Chicago: Highest Gas Prices In Nation

CHICAGO (CBS) — Once again, an unwelcome distinction for Chicago — we’re now paying the highest gas prices in the country.

According to, the Chicago-area average price for a gallon of regular unleaded has hit $4.51, highest in the nation.

Patrick DeHaan is a senior petroleum analyst with the company: “A lot of it has to do with the switchover, the progression to summer gasoline. And refineries are going down for maintenance, so things are getting very tight here in this market and when supply is very tight, combined with the switchover, it further puts the squeeze on prices.”

DeHaan says we’re nearly at the all-time high average price for Chicago, $4.52 set last May 11.

“We’re right there,” he said. “Chicago will be setting the all-time record high, the highest price we’ve ever seen and the concern is it may not even stop at $4.52. Prices traditionally peak in the month of May.”

DeHaan is standing by GasBuddy’s projection from last January: That the average Chicago-area price this year could peak at between $4.60 and $4.95 a gallon.

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  • yawwwwwn

    Excuses Excuses. You know it’s all a lie. These gas companies have so much money it’s not even funny.

    • Roberta Waker

      Obama knows how we are hurting and he is doing nothing to help the American people. All the excuses are BS and everyone knows it. Release some oil reserves to give us at least some relief. There’s plenty of crude at the refineries and there is NO EXCUSE for high gas prices other than speculators getting rich on our backs, as usual. If we reelect him, we deserve what we will get, i.e., trillion dollar deficits, highest gas prices in history, record unemployment, etc., etc. Need I say more?

      • THEE Yard Ape

        @Roberta- you are a wise woman. The simple fact of the matter is that NObama doesn’t care and will keep touting his alternative energy bu ll sh!t!!! This guy is a total disgrace and an utter failure, PERIOD. Allow me say say F U to each and every moron that voted for him!!! IF this @ ss hole gets another term, I’m fully prepared to renounce my citizenship, as I will want nothing to do with this country.

      • Devin


      • Devin

        You sound so dumb

  • The Wheel Was A Mistake

    And the hits just keep on coming.

  • Charlie

    Time to pull out the bicycle and boycott these overpriced gas stations.

  • Woofiness

    I heard the switchover happened in February – who’s lying and who’s telling the truth?

  • Paula Mitchell

    Chicago …highest gas prices
    Chicago…Longest school day
    Illinois…Highest taxes
    and on and on and on

    • Silver

      Most corrupt and all brought to you by the Illinois and Chicago Democratic Party. The Party that looks after it’s people. The party that kisses babies and steals their piggy banks.

  • Dave

    I’ll bet that it tops 5.00 a gallon ! they want the people to make the government to easy the regulations of the winter/summer switch over because of its cost. it is not how much they are making (billions) but how much more they could be making!!!!!

  • iris

    That’s because Chicago is the biggest rip off in the nation.

    • Toonces

      A-FC UKIN’-MEN!!!!!!

  • Toonces

    What we need here is another series of 8.0’s to clean out the trash.

  • Spoon

    Hooray for E85 at $3.18/gal!

  • Lew

    The Democrats in Chicagoland are not saying anything because they are collecting tons of tax revenue. When I lack funds, I conserve. When they do, they simply squeeze more out of taxpayers. What recession? They are worse than the mafia. This state has always run better under the banner of the Republican party.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      @Lew – BRAVO!!!!

  • Civilized

    Well, I hope you all enjoyed the past couple months of lower gas prices. I live downtown and walk everywhere or take public transit with ease so I couldn’t give two sh!ts if gas went up to $50 a gallon. You people will adjust I guess.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      Idiot – what a completely moronic statement!!! Just what do you think will happen to the economy genius?? Plenty of people, myself included, have to drive for their jobs. I suppose I could get a new job, right?? God knows the job market in NObama’s economy is great, right?? Dissolve the business that I’ve built over the past 20 + years, right??. Real easy to pass that cost onto my clients, right?? Not to mention the cost of every god d@ mn thing will rise!!!! Seriously, go fuk yourself u stupid @ ss hole!

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