not one time has Tebow EVER said God was the reason for his success, or to say that he chooses winners and losers at football games. Yet that doesn’t stop Bernstein from saying that, or from making fun of him.

        For a guy who seems to have no problem with the gay lifestyle he certainly contradicts those beliefs with his mocking of it all of the time.

      • JediRunnner_12

        First of all Bernstein’s argument against Tebow has never been about crediting his play with “God”. He makes fun of the fact that Tebow sounds absolutely idiotic when trying to speak.
        As for your claim on the gay issue you clearly lack a sense of satire.

      • Spoon

        “NO, that is simply not true. Not one time has Tebow EVER said God was the reason for his success,”

        He leads every statement by saying “First I have to thank my Lord and Savior, without him I couldnt do this”, or something to that effect. He has said many, many times that everything he does is by god’s will. I’m not sure how much MORE he could actually suggest that a higher power is responsible for everything…

  • FC

    Tebow may not be a A+ rated quarterback but there are some worse quarterbacks in the league…Cutler anyone? Religion should and needs to be kept out and away from any criticism of him. Religion has nothing to do with his ability or lack thereof as a quarterback. Otherwise Dan, let’s talk about Judaism with you and how one dimmensional of a writer you are.

    • ML

      BAWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! This has to be a bit. Has to. Right?

      • composerchris

        When FC says that Cutler is a worse quarterback than Tebow, you can ignore everything else he says.

    • LIMP

      Cutler maybe is not nr about Sanchez,Romo(elite hahaha!!) and others…. lost count ….even that guy from Ravens hes lower than Cutler

  • Moderate Spaulding!

    Tim plays football in the NFL

  • Adult Autograph Seeker

    I always love seeing people criticize Dan’s column by citing other columns or statements he has made. You guys do realize you don’t HAVE to listen/read any of his stuff right? And this column hardly shows a “hatred for Christianity” but rather a concern for the Tebow worshippers who think that their God cares about Tebow’s success on a football field. And FC, you can’t be serious about thinking Tebow is better than Cutler… can you?

    • Soilwork

      I agree, a lot of dumb Chicago fans that only thing they can do is criticize Bernstein cause they know no better

      • composerchris

        Inconsistency from Bernstein haters?? Never!

    • shut up already

      And this is a story that Dan could choose to ignore as well. See how that works?

      • Adult Autograph Seeker

        Just so I have this straight, columists who write things that you dont like should ignore certain topics instead of you having to ignore their column. Yep, I see how it works, thanks for clearing that up.

  • Bronzo

    We have heard and read this column before…please write about something interesting Dan.

    With penn state off the radar he seems to be running out of ideas

    • Victor Locke

      Lol, thank you Bronzo for the laugh. If Dan can’t shove misguided info about one topic down our throats, he’ll find another one.

    • Soilwork

      Since you’re not a journalist you would have no idea that you’re supposed to write about current big news. Since that was one of the biggest questions yesterday, it was a good idea to write about it.

      Typical dumb Bernstein hater

      • Soilwork

        If you read the paper you don’t see every columnist write about “The” biggest story of the day do you? I’m sure a columnist or two on this site have already covered it. And yes, where to trade Tebow was easily the next biggest news besides the Peyton trade.

        If you watched any news about Tebow yesterday, you would know a lot of talk was about the Tebow Fans and how they would affect the Jets organization, and if the Jets were strong enough to ignore them.

        So my point is, since it was ONE of the most talked about topics yesterday, he was just in writing the article, regardless if you find it interesting or not

      • Bronzo

        First of all ” Soilwork” I’ve been posting on this blog for years….second of all II’m not a hater…Thirdly the story yesterday was the Peyton Manning sigining not Tebow…

        And lastly, no I’m not a journalist ( thank God)…and the “current big news” as you put it was NOT about the Tebow fan nation. which is what this cloumn seems to be about…

        So your point is???

  • Bernsteinblows

    Tebow and Bernstein have two things in common: They are both bad at their job.

    • Soilwork

      You’re probably one of the multiple callers that got booted by Bernstein because of their dumb ass remarks that make no sense. Bernstein is a god

      • Anti Bernstein

        Sorry Soilwork if bernstein is a god then I’d rather meet the devil. Bernstien is an a.s.s.h.o.l.e.

      • Dany

        Calling a small little man behind a mic a ‘god’ is pretty sad. He’s an angry, sex-depraved idiot.

