Jackson, Civil Rights Leaders Call For Arrest Of Man Who Shot Trayvon Martin

(CBS) — The parents of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin were joined Monday by civil rights leaders, including Rev. Jesse Jackson, who called for the arrest of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain who shot and killed Martin one month ago.

Jackson joined Martin’s parents, as they addressed the government of Sanford, Florida, to demand Zimmerman’s arrest.

Sybrina Fulton fought back tears as she addressed the city commissioners of Sanford, seeking justice for her son, Trayvon Martin, who was shot and killed one month ago.

“I know I cannot bring my baby back, but I’m sure going to make changes so that this does not happen to another family,” she said.

Martin’s death and Zimmerman’s continued freedom have morphed from a criminal case to a national cause. Martin was reportedly shot and killed by Zimmerman on February 26th as Martin was walking back from a store where he had bought iced tea and a bag of Skittles candy.

Zimmerman claimed self-defense, but a 911 operator told Zimmerman to back off Martin when Zimmerman called 911 about seeing Martin in his complex in Sanford.

Martin was unarmed, but according to a newspaper report on Monday, information provided by the Sanford Police department paints a much more sympathetic view of claims that Zimmerman shot Martin in self-defense.

The report, released online Monday afternoon, claims Zimmerman told them Martin attacked him as he headed back to his SUV, was knocked to the ground with a single blow, and then had his head smashed into the ground by Martin, who was on top of him. Bloodied and battered, he claims he shot the teen in self-defense.

Monday night, Sanford’s government heard from a who’s who of American civil rights leaders, who compared the town to Birmingham and Selma, Alabama – ignition points of racial protests in the 1960s.

“If a black vigilante had shot a 17-year-old white child, near his father’s house, he would be in jail today,” Jackson said.

A special prosecutor will now oversee the case.

Zimmerman had charges that were dropped from his record, charges that beg the question of whether he should have had a gun.

Meantime, the martin family attorney confirmed Trayvon Martin had been suspended from his school at the time of the shooting. He was accused of having traces of marijuana in a bag, but his family said that had nothing to do with his death.

Chicagoan Ronald Holt has been watching the Martin case. He has a sign in his window that says “Justice For Trayvon.”

Holt said Martin’s death took him back to the day his own son, Blair Holt, was killed in 2007, when he was shot and killed while protecting a classmate when a gunman opened fire on a CTA bus on the Far South Side.

Blair Holt and Trayvon Martin were about the same age when they were killed. Both came from good families and both were victims of gun violence.

But Blair Holt was killed by a gang member who was trying to kill someone else.

“The fact of the matter is these young people are gone, never to return to their families, to their homes, to this life. … And the common thread is a gun and it was used unlawfully and illegally,” Ronald Holt said. “What I would like to see happen is coming up with a solution or plan that can keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous individuals.”

Ronald Holt, a 19-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, is now director of the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy, the city’s community policing program. He’s been an outspoken advocate for gun control since his son’s death.

  • G-Lep

    Oh, sweet Jesus… here we go!!

    • THEE Yard Ape

      Just saw clip of the NBP talking about “god@mnit, you kill one of ours, we gots to kill one of yours”, unquote. This species must be ERADICATED!!!!

      Curious, does anyone think the main mofo NObama will speak out against the NBP as he did those violent & racist teaparty folks???

      • THEE Yard Ape

        NObama is the most divisive president in history, PERIOD!!! This FL case may be the “match in the tinder box”. Be vigilant folks, because this sh!t storm is far from over.

        He’s another hypothetical (negros, NOT a name!!) for you G-Lep – can you imagine a group of whites calling for the death of a negro (or negros) suspected in the death of another caucasian ?? Every fuking media outlet would run that story 24/7!!!!

      • Jim

        If Nobama doesn’t put extreme surveillance on the Negro Black Panthers, he will not be fulfilling his responsibility as presiden!

      • G-Lep

        Of course not!! What kinda question is that? He told Holder to drop the voter intimidation case against ’em!!

  • tom sharp

    A dozen Black kids at least as “innocent” as Trayvon get killed in Chicago every week by other Black kids. Any chance of media manipulation and over-hype here? Check out the real Trayvon and Zimmerman pictures, not the ones that are 5 years old!!!

    • LYNDIA


      • Jim

        @Lyndia, You are one sick f**king individual!!!

      • James

        I’ve read about blacks killing their mothers, too. In chicago and the suburbs!

      • Just Axin

        Lyndia- At least when whites kill, they keep it in the family! They don’t rape, rob and murder strangers.


    what ever pictures he had it does not equate him getting MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD.

