By David Schuster-

(WSCR) Joakim Noah had the better part of 24 hours to think about his actions from Saturday night and when the time came to meet the media he quickly apologized.

Noah was called for a foul late in the first half against Toronto and then made matters worse by using some colorful language and then tossing the ball in the direction of referee Derrick Collins.

“I just want to apologize to the referee. I was wrong and  was frustrated at the call and I over reacted,” said the Bulls center.

Noah doesn’t know if he’ll be fined or suspended but there is a precedent from this season as Boston guard, Rajon Rondo, received a two-game suspension when he lightly tossed and hit a ref with a ball.

Noah definitely did the smart thing on Sunday trying to stave off any suspension in advance by being contrite.

“I just feel bad for what happened. And I want to again apologize to the ref for coming at him like that. It was wrong of me and I just hope he reads this and accepts my apology.”

All indications are that Noah will not be suspended but will be fined.

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