    • Anti Bernstein

      right on Bernsteinblows

  • Larry Horse's Arse

    Bronzo is right, as usual.

    • Bronzo

      Thank you Larry I have to check in here occasionally…hope all is well.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Thanks Bronzo, all is well.
        The Bernsie blog just isn’t what it used to be.

  • Larry Horse's Arse Horse's Arse

    Pick a topic – any topic.

    Now, go against the grain of the overwhelming majority and write a contrarian article designed to stir up emotion and controversy and garner attention.

    That’s Bernstein. Any internet troll can do the same. Yawn.

    And why are faith and religion attacked in this country now? This country was founded on freedom of religion. People came here to escape this sort of nonsense. Yet, the media just loves to go after these things and label anyone who has any sort of a thought on it as a “nut.” And I’m not even religious.

    • Soilwork


      • Soilwork

        Victor, the proof is in his passing percentage. He can’t complete half his throws. I believe it was 46% or so and even worse in the playoffs, which is one, if not the, worst in the NFL.

      • Victor Locke

        At least I can say this for you Jedi Runner, you at least brought numbers to the argument. But if someone is asking for x’s and o’s reasons, it obviously hasn’t been stated. The same thing happened with Jokim Noah. Dan said Noah is bad at basketball. But he’s averaging a double double. He’s great at the boards. Does he have bad shooting nights, of course, but he does so much of the other things right. So how is he bad at basketball? The same is said for Tebow. He’s won games that were deemed impossible to win, and won them in come from behind fashion. So he has to have some talent and skill right? I’m not a fan of Tebow, but if you’re going to say he’s bad at football, you need to come with some facts and stats to support it, which you did. Bernstein does not, he just attacks the fans of Tebow. Yes, some of Tebow’s fans are off, sure his fans believe in divine intervention in football games, and all that is nonsense. However, that should not be a reason why you believe Tebow should not be a NFL QB.

      • Soilwork

        No it’s the fact that everyone is so narrow minded and can’t open their eyes to see the facts and the big picture. I’m from Chicago but it’s most the fans that irk me because they only want to see or hear what they want to, and most of their logic makes no sense.

        You must of missed it, but the Bronco fans made Tebow a starter. When you have the whole stadium chanting Tebow, what do you think the front office is gonna do?

        If Tebow wasn’t so Pro-Christianity and shoving his beliefs down everyone’s throat, he would be a regular Joe, and he wouldn’t have all this hype. Yes, Tebow was a good “College” football player, but everybody knew he wouldn’t be a great NFL QB. That, however, doesn’t matter to Christian fans, because they love him because he is an outspoken Christian, regardless how good or bad he is…which is fine. The problem is, most Tebow fans know little about football and now will be in the stands at Jets games to chant TEBOW as soon as Sanchez has a bad game. That just brings headaches to the organization and team. You have already had multiple tweets from Jets players who do not want him there because they either think he sucks, or don’t want the Tebow type.

        Bernstein is not against Christians, but the fact that Tebow openly speaks about it in football has attracted millions of Christian fans that want to see him play, not because he’s a good quarterback, but because they love him for his faith. I for one know many non football fans that love Tebow because of how he express his faith, and that brings clueless fans to root for him for all the wrong reasons. If you want to like Tebow because of his faith, fine, but don’t chant to put him in because of his faith. That’s the problem with Tebow fans

      • Victor Locke

        Soilwork, do you have anything of substance to say besides ignorant insults of chicago fans? Or is this just your thing? The only thing I have asked about Bernstein’s articles on either Tebow or Jokim Noah is why he feels is bad at football/basketball. However, all Dan has done has used the following of Tebow fans, who some are a little off, to justify his hatred for Tebow rather than give x’s and o’s reason as to why he’s bad at football. I decided to read this piece hoping that he would give that reason and sadly he’s only used this to once again attack fans and making me wonder if he is atheist or not. But now I see why you like Bernsie so much. You both do the same thing.

      • JediRunnner_12

        The X’s and O’s on why Tebow is bad is simple and has been stated many times, Tebow has a 47.3 passing % and horrible QB skill set.

      • Larry Horse's Arse Horse's Arse

        Ah, the internet. It’s the place where any sad, little boy can be on an even playing field with everyone else and make comments like Soilwork’s to make them feel better and troll for attention. Cool!

  • Marky Mark

    You guys understand that anything with Tebow in the headline is going to attract page views, right? You can complain all you want about it being a tiresome story, and not the “major” story in this whole situation, but ultimately Dan’s job is to make CBS money.