    • Jim

      @Lyndia, Martin wasn’t murdered in cold blood! He assaulted someone and paid the ultimate price for HIS actions!!!

    • Just Axin

      His blood wasn’t cold. It was warmed by marajuana.

      • G-Lep


    • gee-man


  • Davidd

    G-Lep nice to see you praying, how thoughtful of you. I am NOT a fan of Jessie Jackson Sr. or Jr. but he is right about this. Zimmerman needs to be brought to justice for his horrible stupid actions. I am white and don’t really want to wear a hoodie anymore. Never know what some stupid idiot is going to do.

    • Tommy

      Davidd, if the Democrats are serious about justice, then why o why didn’t Jessie Jackson do time when Jeff Fort went away for commingling govt funds with the Black P Stones funds for education that Jessie Jackson helped Jeff Fort get? Lets NOT forget that Jessie Jackson skated on that beef. When Jeff Fort had to testify in front of Congress, where o where was Jessie? Nobody in the Democratic Party wanted to touch Jessie Jackson because he was close to King…but we all know that Jessie has problems with ethics. For more information on this I direct ALL viewers to COMCAST video programs on Gangs \ Chicago Gangs where they will see the very very very willing Jessie Jackson posing with Fort prior to Forts arrest. Lets not forget that Fort changed his religion to Muslim and started the El Rukins while in prison on that beef. Maybe Jessie had lets say a negative impact on Jeff Forts life because when he came out he was a changed man.

    • G-Lep

      You’re wrong on this, Davidd!! Really — you can stop wearin’ the hoodie. Don’t feel obligated just ’cause Father PHLEGMer told ya to!! Oh, and a happy National Spinach Day to ya!!!

  • tom sharp

    I wonder how Jesse and Sharpton will justify the National riot that will ensue if Zimemrman gets off. These two need to be put away.

    • Jim

      If a large scale riot does occur, i sure hope it is handled better than the LA riots, where the police allowed the racist negros to take over the city. That’s why the police have assault weapons!!!!

    • tl

      don’t worry if he gets off Obama has given the Black Panthers license to kill him.

    • G-Lep

      How about the leaders of NBP for putting a bounty on Zimmerman?? Is that not incitement of violence?!

  • tl

    I am frustrated listening to the news about this subject. I watched the report on CBS tonight and was disgusted how biased it was. No mention of the eyewitness accounts of Trayvon on top of and beating Zimmerman. Furthermore, no matter what the facts of this case are, we don’t need the President giving an opinion on it. Between the president, the “civil rights leaders” and the Black Panthers this is race baiting at it’s best. This is all being done to divide our country and get Obama the vote.

    • Jim

      The media coverage of this story has been a f**king disgrace from the start! Last night Racist Sharpton devoted half of his MSNBC show to bashing Zimmerman. When we as a nation look back on this, we will all see clearly who the racists in this country are! Anyone who jumps on the race card bandwagon is a true racist!!!!!

      • THEE Yard Ape

        @JIM – STANDING “O” !!!!!!

    • G-Lep

      Correct!! Hussein Obama just HAD to weigh in on this matter, just like Cambridge Police arresting the BRUTHA-professor. Since when are either of these Presidential matters?



    • G-Lep

      How could any more vote for him than the 95% who voted for him last time? Oh, wait — the ones who vote twice and the dead ones who vote!!

  • zatso

    Term limits, no plea bargaining, enforce the existing laws, penal colonies with spartan amenities, and a no nonsense DICTATOR.

    Problems solved in a year.

    Oh HELL, just woke up, must have been dreaming.


    Going back to bed and dream some more. Good night!


    • G-Lep

      You dream of a DICTATOR?!!

      • G-Lep

        Yeah, I noticed that, too. Hey — did I wish ya a happy National Spinach Day? Ya know, they can’t celebrate it in, say, Englewood or Lawndale. Can’t get fresh spinach in da hood, ya know. They’re Hussein Obama-designated food deserts!!!

      • Just Axin

        Glad CBS is now using a more appropriate photo, except in this one we can’t see his gold grill.

  • Just Axin

    They’re going to find Zimmerman guilty of jaywalking if nothing else. Thanks to white guilt and many white idiots, we now have less than 15% of the population running this country. Many brothers nationwide will view this as a green light to start attacking whites and claiming “it be fo Trayvon”, along with No Justice No Peace and all that other BS. Maybe Robert De niro and Tom Hanks can call for unity. Also watch for supt McF-up to tiptoe around busting local brothas who be angry and begin attacking whites. Lock and Load my friends!

