Man Charged With Hurling Racial Slurs In Road Rage Incident

HODGKINS, Ill. (CBS) — Authorities have charged a southwest suburban man with hurling racial slurs and spitting at a woman and her son in a road rage incident.

Alexander Borrego, 41, of the 8700 block of Lyons Street in Hodgkins, is charged with the incident in west suburban Riverside this past Sunday, according to a Riverside police release.

Police say around 3:05 p.m. Sunday, Borrego came up to a white woman who was driving with her grown son, who is black, in the 3400 block of 1st Avenue in Riverside. Then, without provocation, he began yelling racial slurs at both of them, police said.

Borrego allegedly cut them off in his vehicle several times, spit at the woman’s son and continued yelling slurs at them, causing them both to fear for their lives, police alleged

He allegedly used the N-word several times during the confrontation, Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel said in a news release release, calling the alleged incident “bias-motivated criminal activity.”

Before Borrego left the scene heading east on 31st Street, the driver was able to snap a clear photo of his vehicle’s color, make, model and registration number, the release said.

Authorities circulated a flier about the incident to multiple Cook County police departments, and Hodgkins police arrested Borrego at his home about 11:55 p.m. Wednesday after police checked addresses throughout the western suburbs.

Court information for Borrego was not available Thursday morning.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

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  • Me

    One can be arrested for using the N-word? Oh dear.

    • Brown

      Smitty & Me needs to recognize the context in which the N-Word was used,along with spitting…its clear that this was racially motvated.

      • Me

        Yes there were other charges but still, “Authorities have charged a southwest suburban man with hurling racial slurs “. I’ve seen lots of road-rage driving, even with a cop nearby and\or involved with it where the cop did NOTHING.

  • Me Too

    I’m African American; Black. I am and I think this is ridiculous ! I do disagree with Smitty’s comments. What a jerk you are !

    • Smitty

      I also think this racial inuendo is ridiculous. People need to lighten up. And Me Too, I am not a jerk. That is a terrible thing to say.

  • Hate Racial Stupidity

    You’re probably ok with TRAYVON MARTIN being killed in a non-existent self defense related shooting too…figures. Ignorant peopple don’t deserve free air.

    • Smitty

      @Hate, I fully support that shooting. It was a good shoot and was fully justified. I also think the police and the chief did a good job of working out what happened! You just can’t go around assaulting people!

      • Hate Racial Stupidity

        Oh wow…a kid with candy and a soft drink walking home in the rain assaults a guy in a vehicle following him…wow how ignorant of a view

      • Homes

        And what trailer park do you live in near Chicago. Also are your relatives named Cool Clucks and Clan

    • Alex J. Claussen

      There has been nothing introduced to lead to the conclusion that Zimmerman’s account of what happened was anything but the truth. Zimmerman also sustained injuries when he was attacked. He stood his ground and defended himself as Florida law allows. The media’s attempt to make it a racial issue is dispicable. The people involved with this 1,000,000 homie march are racially motivated and that is also shameful!

  • Frank-Comments

    It’s not just the fact that he used the N word. He cut them off in traffic (creating a dangerous situation) and he spat (battery). He was out of control and endangering others while operating a motor vehicle. He could have caused a major accident. Thus, the totality of his actions is reason for his arrest.

  • They (Them) Have Thin Skin

    They (Them) always cry.

  • DogDays

    Consider the history of your own country when trying to weigh the meaning of the term! Enslaving people to try to make money off of their work, along with brutalizing them at times, is nearly as dehumanizing as we can get. Don’t you think centuries of such treatment deserves to have a little sensitivity shown to it?

  • Hate Racial Stupidity

    It’s a shame that people use their “free” speech to invoke anger, provoke hatred, intimidate, etc. It’s really a shame and an embarrassment to live in a world with such small minded individuals

    • Percy Peanuss

      In addition to invoke anger and provoke hatred you forgot plain old having a good time!!

  • LOL

    I don’t mind the daily racial hatred on this site..same idiots with no life, no job, etc….it’s cool if they call back people “Ni&&er,savage or whatever, but when you get your ass kicked, don’t file charges…Get off of your computer & say that to someone’s face…I’m sure that some black people work with you (IF YOU HAVE A JOB)…I’m sure that you have NEVER called them any of those ignorant ‘names’…….come to the South Side & say that…I’m 41…NO white person has EVER called me that to my FACE….ENOUGH SAID.

    • Leroy Goldberg

      No life? No job? That pretty much describes all of you.

      • THEE Yard Ape

        Tru dat Leroy.

        @LOL, I would be happy to beat your black @ ss. Same applies to you, don’t be hollering HATE CRIME.

  • areyoukiddingme

    I see more white people begging for money and food than I see balck people everyday on my way my corporate job in downtown Chicago. I hold not one but two masters degrees, own a home and have all that other good stuff you small minded hate filled beings feel we don’t have or deserve. I could act really ignorant and say some really foul things but I refuse to stoop to your level of “intelligence” by reacting to your simple minded ploys to get african americans to respond negatively. I pray that one day you sorry loser types will grow up but my grandchildren will probably be old and grey before that ever happens. Until then, be careful where you walk and what you speak, there may be a white rapist serial killer waiting to tear your schools and communities apart. Remember it was a white man who killed 16 unarmed civilian women and children, a white boy @ Columbine, a white boy who convinced you he was God and made your little girls his wives. I’ll stop there because you can’t handle truth…

    • Just Axin

      Areyoukid- I very much doubt you see more whites than blacks begging. Since you have 2 “masters degrees” I take it you meant black, not “balck”. If you worked for what you have than you deserve it. Of course in this country of over 300 million, there are going to be some psycho, criminal whites that kill, though serial murders are rare. The problem is that blacks only make up about 12% of that 300 million but commit more than 75% of all violent crimes. It is not your fault that happens and you are not being blamed, but don’t get upset that many law abiding are upset.

    • Jim

      What the f**k is a balck? Is that the same as a negro?

  • marc(proud black man)

    Just axin, nobody is upset at the white race for being fed up about all the crime.Believe me, all races hate all the crime going on. Like I always say the problem is, you like many lump all blacks into the same category,animal,etc…I hate what my race is doing more than any of you EVER could!!!Why the hell do you think I got out of dodge as they say!!!You think I’m going to let my wife and children become statistics to Chicago’s violence,HELL NO!

    As for the use of the “N” word, plain and simple if a white person thinks it’s a term of endearment, then feel free to say it if you like to a black man.Just be prepared for the a$$ whipping you will get!

  • non

    I come here just to read the comments

  • BrotherNumber2

    Borrego’s in the same car as Zimmerman, two Hispanic dudes who don’t like blacks apparently. Borrego’s a Spanish name. But he looks more white (Italian maybe), than Zimmerman who the media insisted on calling a “white man” — until his pictures came out and they had to pull back on that and add Hispanic…

  • malcom

    so no race can say the N word but its okay for everyone to say Redneck, spick, etc? how about all racial terms be outlawed/

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