    Tebow story = more money. Simple as that.

  • Toonces

    Bernstein is just p o ‘ed because the Bears (and Chicago) both su ckkkk and he is stuck here.

  • Toonces

    I am gonna laff my head off when the Jets beat the pi sss outaa the Bears in the Fall.

  • Markie Maypo

    “It’s the creepy true-believers lapping up every last morsel of Tebow’s cheap, bumper-sticker televangelism, and conflating all of it with football.” That line sums it up. It’s not really the football to me. It’s the religious stupidity that somehow, Tebow validates God’s existence and that God helps Tebow win football games? Or performs football miracles…like the one where Tebow actually GOT ON AN NFL ROSTER! Talk about a miracle.


    From a statistical standpoint, to coin a popular “B & B” term, Tim Tebow was bad at football despite his winning record as a starting NFL quarterback. Even before the Broncos signed Peyton Manning yesterday, reading between the lines, I never got the sense that Broncos’ HOF QB turned executive John Elway was never really sold on #15 in Denver navy & orange even as he kept finding rabbits in the hat at the end in the Broncos’ AFC West-winning season at 8-8. Even before he signed Peyton, I’ve been one of those people who felt that John needed to trade Tim away if he wasn’t convinced he was the Broncos’ QB of the future, let alone the present. There’s a certain team with a lot of empty seats that drafted a deer in headlights QB in Blaine Gabbert last year at the NFL Draft who clearly wasn’t ready once Jack Del Rio put him in there in place of a just as bad journeyman in Luke McCown. That place is Jacksonville, who can admit their mistake in Gabbert and make up for it with making the deal for Tebow. After all, they need to fill a lot of empty seats at what’s now called Everbank Field.

  • Moderate Spaulding!

    Who was the best QB from Florida?

    Rex Grossman! Who is the second best? Tim Tebow!
    Any short term success at QB would be to go after the big pocket passer. Get two of them, so you can run the same playbook.
    If you want high risk/ high reward, you go with a smaller guy who uses his feet or can make throws across the field.
    But, I think it’s safe to assume you look past Florida for starting QBs

  • Mike from Lafayette

    Dan Bernstein please stop trying to sound like Tebow. It is bad enough to listen to him once a day but 3 or 4 times, yikes. Thank you

  • Spoon

    I dont know what’s more amusing, the raging dopey callers, or the raging dopey blog commentators…

  • Sexy Boy

    Now if he were a brotha out there praizin God and Raping, Afristeen would love Tebow

  • Danielo

    I can’t stand the never-ending hype surrounding Tebow, and I agree with Bernstein that he’s pretty much just a dumb simpleton who also sucks at quarterbacking…

    But he’s a phenomenal athlete (even Dan will admit as much), and I really thought New England would’ve made terrific football sense. If anyone could’ve explained to Tebow how to think/play like a real NFL quarterback, it woulda been The Genius (game tape from the DEN-NE playoff game could offer the perfect insight into how they exploited his numerous weaknesses). And even if Tebow never even took snaps for gadget plays as QB, surely the Pats coulda carved out a nitch for him somewhere else on the field to potentially successful effect (after all, this is the same team that made Troy Brown and Julian Edelman into competent defenders and Mike Vrabel into a red zone menace).

    Finally, not even the most crazed Tebowmania diehards out there would be able to elevate his status beyond the God-like heights that New England fans have long since elevated Brady to, so New England would be the one place where those idiot fans would presumably be swept aside and unheard.

    For a team with more than enough hoarded draft picks to sacrifice, I think NE really dropped the ball yesterday by not dealing for the guy.

  • A J Edmisson

    Dan, how about a “friendly wager”? Now that Denver has acquired Peyton, they should be really hot this year. I am willing to bet $100 (to go to a 501C(3) charity of your choice — if I lose — to your $100 to go to the Tim Tebow Foundation in my name and a signed NFL game ball for my son, Noah — if I win — that Denver will not make it to the playoffs this year. Last year, the Broncos with Kyle Orton were 1 and 4 before Tebow took over, engineered a great winning streak (that included wins over the vaunted defense of the Bears and the wonderful Steelers). A former NFL coach, who apparently knows nothing of the game, said that Tebow has the greatest ability to get his teammates to take their game to a higher level than anyone he has ever known (Jimmy Johnson, Dallas Cowboys.) How about it?

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