    • THEE Yard Ape

      @Just- Well said sir!!!!!

  • G-Lep

    Here they are at the rally today in Sanford, FL signing posters of our “hero”, Serving-Platter Martin!! This is the kinda frenzy that feature-length satires are made of!!

    • Just Axin

      G-Lep- Thanks for the link. Did you see the story on dailycaller.com yet? Some good info there on our hero, Trayvon.

    • Jim

      All of those people are pathetic!!!

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  • Me

    Jesse and Al need arresting for all the violence they have openly incited and supported. The only reason they haven’t been is both sides know that those Morons hurt the unity they want.

  • James

    The more I learn about this case, the more I think trayvon martin was the aggressor.

    • Jim

      That’s a given! The facts and evidence in the case that the public has been made aware of has consistently supported that conclusion. The Liberals and the racist negros refuse to piece it together rationally!!!!

  • retiredinAz1

    The truth will come out. I am not saying that this killing was justified BUT I am saying lets not point the guilty finger so fast….this kid was not the “Angel” that the media is saying he is……let’s just wait and watch….it’s a shame and my heart goes out to the parents…but…..

    • Just Axin

      Ret- Let’s not forget the Zimmerman family. Even if he’s vindicated, he and his family will suffer, especially in FL, for years to come. I’m sure anyone with that last name is being harassed.

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  • marc(proud black man)

    First my thoughts go out to the parents of Trayvon..There are a few simple facts to this case as you say that can’t be ignored. First is Trayvon,was not in the act of committing a crime.If Zimmerman really felt he looked suspicuos fine then he did the right thing to call police.This is where his involvement ends.He is told police is on the way and to NOT follow him.If Trayvon was committing harm to another person and Zimmerman is packing his heat then by all means take action.But this was not the case.He plain and simple if not guilty or murder is most definitely guilty of STUPIDITY!!!!!!!!!! Like it or not this is a crime that should never have happened! Let the police come and detain the boy and question what he’s doing or why he’s there. Sorry, but Zimmerman in this case most definitely caused these unfortunate events.

    As for Al and Jessie,plz go home!!!!!!! There are kids being “smoked” in Chicago every weekend. Rally your own damn city up!!!!! And right or wrong,yes the news is most definitely running with this story and making it more sensational than it needs to be.If the shooter was black,this wouldn’t be news!!Especially because he would have been at the least detained!

    All blacks that read this PLEASE don’t destroy your cites,neighborhoods or whatever if this doesn’t go the way you feel it should!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Trayvon Martin's gold teeth
    • Jim

      Unfortunately, marc, as we all saw in LA after the Rodney King arrest, the racists will storm the streets and will victimize anyone that’s not of the negroid species. I hope the police departments nation wide, are contemplating this and preparing to destroy any attempt to riot by the racist mobs. That is what assault weapons are for and looters can be shot on site!!!!!

  • G-Lep

    TOTALLY CLASSY!! Serving-Platter’s mother is trademarking 2 phrases using his name: “Sybrina Fulton, the slain teen’s mother, has sought to trademark two phrases: ‘Justice for Trayvon’ and ‘I Am Trayvon,’ attorney Kimra Major-Morris confirmed in an email Monday…”


    On a more positive note, I just listened to a caller to the Chris Plante radio show who actually spoke some honesty about the whole thing. He was Black.

  • James

    1st it dumb give some1 a gun and hes the law<<<not right! was he attacked? maybe! was he out there looking for something that wasnt there YES ! from what i gather this guy went out with intent to hurt some1. neighborhood watch does not carry guns and when he called 911 they told him to leave the kid alone he did not ! the kid was in his own neighborhood.should you know your neighbors before you can watch them ?why did the cops let him go?maybe he did get attacked! now the other side just cause the guy ask the kid where he should be does that give the kid a right to attack him and does that give the guy the right to defend himself yes! should he have done what 911 told him to yes ! the cops let the guy go so he had to be beat just like he said and you know theirs pics out there where are they at.and the race card really why cant it be old guy young guy thing kids now days have no respect for ne1 and it show all over the news.its a sad story all around and both parts are wrong and both need to be held responsible for their actions sad that only 1 will be around for that……….

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  • Chicago's own

    Why,not arrest both Jesse and al for promoting racism.we have more violences and killing around Chicago area and I don’t see or hear both protesting,marching and making speeches to stop all the shooting and killing amount black on black.Jesse come back home and al go back to new York and stop the violence in yur side of town

  • Poetry

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